Whatcha Reading? Meme

I’m a reader who is always looking for a good book recommendation from friends, neighbors, people on planes, in waiting rooms, at the library.. wherever I happen to be. I find myself saying, “Whatcha reading?” several times a week!

In this meme, I’d like to know 5 things:

1. Whatcha reading?

2. How much of it have you read so far?

3. What’s it about? (in a nutshell! A sentence or two is enough)

4. What does the title refer to?

5. Would you recommend it?


Here are my answers.


1. The Kitchen Boy: A Novel of the Last Tsar by Robert Alexander

See the really interesting Kitchen Boy website Here

2. I’ve only read about 45 pages

3. Historical fiction about the murder of the Russian Imperial family in 1918, told by the only survivor decades later.

4. The title refers to the survivor in the palace where the murder took place.. the little kitchen boy.

5. I’m not sure yet if I would recommend it!  I’m not loving it so far.  I’m hoping it picks up.


Please leave your answers in the comments here, or on your own blog with a link in the comments here.

I’m going to tag the following people, but would love to hear from anyone. Please, play along! I need recommendations!

KWJ Writes, Thea at the little bird, Beastmomma, Tara at Books and Cooks, BlogLily, and Patti at Displaced Beachbums… Whatcha reading?

15 Responses

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  2. How fun! I’ll be sure to respond to this. xo, BL

  3. 1. “The Story of a Girl” by Sara Zarr

    2. I’ve read about 22 pages thus far, but I was hooked at the first line. It goes “I was thirteen when my dad caught me with Tommy Webber in the back of Tommy’s Buick, parked next to the old Chart House down in Montara at 11:00 on a Tuesday night.” Hmmmm.

    3. It’s the story of a girl who is unfairly labled as the school slut because of this one mistake, and how she struggles against the lable.

    4. The title says it all – it’s the story of a girl.

    5. I would recommend this book to young women, and to grown women as well. It was the National Book Award honor winner (not the medal, but who cares). And Sara is a friend. I usually recommend books by friends!

    Kim J.

  4. I read The Kitchen Boy on vacation earlier in the year and really enjoyed it. Hopefully it will pick up for you.

  5. Hey Steph, I’m glad to hear that. I read another 30 pages this evening while watching my kids at a rehearsal for their Xmas Eve program at church, and it has picked up considerably!

    Kim, I popped over to amazon.com to read up on The Story of a Girl. It looks really interesting. As a mom of soon-to-be teens, it also looks rather terrifying!! Thanks for playing along.

  6. P.S.— I am actually reading two books right now, so I answered the questions with both books in mind. Thank you for including me.

  7. 1. I just finished The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion.
    2. Just finished this morning!
    3. Didion’s take on the year in which she lost her husband and watched her daughter struggle through a life-threatening illness.
    4. The title refers to how her thinking had to completely change in the wake of these two very personal tragedies.
    5. Absolutely! If you’ve ever lost someone close to you this is an excellent perspective on the struggles those of us left behind must deal with on an everyday basis.

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  10. 1. The Crocodile Bird, by Ruth Rendell

    2. 59 pages

    3. The sheltered life of a daughter, her murdering mother.

    4. I don’t yet know.

    5. If you like murder mysteries, Ruth Rendell is hard to beat.

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  12. 1. Yankee Girl by Mary Ann Rodman

    2. 120 pages

    3. Integration in a Jackson, Mississippi from the point of view of a “Yankee.”

    4. Alice, the main character.

    5. Yes, for 5th grade and up.

  13. Thanks, everyone, for the recommendations! And thanks to those who played along on their own blogs.. I loved reading your posts.

    snoopyinablender, if you have a blog, come back and give me the link. I’d like to check it out.

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