Guest Post: In Praise of Book Clubs, Vol. 12

In this 12th volume of In Praise of Book Clubs, Stephanie from the very popular blog The Written Word writes about Mother/Daughter book clubs, and why she’d like to start one in a few years.

I’m a mother of two daughters, one of which has just turned six. Her first year of Kindergarten has been full of many accomplishments, the biggest one being the fact that she has learned how to read. I’ve found the process incredible and it blows me away to see my little girl, who could just write her name in September, be able to compose full sentences now. I have always tried to foster a love of reading in my children (although I can’t seem to get my nineteen month old to sit still long enough to get through Goodnight Moon). Now, as Leah is about to enter first grade, I’ve begun contemplating a mother-daughter book club. Not only would this be a way to encourage my daughter to take the time to read for pleasure, but will hopefully keep the lines of communication between us strong as she grows into a young lady. Originally an idea brought up by my girlfriend Nicole, who has a daughter about the same age and who is a participant in my monthly adult book club, the mother-daughter book club is a pretty popular idea among readers these days, and luckily for us there are plenty of resources to get us going! 

The Mother-Daughter Book Club written by Shireen Dodson is a book filled with advice on how to get your mother-daughter book club off the ground. With chapters like “why to start a mother-daughter book club” and “how to find and read books” and even “girls will be girls: age and attitudes” this seems like the perfect go-to guide when starting out. 

One you have your club up and running, it’s time to figure out what you actually want to read with the girls. Book Crush by Nancy Pearl (you know, America’s favorite Librarian and author of Book Lust) is a guide to help kids and adults figure out what books are appropriate by age and genre. The book cover says “recommended reading for every mood, moment, and interest” and boy it sure does have it all. If you’ve found that the girls all have a common interest in horses, then check out the section on them and find that Pearl suggests Black Beauty, Misty of Chincoteague and even Mr. Revere and I.  

But your local bookstore isn’t the only place to get great information on mother-daughter book clubs. The internet is filled with great resources and ideas. Julie P. over at Booking Mama writes about her mother-daughter book club, with reviews and insight into the meetings, which I know I will be referring to once my own mother-daughter club is established. You can also find lots of information at Cindy’s blog (which is a companion to and showcases mother-daughter books clubs from around the country, book ideas and information about her own personal book club with her daughter. 

Of course, if you’re not quite ready to dive into a book club like this, there isn’t any reason why you can’t read about it. Just check out The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick. A work of fiction geared toward girls ages 9 – 12, the novel is about a group of four sixth grade girls who are in a book club with their mothers and are reading Little Women. Check out the description by Booklist on the site. It looks like a cute read.  

Hopefully you’ll find some of this information useful as I have and maybe I’ll be blogging about my own mother-daughter book club in the future!  

Blogger Bio:  Stephanie is a stay at home mom of 2 girls and part time graphic design student.  She is also an avid reader and can be found at The Written Word.

***Would you like to share about your book club here at Books on the Brain? If so, leave a comment and I will get in touch with you about a guest post!

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5 Responses

  1. […] Be sure to stop by Books on the Brain where I have written a guest post all about the newest trend in book clubs, the Mother-Daughter book […]

  2. I love Nancy Pearl!

  3. Great post about mother-daughter book groups. I’m going to look into the books you mentioned … lots of great ideas!

  4. Great post about things that are also on my mind! My daughter is also just about to finish kindergarten and the progress this year is amazing. Since I’m in a bookclub, she has expressed a desire to be in one too, though I’ve suggested to her that we do a trial with just the two of us. That apparently doesn’t sound like much fun to her. Isn’t Bookcrush great? I had it with me at the library today to choose books for my girl. Best of luck with your club!

  5. Thanks beastmomma, Dawn and Tara for commenting. I hope that those resources help you guys (and yep, gotta love Nancy Pearl)!

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