Booking Through Thursday: But, Enough About Books

But, Enough About Books… February 7, 2008

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Okay, even I can’t read ALL the time, so I’m guessing that you folks might voluntarily shut the covers from time to time as well… What else do you do with your leisure to pass the time? Walk the dog? Knit? Run marathons? Construct grandfather clocks? Collect eggshells?


I do love to read and really never tire of it.  However, there are other things that compete for my time, mainly my two children. Their needs are varied and constant, and it seems I am always doing something for or with them, including volunteering at school, helping with homework, packing lunches and making dinner, driving them to school or band practice or soccer or Brownies or playdates or birthday parties, cleaning up their rooms, laundry, shopping, planning, playing games, etc. etc. The list goes on and on.

There are other things I like to do that are more about me..  I love photography and rarely go anywhere without my camera.  I love to go to photography exhibits at local museums.  I scrapbook in fits and starts but sometimes I don’t touch it for months on end.  I enjoy the computer and love blog-surfing.  I work out with a friend a few days a week.  I enjoy going out to dinner and to the movies. The beach is a place I can relax alone or with my dog.  It’s fun with the kids and Bob, too, but I really like going by myself. Sometimes on the weekends I’ll make a really good dinner and have a glass of Chardonnay.. I enjoy cooking when I take my time and don’t feel rushed, and when Bob’s home to appreciate it.  I love music and listen to a lot of it at home, but in the car I primarily listen to talk radio.  And I love spending time with a friend over a cafe mocha at Starbucks or browsing at Borders.

As a family we like to go camping over long weekends.  We spend a few weeks each summer in Pennsylvania with my husband’s side of the family and look forward to it all year.  We like to ride bikes together or go kayaking or just hang out watching the Discovery Channel.  We enjoy visiting with friends and family.

And, in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.  ~Abraham Lincoln 

What do you do with your leisure time? 


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  1. Blog surfing takes up a huge chunk of my time too haha, whether I like it or not.

    And I love spending time with a friend over a cafe mocha at Starbucks or browsing at Borders.
    Agree on that! Though we don’t have Borders here, I do love browsing through the various bookshops.

  2. Well, I relate to blog surfing. Doomed if we do, doomed if we don’t!

    I love taking nature walks too. Just being myself amidst tress.

    Photography is a great hobby.

  3. Spending time with the family is the best, isn’t it?


  4. I’m disturbingly hooked on blog-surfing at the moment. It’s a good thing that reading is such a transportable hobby!

  5. I am a pro-internet surfer/shopper as well as a veteran couch potato. I have ten years of classical vocal training and LOVE going to karaoke and blowing it out. I love to hang out (bug, annoy, smother) my hubby because he’s my most favorite person in the whole universe and I love to snuggle with our Cocker Spaniel. I also love to read, drive around, travel (going to Kyoto for Valentine’s with the hubby next week), talk on the phone and take naps. I make time for my friends and we have lunch, coffee, stamp together and shop together. I also have been known to sew and quilt but have taken a hiatus from my sewing machine for a little while now. I love video games and have a XBOX, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Game Boy Advance and a Nintendo DS Lite and yes I’m 33 and have no children. The hubby and I are avid movie watchers and enjoy all things entertainment. I am a volunteer board member for an organization on island and am the Editor-In-Chief for their monthly newsletter.
    That’s ’bout it give or take a few things.

  6. My answer is pretty similar!

  7. My kids are grown–so I spend time on the phone talking or texting as well as emailing these days. I love computers and visit websites and blogs as well as Amazon to find new books. I also scrapbook occasionally and visit bookstores when I can. I always have a book ready when I get a few extra moments!

  8. Leisure time? Well, I read in my leisure time…or write…or sleep.

  9. When I’m not reading, writing (or okay, I admit it watching TV) I enjoy taking pcitures. I used to do darkroom work and I soo love digital photography, no more stinky chemicals:)

  10. Dance! I love a little pop-n-lock.

  11. Of course, family comes first ( and then books!) I also love to surf book blogs, crochet, knit, and scrapbook. Shopping is right up there too!

  12. I didn’t even think about activities with the kids, but it’s true that that’s a major time factor. But I am enjoying it — our last one is in 8th grade already, and it’s going too fast!

  13. Tatting is nice. It’s lace-making, or is also used to repair fishing nets. Scrapbooking and needlepoint are a couple of other hobbies–and of course writing.

  14. I read, scrapbook, mosaic, travel, explore New England, dabble a little with photography and love to write letters. I make my own greeting cards, I’m a stationery-aholic. I love movies. I do pet-therapy with the dog and am yearning for the nicer weather to go to the beach again. I garden. And I spend too much time on the computer; my blogs and surfing the blogosphere!

  15. This week’s BTT question was really fun. It’s interesting to see what everyone likes doing with the rest of their free time.

  16. I also enjoy cooking when I don’t have my 15 month old attached to my leg! I’m also a scrapbooker (although only do digital now since I don’t have to clean anything supplies up) and knit now and then.

  17. And Starbucks…yes indeedy, we are twins!

  18. Wow, you sound a lot like my family! I scrapbook a bit more than it sounds like you do (I’m trying to get caught up, though!), but we like to bike ride and both my kids are Scouts. I wish I could bring my camera everywhere I go; that’s just dangerous!

  19. Wow. If we lived closer we could be best friends. I love reading, taking pictures, cooking with a glass of wine and some great music on in the kitchen. I’m fanatical about movies. I like to see all the ones nominated for Oscars. I love getting away with my family and going camping (we take the boat and camp on remote islands a lot). I love going to art galleries and museums by myself, so I can take my time and just soak in all the beauty and if I could only pick one store to browse in, it would be Barnes & Noble:-)

  20. Hope all is well! Miss you…

  21. I like your site. Reading books is one of my favorites. I read a lot and always have several books waiting to be read. When I have the chance I play golf, but I started that after my children grew up. I believe a time with our children is well spent and now I treasure the time I can have with my grandchildren 🙂

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