Bloghopping Challenge

As I was trying to catch up on some favorite blogs, I ran into this post at Presenting Lenore, about a Bloghopping Challenge.  The idea is to visit 10 blogs you’ve never visited before and leave comments on posts that interest you.  This is a carryover from BBAW (one of the many things I never had time for, because there are only so many hours in a day, and I have kids and a house and work and responsibilities- oh, and books to read- lots ‘o books).  Click here for the full list of instructions. 

I don’t have time to do 10 today, so this will be a “Part 1” post.  I have been visiting tons of blogs lately that are new to me for my recruiting efforts to find tour hosts for TLC.  I’m coordinating a tour for Abigail Carter, author of The Alchemy of Loss, and checking out all different types of blogs. 

First, I’d like to talk about Abby’s blog, The Alchemy of Loss.  Abby lost her husband Arron in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.  Abby writes in such a clear, straightforward manner.  I really enjoy her posts, because they give me a lot to think about, and I love the fact that she’s discovered all of us “blog people”.  Her latest post, titled The Quick Rip, has her wondering about death, and which type is worse: “The quick “no goodbye” death, or the slow decline of one’s body? Is it like Band Aids? The quick rip, preferable to the slow pull?”  Read more here.  

Have you seen People Reading?  The author posts pictures of people reading all around San Francisco and then asks them a question about what they’re reading.  Garbage men, business women, soccer moms, college students, homeless people; everyone in the whole city seems to be reading!  It gives a unique portrait of the city and gives me hope that there really are tons of readers out there.  This blog really appeals to the voyeur in me, and since I’ve just purchased a brand new camera, it’s given me some ideas! 

Another really cool blog is Sassymonkey Reads (where she claims reading is better in bed- I’d agree).  She recently moved her blog and this is the new location.  She’s got tons of great reviews, and she’s also a contributing editor at BlogHer.  

Ok, blogging time has run out for me, and I only got through 3 blogs!  I’m coordinating the Scholastic Book Fair next month for my daughters’ school and I’ve got about a zillion copies to make and details to take care of.  Ah, the life of a chronic volunteer.  The important thing is for me to get it all done today so that tonight I can do something I’ve been waiting to do for 4 months- veg out in front of the tv and find out what’s going on with my friends at Dunder Mifflin on the 1 hour season premiere of my favorite show, The Office!  I heart Jim and Pam.  (“Kiss her, kiss her good.”)

To be continued…  

14 Responses

  1. The best part of BBAW for me was discovering some wonderful new to me blogs.

  2. Thanks for sharing those blogs. I love PeopleReading. That’s awesome! And I also can’t wait for The Office, but I’ll have to–we’re TiVo-ing it to watch with some friends tomorrow and have promised not to take a sneak peek.

    In other exciting news, I nominated you for an award here

  3. Lisa, this was a great post! I checked out not only People Reading in San Francisco, but People Reading in LA! I think we should have People Reading in the O.C.! I’m the beach gal… think I’ll hit up a few people on the sand. Great site!

    I, like you, LOVE LOVE LOVE The Office and cannot wait for tonight! Total The Office Junkie!

  4. Lisa,

    What a great idea to snap shots of people reading!

    Also wanted to stop by and let you know that I left ya some love on my blog!


  5. Lisa:

    Thank you so much for praising my blog. As you can tell, its a new venue for me and I am so gratified to know that I am making at least one person think 🙂

    Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new world.


  6. Hey! Scholastic Book Fair volunteers unite! 🙂 We just did what we call our “copy day” yesterday and copied over 2 reams of stuff. Sheesh. Our book fair is in a couple of weeks. And I have to do book talks this time, not my favorite thing because I really hate getting up in front of people, even if it’s just a bunch of kids. Oh, well.

    These blogs sound great. I’ll have to check them out!

  7. Great idea! The people reading site is so cool and satisfies my voyeristic side.

    I am not the coordinatior, but I’ll be working at our book sale.

  8. People Reading is so cool! Thanks for linking to it! I just finished watching The Office season premiere and LOVE the rest stop scene!

  9. sah-weet.
    did you catch Jim & Pam tonight?
    off to check out the blogs.

  10. I loved your Bloghopping Challenge (especially People Reading). Thanks for posting.

  11. Thanks for the lead on new-to-me blogs. I’d love to have you stop by mine (it’s pretty new):

  12. Glad you participated – I want to do it more often too. There are so many great blogs out there!

  13. Lisa, these are all new blogs to me.

    I love photography and San Francisco is my favorite city ever so I can’t wait to check out People Reading.

    I like the idea of doing this in phases … I might borrow it from you. I wonder if this is the same bloghopping challenge hosted by Alpha Heroes.

  14. Great idea! Also I loved the first episode of the Office! I’m an addict of that show too.

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