The Sunday Salon: Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here, but it seems strange to say Happy Memorial Day when it’s such a somber holiday. Still, for most people it’s 3 days off, enough time to get away, relax, recharge, and that is certainly something to be happy about.  But in between barbeques and whatever fun stuff you have planned, I hope you’ll take time to think about the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  Patti from Displaced Beach Bums wrote a lovely Memorial Day post about remembering that speaks to the true meaning of the holiday. 

It’s been an exciting reading week for me.  One of the highlights was an email from Meg Waite Clayton, author of the new novel, The Wednesday Sisters.  Turns out she’s a fellow LibraryThing early reviewer, and graciously agreed to write a guest post for Books on the Brain about her very own book club.  I can’t wait to read her thoughts!  I haven’t read her book yet, but I’ve heard great things, and my bud Trish from Hey, Lady! offered to send it to me.  It’s good to have friends. 

I was also thrilled to discover I’d snagged another LT early reviewer book, The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen.  I loved her earlier novel Garden Spells, reviewed HERE, so I can’t wait to read this one to see how it compares. 

A box arrived on my doorstep Thursday from the Literary Ventures Fund.  I’d requested a book from them, and to my surprise they sent me not one but FIVE books!  I started one of them yesterday called The Fires by Alan Cheuse.  It’s actually two novellas in one book.  I’m flying through it and should have a review up by Tuesday.

I am going to have to take a speed reading class to keep up with all these books!!  Although skimming and reading superfast really isn’t my style, because I find I don’t retain as much when I try to read faster.  Slow and methodical, that’s me.  Anyone else like that?

What are you doing this weekend?  We saw Indiana Jones yesterday and went to eat at Red Robin with my parents. The kids had a friend sleep over, and my oldest has another sleepover party to attend tonight.  I pulled weeds and planted some green beans yesterday.  Thankfully it wasn’t too hot and I was able to get it all done.  My husband will continue painting his office today.  He’s been at it since Friday and is in his own little world.  Me?  I’m reading..

Have a great week!  

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  1. I am a slow and steady reader as well. I think that is why my list of books read in 2008 is pretty short compared to many others 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa,

    It is a strange weekend (weather wise) but as you said, three days off, is three days off and I cannot frown upon that.

    Yesterday my husband and I saw WICKED at the Pantages.
    It was fantastic! My son is very jealous. He is very involved with community theatre and so I promised that I would take him for his bday before the show closes in Sept.

    Today we are making some turkey burgers and old fashioned potato salad and then my husband is leaving me to go watch the Laker game with friends. I hope to get some reading time in later.

    Tomorrow..more que’ing and more relaxing. What did you think if Indy? We are dying to see it. Oh..and if it is a book that I am savoring, then I am a slow and steady reader as well. If the books drags a bit, I can skim pretty efficiently and still retain details.

    Have a good one!


  3. I got books from them awhile back too, which 5 did you get?

  4. Hi Jaspreet, my list is also short compared to many others.

    Hi Tina, WICKED!! I’m dying to see it. We listen to the music in the car all the time. Indy was ok- the kids enjoyed it more than I did. It was just relentless non-stop action. Shia LeBouf was very cute though. He’s gonna be such a big star, I predict.

    Hi Jen, I got The Fires, The Leper Compound, Feather Man, Monique and the Mango Rains, and The Big Eddy Club. Same as you?

  5. “The Sugar Queen” looks really good, I hope you enjoy it! I requested it along with a few others, but I’m not disappointed to be receiving “The New Yorkers” 🙂

  6. Hi Lisa, I got books from them to review for my review website. The Leper Compound was really good. I have a review of it. It would make a good book club book.

  7. I can’t wait to see how you like The Fires and Feather Man. Those are the two that really seemed interesting to me.

  8. The humidity of summer has settled over the island and the rainy season should be starting soon. I have the A/C pumping at a lovely 20 degrees Celcius all over the house and Rocky and I are hanging out. I’m reading here and there but I have to go get 30 pics printed out today on base for a scrapbooking event on Wednesday. The hubby returns tomorrow…. YEAH!!!!!!

  9. I got all of the same ones you did, except The Big Eddy Club. Instead I got The First Hurt and Spirit of the Place.

  10. I’m a slow, steady reader myself. I always wish I could read a little faster, but then I don’t want to be in such a rush that I miss out any of the story. Yes, it gets a little frustrating when I’ve got books piling up all over the place demanding to be read and reviewed – but the thought of skimming make me cringe. That kind of “goal-oriented” reading just seems to defeat the purpose, and I hate it whenever I have to do it on the rare occasions when there’s an actual deadline of sorts for a review I’m doing.

  11. that Sugar Queen looks like a great read! I go by covers….neato. Can’t wait to see your review!!! Happy SUnday, and Memorial day!!!

  12. Ooooooohh, Sugar Queen!!! I’m jealous.

    I read fast, but I have a lousy memory…which is why I have a blog. And I still have a hard time remembering what I read last month.

    I just got home from OC…did you see me waving to you? 😉

  13. Hi keg, thanks for stopping by. The New Yorkers looks interesting..

    bookroomreviews, great review! That is the 1 book I requested from LVF.

    Karen= I can’t remember from grade school math- what does 20C translate to in F? If zero equals 32 F, it seems 20 would be way too cold to have the a/c on!

    Jen, which ones have you read?

    Megan, thanks for the visit and comment. I don’t like the feeling of goal oriented reading either. Seems too much like school to me.

    Bethany, it IS a nice cover!

    Jill, I plan to send it to you when I’m done, since you sent me Garden Spells! I’ll let you know when I get it.

  14. 20 C is 68 F. The temps outside are averaging 81 F this weekend but it’s so muggy. When the humidity of summer hits Okinawa I find it better for my joints, the dog and the prevention of mildew and mold to have it really cold in the house. I thought D.C. and Memphis were humid… this place is the worst! Our electricity is paid for so we keep the a/c’s (five total, two on the main level and one in each bedroom upstairs) on year round. Occassionaly in the winter months we actaully find ourselves needing the heat on though.

  15. Lisa,
    I read Monique and the Mango Rains and loved it. I just started yesterday on Spirit of the Place, but haven’t had a chance to get very far.

  16. Woo-hoo! 😀

  17. Karen, I’d need a sweater at your house! Ours is set at 74. Part of that is trying to keep the cost down, and environmental concerns (my daughter’s are always looking for more ways to “go green”) It’s different here, though.. the humidity isn’t so high.

    Jen, Oh good, I’m looking forward to that one. I doubt I’ll read The Big Eddy Club. I’ll probably pass that along to a friend’s husband who I think will enjoy it.

    Softdrink, I’m glad I made you smile!

  18. Hi Lisa:
    I couldn’t help but smile when I saw your post about all you have and want to read. I’d like to share with you info about my new book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading” due out next week. I honestly think that if you can get through the first 3 chapters of that book, you will find your reading much faster and better. The material in the later chapters on managing a reading workload is probably also of value for you. If you do get the book and try it, let me know your questions! I’d love to be your personal coach : )

    Abby Marks Beale

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