This is SO unlike me, but I am currently reading two books simultaneously. Normally I don’t like to juggle my reading material.  I find it difficult to keep the details straight or focus on what I’m reading.   But the two books I’m currently enjoying are so different that I have no problem distinguishing one from the other.  Maybe that is the key to juggling books!  One is fiction and one non-fiction, one is from a male perspective, one female.  The subject matter is completely different.

The book on my nightstand is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, about a woman who, following a difficult divorce and a bout with depression takes a year to travel and examine her life.  I’m reading this for my book club.  The book I’m carrying around in my purse is Keeper and Kid by Edward Hardy, about a guy who discovers after his ex-wife dies that he’s got a 3 year old son he didn’t know existed.  Surprise!  I received this book free from the publisher and so far, it’s really good.


Can you juggle your books? 

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  1. I loved this book. I’ll be posting a review today or tomorrow. It is wonderfully written, the characters are very real…I just can’t say enough nice things about it.

    I started reading it while I was reading The Sister. I haven’t finished The Sister, but I did (obviously) finish Keeper & Kid. 😀

  2. Yeah, I’m not much of a juggler either! One book at a time is good for me!

  3. I don’t usually juggle either. I did with THE SISTER, but I like to finish one book before starting another.

  4. I do tend to juggle, but no more than two at a time. Usually, one non-fiction that stays at home and a novel that I can carry with me. Sometimes if I’ve just finished a pretty serious book, I’ll pick up one of Nancy Martrins funny little murder mysteries to lighten the mood. I can usually read those in about a week, and still keep up with a good novel at the same time.

  5. Books sound good!

    I can’t juggle either, unless it’s because I’m reading one chapter by chapter with other people.

  6. I usually do not juggle, but lately I have been reading a book in print and listening to an audio book in my car.

  7. I love to juggle, actually… I usually have a book going for my website (I create kits for book clubs), a non-fiction work (The New Earth right now), and then pleasure fiction for before bed. I never used to read more than one book at once, but I’m surprised at how much I enjoy the variety.

    I recently read Eat, Pray, Love and really, really enjoyed it! I didn’t expect to (too much hype), but I found it to be a joy…

    Interesting post — thank you!

  8. I’m way too clutsy to juggle! My brain starts to dropp the ball(s). Time to add “Keeper and Kid” to TBR.

  9. I never used to but all this blogging business got me started! I used to play by the rule one fiction, one nonfiction. But right now, I have 4 books on the go – 2 of each. I’ll be reading eat pray love later this year and am curious about it. People seem to either love or hate it.

  10. Occasionally, but not well. One book usually ends up falling by the wayside.

  11. I don’t usually juggle unless (like you) they are of very different genres/subjects. I liked Keeper and Kid as well.

  12. I juggle books all the time. Especially if I don’t LOVE the book I’m currently reading I’ll usually pick up a second (or third or fourth) book too as a change of pace. I never have trouble keeping them straight, but sometimes I get impatient with myself because when you read three or four books at a time it takes a LOT longer to finish one, and I like to finish a book every couple of days.
    Btw, I LOVED Eat Pray Love. Definitely couldn’t put it down, especially the last third when she’s in Indonesia.

  13. I really enjoyed Eat Pray Love. It turned out better than I thought it would, and I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit. I am really bad at book juggling. I’m currently rereading The Time Traveler’s Wife, while going between Middlesex, Emma, and a non fiction on autism. I thinking that juggling is usually a bad idea, and although I don’t get book plots confused, I’ll admit that I definitely don’t retain as much info long term. Sometimes though I think it works out to my advantage. I can reread favorites and still be a little surprised. : )

  14. Nope, not a juggler.

  15. I sometimes juggle up to five at a time! Crazy I know. But definately get more read this way. I don’t seem to have a problem getting the stories mixed up I guess.

  16. Wow, so many jugglers!! I feel like I’m at the circus!

    Thanks for all the great comments. Chartroose, you made me laugh!!

    whyIfailedmath, I would love to hear your thoughts on Middlesex.

    I’m glad to hear so many liked eat, pray, love. I’m about 100 pages in and I also like it, but my book club buddy (also about 100 pages in) called Gilbert a “whiny bitch”– harsh!! Trish and Jeanne, I’m about halfway through Keeper and Kid and it is just an adorable book. I’m really enjoying it.

  17. I’m a juggler. But not by choice. Usually, I’m reading a book for school and one for fun.

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