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Volume November 8, 2007

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Would you say that you read about the same amount now as when you were younger? More? Less?

That’s a great question from Deb at Booking Through Thursday.

When I was a kid (or, as my children like to say, in the “olden days”), I prefered reading to almost any other activity. I grew up in Michigan, where the winters were long and cold, and where it rained every few days in spring and summer. We didn’t have all the options kids have today when forced to stay inside.

Cartoons were for Saturday mornings only, not every day of the week. There was no cable, Dish Network or satellite, no Disney Channel, Nick Jr. or Cartoon Network, no internet, DS games, Wii Systems, DVDs or DVRs, no cell phones, or iPods. My kids would say, “How boring!” But I don’t remember being bored. If we wanted to amuse ourselves, we played board games, or made cookies, or built forts out of blankets and couch cushions, or put clothes on the dog. We made up games and played creatively. And we read books. Lots of books. We made weekly trips to the library and brought home armloads of books.

I read constantly until high school. With homework and a social life, I had less time to read. I stayed out late and got up early. I was on the phone for hours. I went away to college and didn’t have time to read for pleasure. Years went by. I started working, dating, going out with friends, and reading less and less.

As a young adult, I was on a cross country flight to visit my in-laws in Pennsylvania for the first time. I picked up a paperback copy of “The Firm” by John Grisham to read on the plane. That 5 hour flight went by soooo fast, and just like that, I was a reader again.

My daughters are a year apart. When they were babies, I barely had time to brush my teeth, let alone read. So for a few years when they were really small, the only reading I did was month-old magazines in the pediatrician’s waiting room.

It helps that my girls are a little older now and more self-sufficient. I read during my daughters’ soccer practices, band practice, tennis lessons. I read in the car while I wait for them to get out of school. I rarely watch tv in the evening, so instead I read at night after the kids are in bed.

Last year, I started a book club in an effort to combine my love of reading with my desire for a social life. Since the club began, I’ve been reading like a fiend, plus as a bonus I get out of the house once a month without my kids (or husband) and drink wine and talk books with friends. What could be better?

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  1. I tried to find some book clubs near me when I moved to the US, as a perfect way to meet people with similar interests. But all the ones I found online seemed to be run by divorced bearded men looking for lonely single women, so I steered clear!

  2. Ewwww!! I didn’t go online when I started mine. I bet if you checked with your local library and book stores in your area, you’d be able to find one without a divorced bearded creepy guy. Too bad you don’t live near me.. we’d love to have you! No creepy guys allowed!

  3. I read more now than ever but I make time. It is better than most things I could be doing to melt my brain.

  4. Imagine, there was a time without DVDs, computers, the internet, Dish… Whatever did we do! lol

  5. I liked your post!
    I am very similar, read much more when I was young.
    I didn’t even have a TV from the time I left home at 18 until I was about 26!
    Yes the computer, and internet take much more of my time.
    Now I read but usually before bed,…

  6. I enjoyed your post, I read more now than I ever have done…

  7. Ooooh, I remember making forts with blankets and furniture!!! My post was pretty much the same as yours. I was an avid reader when I was younger, but now I have too many other distractions in my life.

  8. Great post! My daughter couldn’t believe it when I told her that we didn’t have DVDs when I was little – the horror!

  9. I could relate to your reading-life timeline. I read all the time as a kid. And in the ‘honors’ programs in HS, I probably read a book a week. Then in college, I felt guilty reading anything for pleasure; I had so much techie stuff assigned. And then I was out of the habit. I was married 10 years before I picked up a book and go in spurts but my goal is at least a book a month. Now that I’m blogging (and traveling?) I get to read more. Love it. so many books, sigh.

  10. So, when were your “olden days”? It’s funny how recent they can be and yet be so far away.

    I read a lot as a child. I think all children, even today, have lots of spare time. Now I’m trying to catch up, but there are still days when I just can’t find the time.

  11. Like you, I used to prefer reading to any other activity. I was very into short stories and fictions that I stay up all night just to finish one last story.

    I’ve been reading less the last couple of years. Work has not even given me the opportunity.

    Sometimes I would look at a park bench and just think how awesome it would be just to sit oin it and read.

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