The Kite Runner Movie

Tonite we were invited to the Monster Jam Monster Truck show in Anaheim. Someone my husband works with has a young son who races in a mini truck, so we got 5 pit passes. The kids went with my husband and each invited a friend to go along. As much as I might have enjoyed being in the cold, pouring rain and watching deafening trucks flip over in the mud (ha!), I opted for a “boring” night at the movies with my friend and fellow bookclubber, Valerie.

Val and I saw The Kite Runner, which we read with the book club last summer. As always, The Book Was Better (do I even need to say it?) It’s difficult to be objective about a movie after you’ve read the book.

The child actors that played young Amir and Hassan were very good, as was the actor who played Baba, and the flashback sequences in Kabul were done well. Amir is much more likeable in the book. He did all the same things in both the movie and the book, but at least in the book you understood his motivations.

The movie loses steam when Amir and Baba come to America. Amir has a hangdog appearance throughout, presumably because of the guilt he continues to feel over his treatment of Hassan. It all stays pretty true to the book until the last part, when Amir brings Sohrab home. It then goes very quickly and some key scenes in the book were omitted in the movie.

I was moved to tears during one scene, when Amir stands up to his father-in-law and defends Sohrab. I’m not sure how I would have felt about it if I hadn’t read the book first, because the movie just doesn’t give that much insight into why Amir might have been that upset.

Both English and Farsi were used, and I didn’t even mind the subtitles. The truth is I barely noticed. Sometimes in foreign films there is so much dialog to read that I miss the subtleties of the acting because I’m too busy reading. The dialog was pretty simple so that wasn’t a problem. Overall I thought the movie was pretty well done, but I would recommend reading the book before seeing it.

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  1. I read this book so long ago, and I find that I have few memories of it. So the movie will probably bring it all back. Thank you.

  2. I have read similar things about the movie.

  3. I really enjoyed the book, but I’m a little afraid to see the movie. When a book is really good, the movie never lives up to it!

  4. Package received…thank you!!

  5. I liked the book, except for one violent scene near the end, that ruined it for me. Was that depicted graphically in the film? I really have no desire to see the movie, but I’m curious how they handled it.

    BTW, thanks for the link! I’m putting you up on my blog.

  6. Jeane, I’m not sure which scene you mean. Do you mean the scene when Amir takes the boy back from Assef (the beating and the scene with the slingshot)? If so, yes, that is shown. I was watching through my fingers because I knew what was coming. They do not show or mention the boy’s suicide attempt. Again, not sure which scene you mean.

  7. really good one and thanks for it. for indian matrimonials

  8. I did the opposite saw the movie first and am currently reading the book and I have to agree that the book is amazing – I have been bookmarking passages of it – as they really make an impact on me.

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