Review: The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood

The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood is a beautiful book about a painful subject. Mary Baxter and her husband, Dylan, are shell shocked after their only daughter, 5 year old Stella, dies suddenly and unexpectedly from bacterial meningitis.  In the months of grief that follow, Mary’s relationships are faltering; she stops going to work, struggles to communicate with her husband, can barely speak to her mother.  This is the story of how Mary learns to live again.

At the urging of her mother, Mary joins a knitting circle.  She finds knitting therapeutic and distracting, just what she needs.  She begins to learn more about the other people in the circle and all the reasons they are there, reasons that include suffering, tragedy, and loss. 

But I don’t want you to think this is a story to avoid because it’s too sad.  It IS sad, but it’s also inspiring, and shows the restorative power of friendship and reaching out to others.. how sharing our pain can lighten the load.  It is a heartfelt story of hope that I read in 2 sittings, stopping only to sleep and eat. 

Hood, who lost her own daughter to a virulent strain of strep (also at age 5), writes from heartbreaking personal experience.  The novel rings so true, and I ached for Mary (and also for Ms. Hood) as she went from the depths of her grief to the beginnings of healing. This book is wonderful and I highly recommend it.

Visit Ann Hood’s website HERE


8 Responses

  1. That does sound good. I entered a contest to a win a copy and now I feel sad that I did not win 🙂

  2. I’m going to look into this one. There seems to be a lot of books about knitting lately. Either that or I’m just realizing that there are books about knitting out there.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Beastmomma, I got this book free from the publisher. You might still be able to get it. I’ll email you with contact info.

    I don’t knit, but this book made me want to learn. Natasha, I have noticed one or two others recently with knitting in the title.. the one that comes to mind is The Friday Night Knitting Club.

  4. And your review is heartfelt. 🙂

    Lots of books about knitting (and amazing amts of BLOGS on knitting, too!) and lots of books about Jane Austen.

  5. I’m sold – it’s just been added to my wish list!

  6. Me, too! I’ve been hearing good things and your review pushed me over the edge 🙂

  7. This was a wonderful book – and I don’t knit a stich, but the story is about so much more than knitting.

    And yes, The Friday Night Knitting Club is also very good.

  8. Oh I read that one last April. It was fantastic. I am now an Ann Hood fan!

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