Wordless Wednesday

Well- maybe not so wordless-

Is it just me, or does my kid have an unusually round head?  

Like a bowling ball? Or like Oprah?

12 Responses

  1. I think she is adorabel and I love her freckles! I havce freckles somewhere under my make-up.

  2. She has a zillion freckles! This is such a goofy picture of her, I love it. It’s a self portrait- she put her little camera on the ground with the timer on.

  3. Lisa, she’s beautiful.

    What a great photo. She looks very happy!

  4. Her head it not round. It’s a pefect oval and she’s a cutie. Love her freckles.

    BTW..Oprah head is large AND her hair does not help. Sorry..had to say it.

  5. It’s a cute picture!!

    I agree with Ti…it’s an oval. And it looks more oval like because her ears are flat against her head. I had Dumbo ears as a kid…so she’s very lucky.

  6. I think it’s just the angle of the camera. Her head’s not unusually round…just cute. lol


  7. She is completely adorable. Those freckles, that little nose – you just want to squish her. I do not think her head is too round. I swear this is true: when my son Alex was little his head was as round as a basketball, and the other kids called him “Round Head”. Now he’s all teenager-y and his head is stretching into a normal shape. I miss old Round Head.

  8. I gave you an award today. 😉

  9. Fun pic, she’s a cutie:)

  10. LOL! Hey, if someone stuck the camera right in front of your face so that your head looks humongous, it might appear to be abnormally round too!

  11. Robin, my nieces and nephews called my older daughter (not this one) the “big headed baby” for a couple years! She was bald until age 2, so that didn’t help! So, cheers to good old Round Head. I miss my big headed baby too.

    Jill, thank you 🙂

    Thanks for all the great comments on my little bowling ball.

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