Book Blogger Appreciation Week, Day One

Whew!  I’m getting this post in right under the wire!  Today (Monday) is the first day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week.  In an awesome display of organization and enthusiasm, My Friend Amy has put together this week of gratitude for all of us hardworking book bloggers.  Here is our assignment for Day One:

The gloom and doom news tries to tell us that reading is dead, we say look at our addiction. We transform reading books from solitary activities to shared conversations through our blogs. We carve out extra time to share book club tips, interview authors, and learn about the technical aspects of blogging. Our blogs are like a part-time job and the only payment is the pleasure we get when someone takes us up on a recommendation.

To get us started…write a post thanking or highlighting the book blogs you love to read!

This is so difficult for me, as I follow so many wonderful blogs, so I’m highlighting just a handful of blogs that weren’t listed in the voting for BBAW (many of my favorites were, but somehow these got robbed!!).  They are:

Jill at Fizzy Thoughts:  I love Jill, aka Softdrink.  She’s my twin, except way cooler and more laid back.  She writes straight-shooting book reviews, but she also loves to travel (check out her incredible flickr photos!), and her surfer dude significant other, Hamburger, occasionally gets a mention.

Julie at Booking Mama:  Ah, Julie.  I remember waaaay back in early 2008 when she was a little newbie blogger asking for my advice and thinking I was all wise (Ha!  I’d only been blogging a couple of months myself!)  Julie has created an amazing blog chock full of reviews, guest posts, author interviews, and more.  This girl is a reading machine, cranking out several reviews a week.  She doesn’t share much about her personal life but my guess is that she ignores her family in favor of reading!!  (And really, who doesn’t??) She’s always so nice and constantly giving stuff away.  And her blog is Pepto Bismol pink, but I don’t hold that against her!

Stephanie at Stephanie’s Written Word:  Stephanie is the reason I started blogging.  She’s incredibly kind and generous with her words and experiences, always helping others.  She writes fabulous book reviews, but that’s not why I love her blog.  I love reading about her family (she and her husband have two gorgeous girls, adopted from China), I love seeing her scrapbook pages (many of them have been published in magazines), and now I have an even more compelling reason to read her blog.  She lost her mom this summer to cancer, then two weeks later was diagnosed with breast cancer herself.  She is being so honest and courageous, inspiring others (myself included) to go get checked out.  I think she is so brave.

Dawn at She Is Too Fond of Books:  and it has addled her brain!  Dawn is doing some really fun stuff with her blog.  One new feature I really like is called SOBs- Spotlight on Bookstores, where bloggers tell about special bookstores they love.  She’s got guest posts, she’s got giveaways, she’s got book reviews-  She’s got it all!  And she’s also just a very cool person, someone I’d love to know IRL.

Who are your favorite, must-read bloggers who somehow didn’t make the final cut for BBAW?  

6 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! You’re one of the main reasons I started blogging. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible….. 🙂

  2. No, you are the brave one! I’m so glad that you scheduled your Mammo because of what you read on my blog and hope that I can encourage as many women as possible to be proactive about their health!

  3. YOU and TRISH are my faves! i was reading a depressing article in new york magazine last night about the death of the novel and publishing companies. i hope bloggers like you guys will help save the literary world!

  4. Mwah! I love you too! Except I think you’re cooler than me.

  5. I love these blogs, too!!

  6. Hey, thanks, Lisa! I haven’t done my BBAW “homework” this week (yet), as an infection hit me and I’ve been wiped out. Just scrolling thru my Reader this afternoon and read this post … made my day 🙂

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