American Idol Crown- Who will take it?

Some of you may know I’m a rabid American Idol fan, and “my” idol this season has been David Cook, HOWEVER..  tonight it was all about the other David- the young, cute, and enormously talented David Archuleta.  What a voice this 17 year old kid has! I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t win.

Who do you think will take the Idol crown tomorrow night?  I still like David Cook, and I predict he’ll have a big future, but David Archuleta is pure talent.

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  1. I have hated Archuleta from the moment I first SAW him and have always rooted for Cook. I think that Archuleta will win but I didn’t give up before the wife and I voted constantly using 3 phones for 2 hours solid. No one can say we didn’t do our part for Cook!

  2. I love David Cook too! After last night, I’m finding some consolation that It might actually be better if he doesn’t have the “American Idol” title hanging with him. A lot of the people who will buy his album may not be big AI fans — I’m thinking Daughtry???? Maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better after watching every minute of the show for an entire season and not having my guy win!

  3. I have been pulling for Lil’ David all season long, but I really thought David Cook was going to win – until last nite! David Archuleta was there to win and he blew me away again! I LOVE THIS KID!!!! His voice is amazing!

  4. I was sure David Cook would win…until I saw David Archuleta belting it out last night. Wowza. That kid’s got some pipes on him. David C did a great job, too, but it would be hard to top David A’s performance. Either way, I think they both have careers ahead of them in the biz. David Cook’s album is the one I’ll personally be buying. -Julia 🙂

  5. I think the competition should be about growth..and if they went by that, it would be David Cook. However, Archuleta blew him out of the water with his performances last night. As much as I hate to say it, I think Arch will get it. As far as albums is Cook’s that would end up in my Target bag. LOL.


  6. I’ve been thinking that Archuletta would win the AI crown for quite a while now, and last night solidified that thought for me. I prefer David Cook, however. He’s original, creative, and very talented. I can’t see myself buying Achuletta’s album unless he wows me with a song–he hasn’t done that yet. For David Cook, on the other hand, win or not, I will be there to buy his first album as soon as its out.

  7. HI guys, thanks for the comments. I agree with most of you that Cook’s is the album I would buy- I’m a big fan!! But little David blew him away vocally last night, I thought.

  8. Whenever I hear Archuleta I hear the ‘grown ups’ from the Peanuts cartoons . To me he is always droning on and each song sounds the same. I guess I don’t hear how wonderful the judges think he is. BOR-ING!

    Give me some David Cook ANYTIME!! (I voted about 25 times last night, and 20x last week, but I’ve never voted since Season 1!)

  9. I’ve you’ve been past my blog recently you’ll know that David A is our hometown hero. We logged as many voties as we could get in last night, though it was HARD to get in. However, I still think David Cook is going to win.

    We have tickets to see them all in July! That’s going to be so fun!

  10. Based on last night’s performance, I think that David Archuleta will win, and deserves to win. I considered doing a post on this myself because I’ve seen around the blogosphere people saying if David A wins that they’ll never watch American Idol again, it’s rigged, blah blah blah. David C just wasn’t as good last night. That song by Collective Soul could have been AWESOME, but it was just meh.

  11. Last night there were three of us working the phones at my house, all voting for David Cook. I hope it made a difference. I’m actually not sure I even want to watch the finale tonight, because I don’t think I’ll be happy with how it turns out.

    I think I’m the only one in my family who will acknowledge that Archuleta was stronger last night, but he’s always the same. Good, but BORING. Like Randy Jackson says, “In the zone” – the comfort zone, that is. I think he’ll win it all.

    I’ve been saying for weeks that I think it will be better for David Cook’s career prospects if he DOESN’T win (more creative freedom, etc,), but I still want him to! I downloaded several of his AI performances from iTunes, and would certainly buy his album.

  12. Yeah! MY David won!

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