My $78. Breakfast

Almost every morning, I have a granola bar for breakfast before running out the door to take the kids to school and myself to the gym. It can’t be just any granola bar, oh no. It MUST be the Sweet and Salty, name-brand, peanut flavored ones that are sooooooo good. Not the off-brand, “almost the same as the good kind” posers.. no. Only the original will do. Unfortunately, they are way overpriced at my local market. Target has them for half the price. I’ve been out of them for a few days, so I made a special run to Target to get them, saving me almost $2. a box… kinda.

I am physically unable to go to Target without taking a detour down the book aisles. Nevermind that I have a huge pile ofTo-Be-Read (TBR) books at home. Today I came across Empress by Shan Sa and just couldn’t resist.

The cover is simply beautiful. Not the best way to choose a book, perhaps, but I do that quite often. The story sounds intriguing. And, ever since reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See a few months ago, I have a fascination with all things China.

Now to decide if I should start reading Empress, or add it to the TBR stack. Hmmmmmmm.

So how did my granola bars add up to $78.? Well, let’s see, a few boxes of yummy goodness, cereal and snacks for lunch boxes, makeup remover sheets, a new book, a pedometer to replace the one that broke last week (gotta get those 10,000 steps per day), socks (the kids need them), Halloween socks (too cute to pass up); it all adds up! Wasn’t I smart to make a special trip to Target to save 2 bucks on granola bars?

4 Responses

  1. I’m the same way at Target – I can’t go there without spending at least $50. (I do manage to avoid the book aisle though – I have a favorite bookstore, and that’s not it. 🙂 )

  2. That’s so funny…I do the exact same thing…except with the clearance aisles in home decor and dinnerware. Thanks for visiting my blog…and I congratulate you on your new blog that is off to an insightful start! See you again soon.

  3. I enjoy those granola bars too. I am in Vancouver BC, so whenever I get the change to get to Target I am so excited.

    I too love reading. Have you read Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am in the middle of it now and it’s fantastic. A real getaway for us mama’s.

  4. I have not read Eat, Pray, Love, but I expect to soon.. my mom’s reading it right now and she passes along her books to me when she’s done with them. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the comment!

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