The Human Statue of Liberty

In July of 1918, more than 18,000 officers and soldiers posed as Lady Liberty on the parade grounds at Camp Dodge in Des Moines, Iowa.  Many men fainted- they were dressed in woolen uniforms- as the temperature neared 105 degrees.  The photo was taken from the top of a specially constructed tower by a Chicago photography studio and was intended to help promote the sale of war bonds, but was never used.

Check out this website to see more patriotic photos taken during WWI.  They are amazing!!  The flag and the Liberty Bell are especially fascinating.

Happy 4th of July from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

11 Responses

  1. Lisa, that’s awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. Wow that’s cool 🙂

  3. That’s an amazing photo. I looked at the rest of them on the site. What organization and patience that must have taken!

  4. that’s great! happy 4th to you. 🙂

  5. Wow! Very cool!

    Happy 4th of July!

  6. That IS cool. Whoa.

    Happy Fourth!

  7. Wow. that’s a nice, fitting thing to post on the Fourth of July. I hope you’re having a great holiday! 🙂

  8. I live right down the road from Camp Dodge, I didn’t know that! 🙂 tracy

  9. Very cool picture.

  10. I can’t even imagine the logistics of setting up that photo. Amazing!

  11. That’s an amazing picture. Wow.

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