My Idol Favorite

David Cook is amazing with this mesmerizing version of Billie Jean.

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  1. I’m holding off watching your video of David Cook because we get the show on Wednesday and Thursday evenings here in Okinawa on Armed Forces Network but I did want to say that I agree that this guy is AMAZING. His musicianship is so evident in the way his song choices are sung and played and arranged. This season is much more exciting for me, being a classically trained singer and understanding the formulas that build music myself, it is seems to me that a few of the contestents are getting a say in how the song is arranged and the added spark that playing their instrument adds to the performance is fantastic.
    The hubby and I like David Cook, Carley Smithson, Brooke White and Michael Johns. We like Chikeze too.

  2. Wasn’t he awesome????

  3. My favorites keep changing – which I think is good. And I voted for the first time last night. I get curious to see if I can get through and then worried if I do that someone isnt’ getting enough votes. I’ll have 3 phones at the ready when it gets closer to the end but last night was my first night to vote. Couldn’t believe Carly was in the bottom last week…

    David Cook being from Blue Springs Missouri – my old stomping grounds – so I’m partial to him.

  4. He is absolutely the best, followed closely by Carly. I love love love David Cook.

  5. He is my favorite too. 🙂 Second favorite Carly, third I’d have to go with Brooke.

  6. I agree. David C. was fabulous last night!

  7. I have only just seen the show as we get it after you but it was STUNNING….I was electrified.

  8. We love him. My husband liked him early on and I like him too. (and he’s not too bad to look at) 3

    I don’t get all the hoopla about David A, though. He bugs me.

  9. I actually don’t like that song, but he did an amazing job with it! I could get to like that version.

  10. OK, saw the episode last night and DAMN that boy is AMAZING!!!!! I loved it!! Carley is tied with David Cook in our house for favorite contestant this season. I just don’t know why the judges don’t seem to like her anymore?

  11. He really has been the dark horse this year, that was great:)

  12. Yes, I sooo agree! This is a performace that I will certainly remember! Fabulous.

  13. He really was spectacular. I purchased the entire song on iTunes and it is great!!

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