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A couple of things:

Why do 10 year old girls feel the need to change their clothes 5 or 6 times a day??  And why does something worn for less than an hour need to go in the hamper??  And when can children be reasonably expected to do their own laundry?

Why do 9 year old girls HATE to brush their hair?  And is it a reflection of my parenting skills if I allow her to walk around looking like she was raised by wolves in order to avoid a battle?

Why is there a sudden interest in my review of Loose Girl, a review I wrote back in April?  Can anyone explain why I would have 40+ hits today on that almost 4 month old review??  The book came out June 3rd (not today, not this week).  Why the sudden interest?  Hmmmm.

What’s for dinner?  WHO CARES!!  I’m so sick of hearing this question!!  I’m sick of trying to dream up something new night after night!!  I have such a problem with this in the summer.  We end up eating grilled cheese or hot dogs for lack of inspiration.  So my question to you is, What’s for dinner? Bonus points if you include an easy recipe.

How often do you change the sheets on your bed?  Be honest.  Do real people, with children and multiple beds, really change all the sheets on all the beds every week?  I’m so sick of this chore.  How old do my kids have to be before they can be trained to do it themselves?  

Ok, I’ll stop bitching about stuff now.  Just a reminder- my Queen of the Road giveaway ends tonight.  The Safety of Secrets giveaway started today and goes through August 8th.  Good luck!

21 Responses

  1. 1. I changed my clothes every couple of hours when I was like 5 or 6. Now I usually change twice before I leave for school/work but ever since I jumped on the whole eco bandwagon, and my mom made me do my own laundry, I think twice before I throw it in the hamper.

    2. My mom never cared about the state of my hair. Usually, if it was really bad, she’d hand me a pony tail band.

    3. Why do I have people coming to my website looking for “we will come ashore and kill you and eat you?”

    4. Chicken spaghetti. Regular spaghetti with chunks of chicken in the sauce instead of ground beef. Easy as it comes.

    5. Change them? We wash them every 3 or 4 weeks and put them right back on. Occasionally, my mom tells us to throw down our pillowcases with the weekly laundry.

    6. Oueen of the Road? Entered. Safety of Secrets? Entered.

    She’s Just Sayin’ (formerly of ArdentlyBookReviews)

  2. First of all. I love this post. I love that I’m not the only one that has bitchy posts every once in a while.

    My oldest daughter is 12 and she does most of her own laundry. This evolved from me doing ALL her laundry including: gathering it up, sorting it, washing, drying, folding, and putting it away. Then I began to refuse to find her dirty clothes; either she brought me her hamper or her clothes didn’t get washed. Then, I stopped folding it because she never put it away anyway. Now, she does it all about 80% of the time. I’ll do her laundry when I’m feeling nice.

    My 9 year old is the SAME way about her hair!! What is up with that??? I usually hide the mess with some barrettes.

    The dinner thing is a thorn in my side too. What’s for dinner tonight? Your guess is as good as mine. Sorry. :/

    Sheets? I change them when they won’t stay on the bed anymore. That’s about every 2 weeks or so. I can’t stand sleeping in a bed where the fitted sheet won’t stay on. As for when the kids can do it…I don’t remember when my 12 year old started making her own bed. My nine year old still won’t do it though.

    Great post. 😉

  3. What’s for dinner:
    -Grilled chicken with pico de gallo on top (just grill it, sprinkle a little chili powder on top if you’re adventurous)

    -Broiled vegetables: bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, yellow onion chopped up on a broiling pan. Squeeze most of 1 lemon over them, add some salt and pepper. Broil for 10 minutes, squeeze a bit more lemon over.

    -Whole wheat couscous: the stuff from Trader Joes is awesome. For extra flavor, add some of TJ’s roasted red pepper and tomato soup in with the water when you boil it, and stir some chopped cilantro in with the couscous.

    I don’t know if this will fly with the kids, but make it for yourself and your husband because it is delicious and pretty easy (almost nothing to do but chop a few veggies if you’ve got a George Foreman) and it is healthy and delicious.

  4. I meant to add that, if the kids won’t like it, go ahead and make it for yourself and order them a pizza.

  5. OMG, you have my life. I can’t get my 12-year-old boy to brush his hair (or his teeth, for that matter), and my daughter has just starting picking out her own clothes, which is a nightmare. I try to ignore it when she picks out the glaringly non-matching stuff, figuring I don’t want to stifle her, and this is not the battle I choose. And I hate cooking in the summer! Actually, I’m beginning to hate it year-round. I like to cook in the abstract, but I’m just so tired of figuring out meals for five disparate appetites–every night! Ack! Sorry, now I’m complaining. But you started it 🙂

  6. I’m the wrong person to ask what’s for dinner. I’m whipping up mac ‘n cheese (Annie’s!), going to my homeowner’s association meeting, and then going to play poker.

