Highway Robbery

Road trips and Sunday drives are going to be a thing of the past (maybe they already are) if prices keep going up, up, up.  Why are they so freakin’ high, and how high can they get?  Hours after I snapped this picture I drove by another station right next to the freeway that had regular at $4.55!  That would be about 25 cents a mile for me.  I’m thinking about putting a little box in the car and dropping a quarter in for each mile I drive. Better yet, I’ll put a sign up saying “Mom’s Taxi” and refuse to leave the driveway unless the kids show me their rolls of quarters.. yeah!  There’s a plan!  

Will the gas prices affect what you do this summer?  Do you plan to stay close to home?  Will you try to save money in other areas to compensate for the higher fuel prices?

We’re lucky that we have several entertainment options within a few miles from our home.  The local water park opened a couple of weeks ago, and we decided to get season passes so that we can hang out there.  They’re open until 6pm, so yesterday I took the kids after school to kick off the summer.  The park was empty and they were able to go on everything without waiting in line.  I’m still recovering from the lasagna incident, so I stayed in the shade, dry and covered up, reading my book, while the kids had a blast in the wave pool.  

Along with the water park we will also be visiting the beach and Knott’s Berry Farm, both very nearby. My oldest will go to Girl Scout Camp, and both kids will attend VBS and swimming lessons at the high school.  We’ll spend two weeks with extended family in the Scranton, PA area (we go every year-the kids can’t wait to see their cousins). But mostly we’ll be hanging around the neighborhood, playing on the slip-n-slide, riding bikes, eating Otter Pops and swimming at Grandma’s house down the street.   

To find the cheapest gas prices, check out GasBuddy.com.  Just enter  your zip code and it searches for the lowest prices in area.  

14 Responses

  1. Ok, so I think it’s not normal that just SEEING those prices on the sign makes me throw up in my mouth. I was doing the math yesterday (painful, as I am an English teacher) and figured that I put HALF A GRAND into my gas tank each month. Ummmmmm….I’ll take “Not Normal” for 200!
    I am really excited to find you AND your blog roll. I am a book addict reading Autobiography of a Face at the moment. Just finished Truth and Beauty.
    I recently started a book club at skirt! .com, and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing! I SO don’t want it to feel classroomish…..that being said, your blogroll is like a goldmine! I feel like I just woke up and it’s my surprise birthday!
    Have a great day!

  2. i, too, have been blogging about this very subject. back on april 19th, i was complaining about paying $3.06 per gallon to fill up. today the price is $3.87 a gallon.

    husbandito and i are taking our annual road trip–gas prices be damned!–and plan to travel 4,500 miles. i trimmed the trip down–last year we drove 8,046 miles–so that’s my concession to the outrageous gas prices.

    and we have a small car that gets about 39 miles to the gallon on the highway. i’m really looking forward to those crazy gas prices out west and down south. not only that, but also the joy that is PUMPING your own gas. we don’t do that here in jersey. 🙂

  3. We are getting ready to take a road trip to Pittsburgh and Detroit. I absolutely refuse to drive the family roadster — a Ford Explorer because of gas prices. I feel like I stay home all the time because I’m constantly calculating how much it costs to go to Wal-mart, the grocery store, etc.

  4. Well, on Guam we can’t drive too far!!! Most of the time I make the kids walk to swim team practice (less than a mile), or ride their bikes to meet up with friends. Gas prices are crazy here too~ $4.49 for the cheap stuff! I do make an effort to run all of my errands at one time. This summer our dollars will have to be stretched as far as possible for our trip to China soon! Yeah!

  5. Yeah, I just paid $4.39 last night. $92.00 to fill ‘er up!

  6. My husband and I were just talking about this last week. We like to take Sunday drives to the coast sometimes but with the exception of Father’s Day, I think we may hang out locally this Summer (as far as driving).

    We are flying to Colorado in July and all I can say is that I am glad that I went with Southwest, and that I got our tickets AGES ago. All the fares have gone up dramatically.

  7. As of this morning, regular was $4.39 per gallon at the gas station closest to my house. I wonder what it will be this afternoon when I drive by on my way home. (I’m just glad I drive a Honda Civic.)

    We’re leaving for a three-generation family road trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon on June 14th. We’ve been planning it for almost a year, and we’re driving my mother-in-law’s SUV (she’s coming too). My husband and I are cost-sharing with her; she’s paying for lodgings, we’ll take turns paying for meals, and he and I are buying the gas. For the SUV. Which requires premium. Oy. We’re thinking prices may be a little lower once we get out of California, but we’ll find out.

    Other than that, I don’t think there’s going to be much travel for us for the rest of the summer either.

  8. I used to think it was so corny of my parents to tell me what things used to cost. “Well, back in my day, . . .” but now I know how it feels. I used to pay 79 cents a gallon when I started driving! I see more and more people taking photos of the gas stations’ prices. It’s kind of funny and sad.

  9. Sounds like you’ve got some good plans for beating the gas prices. Lucky that you live close to the beach!

    We don’t have any fun things planned this summer. Maybe we’ll take a weekend here and there and take our trailer to someplace close. I hope we can at least do that. I miss the road trips we used to take.

  10. We’ve been trying to bike places like church. No, it doesn’t take much gas to go the couple of miles to get there, but we CAN ride it, so why not?

    I’m sure my grandparents would like me us to drive down to see them in Indianapolis, but I think that will have to be 1 trip, tops.

  11. Well, as Thomas Friedman (The World is Flat) recently commented… maybe now we Americans will start rethinking our dependency on oil (and cars). Gulp!

    I bit the bullet 2 years ago and bought a hybrid, but it’s still an SUV (to accomodate the accessories that come with owning a horse) and since most of my driving is highway, I still nearly pass out when I fill up my tank every other week. I try to declare at least one day a week a “no car day,” but that is honestly my excuse for staying home and reading all day!! 🙂

  12. Crazy, crazy! Right now we have just one car that isn’t very reliable. We’ve saved up and are ready to purchase a second car. We’ve been excited because we haven’t vacationed in a long time (due to the unreliable car) but once we get it, I don’t know if we’ll want to drive anywhere this summer!

  13. Wow! I don’t think the prices are quite that high here yet. But I haven’t driven in a couple of days to see! The high gas prices have kept us from booking plane tickets for a faw-away vacation. But we do have a couple of driving trips planned. Aside from driving 30 miles round trip to work (and I work part-time) most of my driving is around the neighborhood so I’m doing okay. And I get decent gas milage. I am counting my blessings b/c I know there are people out there whose salaries cannot cover these prices.

    • I don’t know how much are the process on the other side of the pond right now, but over here in the UK normal diesel, is £1.35-£1.37 per liter (that’s $2.20 approx)and regular petrol, is $1.85 – $1.90 per liter approx . sucks 😦

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