Middle School Birth Control

Do parents have no rights at all? As the mother of (almost) preteens, I find this extremely upsetting.

Parents, how do you feel about this? Do schools have the right or the responsiblity to give your 11-13 year old child birth control pills or the patch without your consent???

From Foxnews.com:
School Board Approves Birth Control Prescriptions at Maine Middle School

Thursday, October 18, 2007
PORTLAND, Maine — Pupils at a city middle school will be able to get birth control pills and patches at their student health center after the local school board approved the proposal Wednesday evening.
The plan, offered by city health officials, makes King Middle School the first middle school in Maine to make a full range of contraception available to students in grades 6 through 8, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services.
There are no national figures on how many middle schools, where most students range in age from 11 to 13, provide such services.
“It’s very rare that middle schools do this,” said Divya Mohan, a spokeswoman for the National Assembly on School-Based Health Care.
The Portland School Committee voted 5-2 for the measure.
Chairman John Coynie voted against it, saying he felt providing the birth control was a parental responsibility. The other no vote came from Ben Meiklejohn, who said the consent form does not clearly define the services being offered.
Opponents cited religious and health objections.
Diane Miller, who said she has worked as a school nurse in another district for eight years, called the proposal “tragic” and asked “What would God have us do?”
Read the rest of the story HERE

4 Responses

  1. I don’t agree that schools should be doing that but unfortunately no all parents have an active and supportive role in their children’s lifes which is really sad….it’s probably those children who the school feel like they are helping….but giving them something to MAKE IT OKAY TO HAVE SEX AT THE AGE OF 11 BECAUSE YOU’RE ON THE PILL is not the answer. Education is. I’m glad I had good parents.

  2. I know, it’s that implied consent by the school.. “it must be ok if the school gave this to me..” These kids are just so young.. I’m all for education, but don’t hand my 11 year old birth control without my knowledge or consent!!

  3. I thought schools weren’t even allowed to give aspirin out! One extreme or the other…

  4. BkClubCare, I know!!! As a Girl Scout Leader, I can’t even apply sunscreen on the kids, let alone pass out birth control! It’s insane.

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