How to Increase Your Blog Hits

Blogging is new to me. I haven’t learned the lingo. I don’t know the etiquette. I don’t know what a meme is (Do I want one? Do I need one? Is it fattening?) What is the deal with bloggers giving other bloggers awards? No one has challenged me, or tagged me, or whatever it is people do. I’m totally winging it.

Someone told me recently that I could increase my blog hits with an intriguing title on my entries. Hmmmm. This one might get noticed. I guess we’ll see how it works.

Speaking of blog hits, I seem to be getting a lot (I guess). What is a lot? How many do other people get?

What is up with my obsessive desire to check my stats? How I love to see the blog stat graph go up, up, up. Is this normal? Why do I care? Do other bloggers do that? Will the obsession wear off soon????

Experienced bloggers, I would love to hear from you. I’m hoping my insanity is only temporary.


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  1. […] by enkerli on October 10th, 2007 How to Increase Your Blog Hits « Books on the Brain Blogging is new to me. I haven’t learned the lingo. I don’t know the etiquette. I don’t know […]

  2. Just in case you don’t see it elsewhere, here’s my reply to your post: To a Newbie Blogger.
    I can be much more concise if needs be.

  3. hi mama, i am BENDOT (this nick means as Old Goat, symbolise a playboy/poligamy) from Indonesia. i have been made a website since 1998. at that moment, blog/made homepage is not easier than now. you have to master simple html code. now, and made you easy to blog.

    my first blog on was made on May 2007. Yes, every day i always monitor my stats (ha ha ha …). unfortunately, that’s become a habit now. some blogger at wordpress ever wrote that blog is about “you, you and you” not about the visitor, so just relax if you always crazy of your stats/hits.

    hits on is rather different from my highest hits is 8,000 hits/day, now only 3,000 h/d.

    hope the above useful for you.

    (mostly post in Bahasa Indonesia)

  4. Thanks, BeNDot (why did you call me mama? just curious!)

    Thanks, enkerli.. lots of helpful information to sift through.

  5. Yes, blogging is addictive – both the posting, thinking of fun topics to post, and jumping from blog to blog to blog to… Then 3 hours have gone by and you could have been reading your book! (ok, just me?!) I would lurk and feel so self conscious leaving a comment just so they might come back to mine? or it feels sometimes like you’re crashing a party where all the commentors ‘know’ each other and here comes some newbie being a geek. or the first time you see your blog on the roll somewhere else! COOL! I myself don’t care about how many hits I get. Just trying to have some fun… Enjoy. (thanks for visiting my blog!)

  6. Same here, Care.. just having fun (and wasting huge chunks of time!!!) I felt the same way about leaving comments at first, but now I just jump right in (Party crasher!! Where’s my drink??)

  7. I used to be totally obsessed with my stats as well. I have since been rewarded with a decent amount of hits and would like (wish upon a star) more comments but I suppose that would come with more interesting topics.

  8. LeBlanc, I like comments too. Thanks for yours!

  9. I TOTALLY hear ya! I have noticed my hits going up in the last couple of days but that’s because a fellow blogger was extremely kind and when asked the favor, she added a fantastic post to her fairly popular blog about mine and included a link. So, maybe it’s about who ya know, or in our case, who you don’t “really” know but know.
    I love your blog and am a new visitor but plan on being a returning reader.

  10. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  11. Idetrorce, that’s ok, you don’t have to agree with me. But what is it you don’t agree with?

  12. i wrote about this exact same topic, and maybe you might agree…


  13. visit my blog

  14. Lots of blog hits scare me – silly – don’t know why. They just do. I suppose it’s the all -seeing eye of the world…….

    An Alfred Hitchcock eye at that!

  15. I loved this line “I don’t know what a meme is (Do I want one? Do I need one? Is it fattening?)”…lol..

    I am also a newbie here and learning a lot of interesting things about this whole blog deal.

  16. thanks for the help, it proved in my blog

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