    And I don’t know when kids start doing their own laundry. I think I started when I was 8 or 9, but my mom is definitely not a good example. 😀

  7. i still don’t do my own laundry. i just buy new stuff. ha!

    as for dinner…we went out.

    as for sheet changing and blanket/comforter washing…every sunday.

  8. For quick dinners? I throw shredded cheese on a tortilla, microwave it for 30 seconds then roll it up with as much lettuce or spinach as I can. DONE. If I’m feeling special, I add some avocado… But something tells me the kids won’t like it.

    Good luck!

  9. This little recipe from a friend got me (and my husband) through law school:

    1 can rinsed black beans
    1 can kernel corn
    1 chopped green pepper

    Mix the first three ingredients in a bowl and microwave for 1-2 minutes. Spoon onto tortillas. Add cheese and salsa to taste.

    Good luck!

  10. I should add that the black beans and corn should be drained before microwaving. :o)

  11. I have a 4 year old girl and she changes her clothes all the time. I have never seen so much laundry! My 10 year old boy, is easier but he always has to be told to comb his hair, take a shower and brush his teeth. He absolutely will not do it without being told.

    I don’t think anyone will fault a parent for “egg beater bed head” if the child is over the age of 8. My feeling is that as long as they are not in school or going to church or a funeral, then if they want to look like mess pots then so be it.

    I have no idea why Loose Girls is getting so many hits but I clicked on it when you mentioned it. LOL.

    Sheets? Honestly? I wash or change out the pillow cases weekly but wash or change out the sheets once a month.. unless someone has been sick. After an illness I have to scrub down the entire house.

    Dinner? I just made roasted chicken breast with stuffing. When I want to mix something up, I make breakfast for dinner! Chocolate chip pancakes always work.

  12. I second, third, fourth the comments here! I have a 3 and 5 year old. I have to hide clothes or they will change in and out of stuff all day long! And then, just drop the old ones anywhere!

    I just started teaching them to remove their sheets and make their beds. So far, so good…but they are motivated by pennies for their banks. Whatever works, right? And right now they think it’s fun to put stuff into the washer. We’ll see how long that lasts.

    Here’s something my whole family loves that I make once a week.

    Greek Burgers

    One package of lean ground turkey
    One package of frozen spinach
    Grill or greek seasoning – about 1.5 tablespoons
    3/4 cup Feta Cheese crumbles
    1 teaspoon minced garlic
    Splash of olive oil
    Mix together into patties and grill in skillet with olive oil for 7-8 minutes on each side. Yum!

    Serve with pita bread, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and Tzatziki dip (or homemade dip – plain yogurt plus olive oil, oregano, dill and lemon juice to taste)

    Love this dish because it has meet and veg in one.

  13. Aww, Lisa, it sounds like you need some “me” time!
    Go somewhere sans kids and house stuff for a couple of days.

    Mom made me start washing my clothes the day I turned 13. She said that “teen means clean,” and she never touched any of my stuff again.

    Forget the hair. It’s a lose-lose situation.

    I live on salad and otter pops in the summer, so I’m not much help there, I’m afraid.

    Once a month for the sheets.

    Life gets pretty stupid sometimes, doesn’t it?

  14. I don’t have any children, but i can leave my comments based on my upbringing and my friends’ kids:

    1. One way my mother cured me from changing clothes too many times a day and putting them in the hamper was to inform me she would be teaching me to do it myself.

    2. When I was 9 (1973) I had long hair and hated brushing it. My mother also cured this by having it cut into a Pixie cut!!! Much to the shock and anger of my father!!

    3. I can’t explain the Loose Girl attention, just be glad for the traffic!

    4. What’s for dinner? Stir Fry always works for me. It’s quick and you can stir fry chicken, which all kids love (I think) and its not loaded with fat. AND its a good way to get kids to eat their veggies! I also love grilling!! Quick, easy, less clean up!

    5. Sheets? I wash them about every two weeks. As someone else mentioned, I, too can’t stand it when the fitted sheet comes loose! I change sets twice or three times a year for a different look.

    I loved this post! It shows me I’m not alone!

  15. I remember not brushing my hair when I was nine. I used to pick the knots out of my curls during class. (I have clear memories of doing that! gross!)

    We have two beds. I wash both sheet sets every Monday, but we live in a small apartment so our washer and dryer are very convenient! They are behind bifold doors in the hall and it feels effortless to wash 2 or 3 loads in one day because I don’t have any stairs to navigate. I love it. And my children basically do it for me because for some reason they love the “responsibility” of dumping in the scoop of laundry powder.

    I have a recipe page on my blog. I make a lot of Peruvian food. I bet your daughters would like lomo saltado (a beef and tomato dish) if they eat beef. I agree with the idea of quesadillas that several people mentioned. I grate cheddar cheese onto large flour tortillas (I love the brand “Nature’s Promise”) and warm them one at a time in a stainless steel skillet which makes the bottom lightly browned and crispy. Then I add shredded chicken and avocado and tomato and roll it up quickly while it is still soft and warm.

