Tuesday Thingers and a Singer

From our host The Boston Bibliophile:  So the question this week is- how many books do you have cataloged in your LibraryThing account? How do you decide what to include- everything you have, everything you’ve read- and are there things you leave off?

I only have 116 books in my LT account right now, but I’ve only started adding them in the last couple months. They are books I either own or I’ve read very recently, and I have many more to add.  I pass on many books I’ve read to friends and I donate a lot of books to my local library.  My kids give a lot of their books away too, but for some reason we get far more than we give.  The kids have received bags of books from neighbors with older kids and friends with older siblings. Some people are just book magnets, I suppose, and my girls and I have powerful magnetic fields!  Or maybe it’s just good book karma- what goes around comes around.  Oooo, that reminds me of that Justin Timberlake song I just added to my iPod.  Here’s JT doing his thing- enjoy!  I know I will!


15 Responses

  1. gotta love Justin.
    I’m a book magnet too! *Sighs* it’s a burden, but i try to bear up! 🙂

  2. Bags of books YAY!

  3. I’m new to LT and I only have 55 books in my library so far. I haven’t added all of them yet. If you’ve read the book over 15 years ago, but its still in your collection do you enter it? Or is it too old and dusty to be included? That’s where I’m at . . .

  4. I have an account with LT, Shelfari and Goodreads and the only one I manage to keep up is the Goodreads one. I have about 60 books total there and most of them are in the “to read” category. My wish list is always growing.

    BTW… that’s a good JT song. I bought the cd ages ago and I never tire of it. Hope you are feeling better.


  5. Thanks for the JT fix:)

  6. I’ve got a crazy book magnetic field, too. Even when I’m trying desperately not to acquire books, they seem to find me of their own accord. I keep giving my books away and yet find that I have more than ever. *shrugs* I guess there are worse things to attract! 😉

  7. I’m fairly new to LT (thanks to you) and I haven’t put all my books into my shelf yet. I have entered all the books in my two short book shelves (three shelves each) but not the ones in my two tall book shelves (5 shelves). The ones on the short shelves are the newer members of my book family. They are only about a year old at the most. I have read probably a third of them.
    Love JT!!! He is from Millington, TN which is also the birth place of Rev. Al Green. Millington Naval Base is the office we were last at before coming to Okinawa. There’s not much there except coton fields, BBQ, Walmart, Sonic and JT’s grandparents. Oh, and I know he stores a tom of his vehicles at his grandparents house there.

  8. I wish I got bags of books!!

  9. I love Library Thing! I think I ought to join the tuesday thingers. I’ve got 481 books listed, all categorized too. I add books as soon as I acquire them (80 are still unread!) but as soon as I decide I don’t want them anymore I put them up on Paperback Swap or BookMooch and take them off Library Thing. So Library Thing only lists the books I aim to keep for good. But I have 90+ books on the swap sites, and my husband and daughter have quite a few books too, so we probably have about 600 in the house total. Wait, that wasn’t the question, was it?

  10. I pass books on too. We don’t have the space even if I wanted to keep them all…lol! 🙂

  11. my kids have a similar magentic field – bags of books and bags of clothes! I spent the better part of the day “retiring” the outgrown winter clothes and unpacking spring/summer share-me-downs ….for just one kid! Books are more satisfying, somehow 🙂

  12. This explains why I can’t resist books – I’m definitely a book magnet. I do try to give some away, but it’s very hard.

  13. Book Magnetism, I wonder if it’s a known condition. I have it too. When ever anyone visits or I just talk to them on the phone the comment “Oh I have some books for you” always comes up.

  14. Sometimes I feel like a book magnet too! Every time I see my mom or mother-in-law, they are handing me a bag of books. LOL I’ve also had a number of people at work offer to loan me books they are reading. I can’t complain at all though!

  15. I realize I probably have too many – I even actively look for ways to get rid of them! But I can’t help it, I just love books. I feel like it’s not the worst thing I could possibly collect…..I also realize it’s probably a sickness, but oh well. =)

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