Guest Post: In Praise of Book Clubs, Vol. 10

Our 10th contributor to the series In Praise of Book Clubs is Jen from Devourer of Books, who happens to be having a big contest in anticipation of her 100th post on her blog.  Here she talks about her unique book club, in which they talk, and drink, and talk about what they drink.  They talk about books too, eventually!

Our book club is special.  I understand that many book clubs have, as a rule, alcoholic beverages to facilitate discussion.  At our book club, however, the alcohol is part of the discussion.

Perhaps I should back up to how our book club began.  My good friend Kristy, and her roommate Kelly, decided that they were not really reading as much as they would like, and they wanted an incentive to read more.  They decided that they would invite girlfriends from different parts of their lives, and invite those girls to invite some girlfriends so that, in addition to being exposed to more books, they would also make some new friends. 

I’m not quite sure how the additional component of our book club came to be.  Perhaps Kristy and Kelly worried that even a no-pressure book club might not always inspire regular attendance, perhaps they just thought it would be fun.  Somehow, in addition to being a book club, we became a wine club as well.

Our format is simple.  Each month, we focus on one book and one varietal of wine.  Our first order of business is to read and learn about the wine, and do a tasting of all the wines.  Each girl brings a bottle of the varietal, so we can compare and contrast, try to taste the differences of regions, etc. 

Once we have tasted all of the wines, we begin to discuss our book.  We never seem to have any pre-set questions for discussion.  In many book clubs that can be a problem, stymieing conversation, but not after you have just tasted 6 different bottles of wine! 

The format actually works very well because, not only are we loosened up for the book discussion, we usually take long enough talking about the book and various other things at the end of the night that, by the time you are ready to go home, you have sobered up from all of the wine and are capable of driving. 

I adore our book club, and wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Blogger Bio: Jen lives in the Chicago suburbs with her fiancé and is busy getting ready for her wedding in June.  She works for the denominational offices of her church, but would love to review or blog professionally one day.  Her blog, Devourerofbooks, has only existed since the end of February this year, but she is being contacted for blog tours and book reviews. 

***Would you like to share about your book club here at Books on the Brain? If so, leave a comment and I will get in touch with you about a guest post!

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9 Responses

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  2. I’ve been loving your book club posts! Fun fun idea! I can tell you about mine some day if you’d like.

  3. I am so jealous of those who have a book club. I’ve tried to start one a couple of different times and it’s not worked well. I tried doing a virtual book club, but that proved difficult for me to keep up with. Still, this gives me hope of one day finding something. I would gladly join Jen’s group in a heart beat and I don’t even like wine! I think I could fake it, though. 🙂

  4. Wine and books are a dream combination.

  5. I completely love the idea of a wine/book club! Thanks for sharing you book club.

  6. It really does sound amazing 🙂

  7. OK, wine gives me headaches, so I don’t know if I would be a good fit for your club. Hmmm, maybe I should change mine into a beer and book club? 🙂

  8. Jen, thanks for the guest post! I love your wine with books idea!

    Suey, thanks! I would love a guest post from you about your book club!

    LH- I had to start my own and it’s been wonderful, but I was in one years ago that was ridiculous- no one else ever read the book-

    Beastmomma- agree 100%

    Tara- me too!

    kegsoccer- ditto!

    Steph- beer and books? Why not!

  9. […] club. We discuss first the wine, then the book. I’ve talked about the book club here and here. We only pick our books one month out because evidently we aren’t nearly as organized as a […]

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