Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards: Time to VOTE!

My Friend Amy (she isn’t really my friend, although I do like her- that’s just the name of her blog) has posted the list of awards finalists for her Book Blogger Appreciaton Week.  Get ready to cast your votes over at Amy’s blog!

Thanks to all my fans!

Thanks to all my fans!

The list of nominees and categories is really long, so I won’t copy it here, but go visit Amy and check it out. I was quite shocked and thrilled to see my blog’s name on the list, in 2 different categories- Best Book Club Blog and Best Design (brag, brag, boast, boast!)  Sorry, I know that’s obnoxious, I’m just so excited!  I’m sure the other nominees will blow me right out of the water, but it’s an honor just to be nominated, right?  RIGHT?  Geez, I have to decide what to wear on the red carpet.  And get my roots done.  And go to the gym!  And my toenails need some work!  Maybe I can borrow some sexy shoes and some bling bling to go with my dress.  I wonder if there will be champagne and paparazzi..  yeah, a girl can dream, right?

Along with my own blog, Books on the Brain (Braggy McBragger), I’m also pleased to see several blogs that I’ve never had the pleasure to visit, along with so many of my bloggy friends and favorites.  I’ll be adding a few more blogs to my Google Reader, I’m sure.

Go see My Friend Amy and vote for your favorites [[subliminal message—>Books on the Brain is my favorite book blog]]!  The winners will be announced on September 18th.

7 Responses

  1. Judging by the picture, you’ve been on the red carpet before. ;-D

    Congratulations on the well-deserved nominations!

  2. Well, I do live in LA, LOL

    Thanks, Jill!

  3. You deserve the nomination and the award, girl! Loved the blog… I totally need my roots done… but, have hit the gym (3 days in a row, I might add). Have the shoes and the bling… can bring over champagne and celebrate when you win!


  4. Yea Lisa! I voted for you! Congrats! and practice the wave… ya know, elbow-elbow-hand-hand, a little behind you so that your hand doesn’t get in any photo shots in front of your face…

  5. Congratulations!!

  6. Congrats Lisa! All of this is really exciting!

  7. Congratulations Lisa! I voted for you, you deserve it. Im sorry i havent been able to visit your blog for awhile i was out of country!


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