The Fun Girl Visits Pasadena

January 1st in Pasadena is almost always glorious, and today was no exception. We had a blast visiting this beautiful city just north of Los Angeles and seeing the 2008 Tournament of Roses Parade floats up close.

It was a 75 degree, picture-postcard-perfect Southern California day, and we thoroughly enjoyed being outside and checking out the handiwork of so many amazing artists and dedicated volunteers. The work that goes into these things is mind boggling!

My kids thought the City of Burbank’s Oktoberfest float was the best.  My favorite was the enormous 55 foot American Indian on the Farmers Insurance float (and seeing it gave me a weird flashback to the sex scene in 1,000 White Women: The Journals of May Dodd).

We walked for miles and saw about 2/3rds of the floats before the kids pooped out. This was WAY more fun than taking down my Christmas tree today!

5 Responses

  1. Great tie in and hook: 1000 White Women – did you enjoy it? When I clicked to Amazon, the list of “what others also bought’ included 6 books of which I had read 5 – WEIRD, huh? So, I’m adding this to my list (but maybe not Wild Girl, Ned’s Notebooks or whatever it was I hadn’t read…)

    What a great start to a new year, you fun spontaneous gal, you!

  2. Good for you!

  3. Care, you have quite a long list this year already!! I didn’t review 1000 White Women, but you can read Stephanie’s review at The Written Word, which pretty much sums up my feelings on the book, too.

    Tara, thanks for the comment! I forced myself to have fun, and it worked. Maybe now I should force myself to clean the Christmas out of my house.

  4. Very spontaneous ~ good for you!

  5. I lived in Pasadena when I was in second grade. The Rose Parade made such a big impression on me. I watch it to this day on TV and remember my time in So. Cal. fondly.

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