Weekend Update-From Sleepovers to Contortionists

My 3rd grader K. is sitting here writing a “Weekend Update” as part of her homework, so I thought I’d write my own update to share with you.

On Friday, K. had a friend sleepover. My older daughter, L., was kinda pouty and jealous about it, but got over it quickly when K. and her friend asked her to join them with her sleeping bag in the family room. There was lots of giggling going on until about 11pm, when I insisted they quiet down. Mean old mom.

On Saturday, we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast (tradition whenever a friend sleeps over). Soccer was cancelled for our entire region due to poor air quality from the fires. That gave us a “nothing day”, which was so nice.. no running around, no place to be. I was able to read my book for a couple of hours uninterrupted while the kids played with their friends down the street. I had to force myself to put it down to make dinner (“Mom, we’re starving, STOP READING!”) We grilled chicken, and then later we made popcorn and watched America’s Funniest Home Videos.

On Sunday, we put on our lederhosen and dirndls (not really!) and visited Old World in Huntington Beach for Oktoberfest. What a blast! K. wanted to know why all the ladies boobs were popping out of their dresses. I told her that was the German style (“Gross!” was her comment). The girls each brought a friend along, so they ran off playing games, checking in every 20 minutes or so for more money. I was feeling a bit like an ATM machine. But I was glad they were occupied because hubby and I were able to have a beer and talk and laugh. The kids enjoyed watching dachshund races (dang those little suckers can run!) and got all sweaty doing the chicken dance to the German Oompah Band. There was an amazing (and disturbing) show put on by twin contortionists who are over 70 years old and are said to have once performed for Hitler when they were children. It was something to see.


How was your weekend?

4 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I went to see my granddaughter (she’s 7) dancing on stage for her Bronze medal test. She did really well.

  2. Sounds FUN! and I am glad that the girls didn’t want to be German Beer Wenches for Halloween… So what kind of beer was it? Please don’t tell me it was Bud Light.

  3. On Saturday my older daughter and I went to see The Nightmare before Christmas in 3-D at a local theater, then we all went to my neighbors Halloween party. It was a fun weekend (but not as fun as seeing 70 year old contortionists)!

  4. BooksPlease, thanks for your comment! What kind of dancing is she getting a bronze medal for?

    Care– It WAS Bud Light. No ale for me!

    Steph–I haven’t seen Nightmare before Christmas, but I’ve seen other Tim Burton movies (Corpse Bride). I’ll have to check it out!

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