Weekend Update: From Girl Scout Cookies to Laser Tag

Happy MLK Day!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

72 hours with nothing special planned turned out to be very nice.  On Friday we made tacos for dinner and then the girls and I curled up on my bed to watch Little Women (the version with Susan Sarandon as Marmee and Winona Ryder as Jo).  L. read the book last year, in 4th grade, and loved it.  She was so excited to learn that a movie had been made from the book.  The girls laughed at my tears when Beth died, but I saw them wiping their eyes, too.

K.’s best friend turned 9 on Saturday, and she was invited to go with her friend’s family and another friend to the American Girl Store in Los Angeles for their Broadway-style show and tea.  The kids brought their dolls and had decided in advance to all wear hats and boots.  They looked so darn cute, as you can see from this teeny tiny picture. For some reason, since I got my new iMac, I can’t get the pictures to be the right size on the blog. They are either tiny or super huge, nothing in between.


L. and I went to the book store after dropping off her sister.  I needed to pick up The Jane Austen Book Club for my book club, and L. needed the next couple of books in the series she is reading (The Five Ancestors series by Jeff Stone). We then headed over to Starbucks where the two of us sipped chocolate yumminess and read our books.  I must say my little girl looked very grown up hanging out in Starbucks with her nose in a book. My mind fast-forwarded 10 years or so and I could see my girl as a young adult.  I wish there was a way to slow down the growing up process.  I’m not ready for the teen years.

Saturday was the official kick-off for Girl Scout cookie sales in our area.  It’s funny how Girl Scout cookies just sell themselves.  People have their favorites and know what they want.  The kids don’t have to do much work because looking cute and being polite is all it takes to make a sale.  L., 10 years old and in her second year of Junior Girl Scouts, sold 100 boxes of cookies while K. was away at her friend’s party.  Then on Sunday K., 9 years old and a third year Brownie Girl Scout, worked just as hard but only sold a mere 28 boxes.  The neighborhood had been canvassed by competitors, so we didn’t have as much luck on day 2.


L. had homework to finish up on Sunday, which she did without a fuss or complaint, woo hoo. Homework over the weekend sucks, and I do feel bad for her, but after last weekend’s white-out incident, I was preparing myself for another scene.  I guess if you take a girl’s iPod, tv privileges, computer use, phone use, and Nintendo DS away for a week, she thinks twice about freaking out over a little homework.

On Sunday night I caught my first Jane Austen movie ever on PBS’s Masterpiece Theater, Northanger Abbey, and I LOVED IT!  I want to see them all!   The acting was superb and the story was funny and sweet.  I missed Persuasion last week, but my mom Tivo’d it, so I’m going to watch that soon in an effort to prepare for my book club meeting in February.  The Jane Austen Book Club movie comes out on dvd February 5th, and I plan to rent it before our meeting on the 10th.

Today we got a slow start, sleeping in just because we could and then hanging out in pajamas until 10am.  Dad and the girls made waffles and sausage for breakfast while I read the paper.  The weather was cold and rainy.  We brainstormed ideas on how to spend the afternoon, and I hit on one that brought screams and squeals of delight… laser tag!  L. played once before, at a friend’s birthday party, and has been wanting to go back ever since.  So it was decided.

Laser tag is part hide and seek, part tag, part “GI Joe”, and all fun!  There were 20 players, about evenly divided between adults/extra large children and little kids.  We split into two teams, big people vs. little people, donned our day-glo vests and phaser guns, and cut loose in the dark, stalking our victims, hiding from our enemies, and claiming their headquarters as our own.   It was a total blast, and something we’ll definitely do again!  When we finished, everyone was starving, so we voted on where to go for dinner (Chili’s).

How did you spend your MLK weekend?        

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  1. Ah, the weekend review! I had so many things to type here as comments as I read along that now I’ve forgotten them all! Oh yea – you are going to turn into a Jane Austen fan yet, huh? I read a ton of reviews of this series (Eva at A Striped Armchair gives the highlights!) But I was watching football.

  2. I love reading your blog… As you know I have two teenagers, one of each. I can totaly relate to most of what you write about. I am finding it much more difficult the older they get. I am trying to let go, preparing for the big day they leave for college. I am currently dealing with “First boy friend,” both will be driving on there own soon. “Boy am I glad my daughter decided to wait on hers” ENJOY selling the cookies! I am sure that 100 box patch will come easier than you think! Park out-side the local grocery store and sell!


  3. I have to tell you – you hit on a lot of stuff in this one post that I want to comment on!
    1. I remember going to the theater with my Mom to see Little Women – I absolutely love that movie version.
    2. My daughter is turning six this April and wants to visit the American Girl doll store in NYC (she received one for Christmas) instead of a birthday party. It looks like a fun, albiet expensive, day.
    3. Thanks for the reminder of The Jane Austen Book Club movie coming out next month – it gives me the push I need to actually read the book! I have now added it to my Netflix list.
    4. I too got to catch Northanger Abbey (with quick looks in between at the Giant/Packers game) and really enjoyed it (except for the fact that the John Thorpe actor wasn’t quite as handsome as I thought he should be.
    Whew, I think I’m done!

  4. We went and saw Cloverfield on Sat. and Juno on Sunday. Other than that, it was just lots of lounging around and cooking and eating. I’m so hungry now that it’s winter time!

    I know what you mean about crying. I’m constantly crying now during movies and even tv shows. It much be our age (my Dad is a big cryer now that he’s older).

  5. I love the book Little Women and I love the Susan Sarandon movie version also. I tend to watch it around the holidays. I bought my mother a copy of the dvd this year too. Glad to hear your girls liked the movie also 🙂

  6. My daughter had 4 days off from school – they added another for ‘teacher inservice’. Anyhow, we’ve been having a host of playdates – it’s too cold to do much else.

    We just joined Daisy scouts for kindergarteners but will not sell cookies this year – bad news for my husband who likes to buy many boxes.

  7. My husband had a cold so we hunkered down and stayed in, it was in the single digits here over the weekend. We watched Katherine Heigl in “Knocked Up”. It was better than I thought it would be, funny and very well written.

  8. OT: *SHOUT OUT* to a fellow flybaby!

  9. Stumbled upon your blog. Am GS leader and Jane Austen fan as well!! You must see Emma Thompson’s Sense and Sensibility. It is my all time fav! Can’t wait to compare it with the upcoming PBS presentation. And you must read the books! Am currently reading JA’s Lady Susan and Love and Friendship published posthumously.

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