Sneaking in some reading time

So I had a doctor’s appointment today. Normally I’d be racing in at the last minute, making excuses for being late, but today I purposely got there early just so I could sneak in some uninterrupted reading time. Instead of being aggravated that I had to wait so long, I was kinda disappointed when they finally called my name.

My book club has 2 selections this month. It didn’t start out that way! First we selected 1000 White Women: The Journals of May Dodd, by Jim Fergus, but after a little revolt by a few of our members who intensely disliked it, I made the poor decision to choose a 2nd title.

Why was this a poor decision? Well, because I hadn’t actually talked to everyone in the group (there are 12 of us), only those who responded to my email within a couple of days, and as it turns out, there were 2 people who had read the book and really enjoyed it. So I didn’t handle the situation very well! Based on this review at The Written Word I probably should have given it more of a chance.

The 2nd book we chose was Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer 

I thought because the theme was similar (civilized person starts new life in the wilderness) that it could be a good choice. However these 2 books are nothing alike. Not sure yet how I feel about this book. I loved Into Thin Air by Krakauer, but Wild reads more like an in depth magazine article than a novel. I will reserve judgement until I finish it.

I’ll tell you more about my book club in a future post. If you’re in a book club I would love to hear what you’re reading this month.

2 Responses

  1. I thought I recognized you! Welcome to blogging!! You best bet to get comments on posts is to start visiting other blogs and leaving comments (but watch out, it’s addicting)! Some of my favorites are
    There are a ton more and all worth checking out! Oh, and I am a scrapbooker too – you can see my newest digital pages on my craft blog @!

  2. I really liked 1,000 White Women, though a friend that I loaned it to said it seemed far fetched. After she said that, I was wondering if I perhaps “bought in” to the story too easily. Perhpas I was just intrigued by the “what if”.

    Granted, it certainly wasn’t difficult reading, but I liked the idea of taking a piece of true history, and twisting the history and imagining what might have happened.

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