The Office Returns: It’s Getting Hot in Here

The Office is Back!!  Thursday nights are fun again!  

6 Responses

  1. That show is genius, pure genuis!

  2. Aaaaaaah! Yay! I was so stoked last night. The Office is the greatest.

  3. That was awesome! that made my day, thanks, lol.

  4. Dirty Secret:

    My wife and I watched season 3 on DVD all day up until the new episode came on.

    I wonder if there’s a support group for this…?

  5. Scottie.. if not, there should be!!

  6. Thursday’s episode was too funny. I’m so glad to have the Scranton crew back on Thursday nights, I have to say.

    Dirty Secret–I think the show’s even funnier when you watch the eps back to back like that. If I’d had time to rewatch season 3 like you did, I would’ve! 🙂

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