Dog Day Afternoon

What a gorgeous late September day we had here in Southern California. WAY too nice a day to spend inside, so instead we took the pooch, the kids, and the Chuck-it and headed over to Dog Beach, a 1 mile stretch of Huntington Beach dedicated to the pure pleasure of our 4 legged friends, and the only place in the OC where they can splash in the waves.

Wet Dog

Our pup went berserk as only a golden retriever can, sniffing the behinds of all her doggie friends, rolling in the sand, chasing the ball, shaking saltwater all over us. She was so ecstatically wiggly we couldn’t tell if the dog was wagging the tail or if the tail was wagging the dog. We all had a great time in the sunshine, and the pungent scent of Wet Dog filled our noses all the way home.

Wag the dog

I finished Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer today. I have a totally different impression now than I did at the outset of the book of Chris McCandless, the 24 yr. old college grad. who ventured into the Alaskan wilderness only to die of starvation 16 weeks later. I’ll write a review soon.

3 Responses

  1. Like your blog a lot.Makes me want to go curl up with a good book. I’m also very jealous that you have such a thing as a DOG beach! How wonderful.

  2. The dog beach is pretty cool… thanks for stopping by.

  3. This blog reminded me to Marley and Me – I wish we had a place like this for our pups – so far, we find that the lakes around us work – both our yorkie and boxer take to water like ducks!

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