    Last night I watched the cooking show Emeril Green. It was a great show! The episode I saw was about a mother of two teenagers who needed some more variety and nutrition. The recipes are here under the title Teenage Troubles.

  16. What’s for dinner? Leftovers, I’ll be at work.

    I don’t know if you’d consider this easy, but it’s yummy and my daughter begs for it – grilled chicken with satay sauce. You can make the sauce ahead of time.(http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,,FOOD_9936_29796,00.html)

    I use way less olive oil and lemon juice than called for. maybe the juice of one lemon. Ina goes overboard in this recipe. Also, I just use chicken breasts.

    Anyway, I serve it with steamed broccoli and rice. Yum!

  17. Hi Lisa,
    I can answer one of the questions for you as I’m the author of Loose Girl! This Sunday I had essays in the NYT and Washington Post… One less thing to weight your brain. And thanks for the original review, by the way. All my best,
    P.S. I agree that you sound like you deserve some me time.

  18. Did you wake up in *my* house this morning?

    * laundry – my eldest (now 12) started doing her own when I showed her how, at about age 10. This “lesson” was the result of my frustration when she came looking for the shirt she wore yesteday and HAD to wear to school TODAY (many times we replayed this scene, until I taught her the secrets of the laundry room.) She doesn’t sort lights and darks, but does wash her ‘delicates’ separately. It’s a good deal for me. My 10-year old puts his away (after I wash, dry, sort and fold!), the other two … not so much; but sometimes they’ll “help” me fold it!

    * let her go out with her hair in a knot! I’d just smile at my friends and say “Suzie Q styled her own hair this morning” (the same way I would when at 3 and 4 they started dressing themselves.

    * Loose Girl? I don’t know… could they be looking for a different web site (like when I was first looking for the American Girl Dolls website — I got something very different from what I expected!!

    * dinner tonight is pesto/pasta/bread/salad. I belong to a CSA (community sustainable agriculture) program and pick up lots of fresh produce each week. I have tons of basil so I’ll make and freeze a bunch to enjoy in the fall/winter.

    Dinner last night was rice pilaf (from the Near East box mix), stir fry chicken with veggies from the farm – eggplant, summer squash, onions and pepper, all in the Soy Vey “Very Very Teriaki” sauce; green salad rounded it out. No, my kids don’t eat all these veggies, they generally pick them out, but I keep serving them!

    * I’m a bit rigid with my around-the-house schedule. with four kids, laundry gets done every day. Towels are Sunday, sheets are Tuesday. I love sliding into a newly made bed, but I hate making them! Having said that, I have to run upstairs and switch a load from washer to dryer 🙂

    Enjoy your random day!

  19. This was a hilarious post (and the comments were funny, too!).

    I don’t have children, but when my young nieces spend the night, they love to play in the bath…but they always ask if they have to wash their hair. Why is that such a big deal? (But, as fun aunt Jill, I get to say, heck no!)

  20. Hi guys, thanks for all the great comments! It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one with crazy children 🙂 I’m seriously going to think about training them early (or am I already late??) on laundry and sheets, and the battles over hair are over unless we are going somewhere nice, like a wedding. I’ll just have to learn to be ok with the ragamuffin look.

    Lisa, my daughter would love it if I cut off all her hair. I have threatened to shave her head and she says, “Go ahead!” She has such fine hair that tangles so easily, and a very sensitive scalp. She literally screams if I get near her with a brush in the morning. It hurts to brush it unless I wash and condition it (using a ton of conditioner) then use the detangler stuff and the rubber brush. But she will not ever do this on her own, and I don’t always have the time to do it for her.

    Thanks, too, for all the awesome recipes! I can’t wait to try some of these great ideas! We love stir-fry’s and salads around here. The Greek burgers might even fly with the girls! Fightingwindmills, I will definitely swing by to check out your ideas.

    Jen-Devourer of Books- if I tried to serve my children bell peppers, zucchini, and couscous, they would think I was trying to poison them! LOL Enjoy that gourmet fare as a newlywed, my friend!

    Tara, thanks for the link to the chicken satay sauce recipe. Yum!

    Kerry, thanks for clearing up the Loose Girl mystery! I knew there was a reason that review was so popular suddenly.

    Dawn, I do laundry daily too. The sheets however get neglected for long stretches- unless of course someone is sick. Really, I’ve got to train those kids to do it themselves!!

    Jill, every kid needs a fun aunt 🙂

  21. Love this! I can relate to it all! My nine year old looks like a rag-a-muffin (a word I use a lot) all the time. And sheets? When they start grossing me out. Dinner? Tonight we had Shepherd Pie (ground beef, tomatoes soup, a can of green beans topped with mashed potatoes and cheese baked in the oven for about 1/2 hour!)

    I think you should rant more often! 🙂

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