Authors- They’re Just Like US! #2

The first question I posed to authors was “What are you currently reading?”.  I got a great response (click HERE to read that post).  I also wanted to know if authors ever abandoned books, the way I sometimes do if I just can’t get into it.  Turns out they do…


Beth Fehlbaum, author of Courage in Patience:  Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. Too painful.

Linda Merlino, author of Belly of the Whale:  The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls—Just couldn’t get through it…

Jennie Shortridge , author of Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe: People will hate me for saying this, but The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. I just couldn’t wade through that initial snow storm. I have so little time to read fiction (only when not writing or revising) so something has to grab me fast. I know it must be a wonderful book because people who read what I do love it. It’s just me.

Megan Crane, author of Names My Sisters Call Me:  I don’t give up on books.  I read to the bitter end, so that I can complain about them thoroughly.

Jasmin Rosenberg, author of How the Other Half Hamptons: I almost never “give up” on books – but removed “A Million Little Pieces” from my To Be Read pile once the authenticity was questioned.

Edward Hardy, author of Keeper and Kid: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. I hadn’t tried it in a bunch of years but somehow I can never get past page 100. This time – same result.

Meg Waite Clayton, author of The Wednesday Sisters:   I know its sacrilege to say this, but Moby Dick. I just wasn’t that into the whale.

Alan Cheuse, author of To Catch the Lightning:  I give up on a lot of new books, 
sometimes for tactical reasons, as a reviewer, because as much 
as I’d like to, I can’t review all thrillers or science-fiction… 
I stop reading many realistic novels, when I find the subjects 
never growing out of their narrow tracks…

Mathias Freese, author of Down to a Sunless Sea:  I will not give the title lest I offend, but it is a book sent to me by a fellow author — simply unbearable, disconnected and does not grab me as a reader.

Joshua Henkin, author of Matrimony:  For the life of me, I can’t remember.  I tend to plow through till the end no matter what.  I’m not sure why.  Curiosity, probably.  The hope that there’s something in the book that I haven’t yet discovered.  But life’s too short–too many good books out there.  So I’m going to resolve to stop reading when I’m not inclined to read on.

Susan Woodring  , author of Springtime on Mars:  I had to read The Phantom Toll Booth by Norton Juster for a middle school class I’ll be teaching in the fall, and I absolutely hated it. It’s clever and all, but it just seems to be utterly without direction. Ugh. I have read all but the last chapter–I’ll have to finish it and drum up a bit of enthusiasm before I teach this class.

Doreen Orion, author of Queen of the Road:   Oh, dear. I’d really rather not answer that, as I’d hate to google my name someday and see that as someone else’s answer to this question!

Daniel Putkowski, author of An Island Away:  Last book I gave up on… I really can’t remember. I suffer through to the last word. Is this a character flaw?

Next time we’ll see which authors are the authors’ favorite authors.  Can you say AUTHORS 3 times fast???


12 Responses

  1. Fun post! Brilliant idea. I especially like that I’ve read a couple of those authors. I do have to say I’m not sure how anyone couldn’t like The Glass Castle, but to each his/her own. I know that there are books others love that I absolutely hated.

  2. I gave up on The Poisonwood Bible. I still feel guilty about it, since so many people I know and respect loved it, but I just didn’t like it at all – I held out till page 100, then put it down and didn’t pick it up again.

  3. Interesting how a few of the authors could not remember the last book which they gave up on; makes me feel like they are troopers.

  4. These are such cool posts. You come up with great ideas for new things to post about. What I’m wondering is how you get in touch with all of these authors?!

  5. Thanks for the great post! I always feel guilty when I give up on a book so I really try to finish them. Sometimes it takes me 3 times but I do manage to finish.

  6. Great questions and answers. I give a book the old 100 pages try before I will give up

  7. Wow that’s a good question. My last question is always what do you like to read/ favorite author/ why/ what are you reading now? Haha I won’t steal yours, but certainly is interesting!

  8. I really enjoyed this post. I almost gave up on The Golden Notebook several times. Forced myself to finish it and then wished I’d given up. Ever since then, if I can’t get past the first couple of chapters, I ditch the book. Life’s too short.

  9. Great post with fascinating answers. You are so clever!

  10. […] Books authors ditched […]

  11. i used to feel so guilty about quitting books before they were finished–but i just don’t have the time to slog through them. the last book i dumped was 10 days in the hills by jane smiley.

  12. I, like Jeanne, disliked The Memory Keepers Daughter, even though I forced myself to finish it!

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