‘Cruise the Web in Style’ Prize Package for Car Lovers

Is your honey crazy for Corvettes?  Does your dad drive a Mustang?  Here’s a gift I bet you haven’t seen anywhere else for the car enthusiast on your holiday shopping list (or maybe you’d like to keep it for yourself)!

Road Mice, Inc. has come out with a wireless computer mouse that is so cool- it’ll have you humming Mustang Sally or Little Red Corvette at your desk.  The headlights even light up as you cruise the web!  They have several makes and models to choose from (check out their website for a 360 degree view of these little gadgets) but have offered either a Mustang or a Corvette to one lucky Books on the Brain reader.  To make it a little more ‘bookish’, I’m adding one of the following books: The Complete Book of Mustang- Every Model Since 1964 1/2 or Corvette Masterpieces to go along with it!  

Leave a comment by Oct. 28th with a car related memory- maybe something about your first car, or your first time behind the wheel, or a Friday night at a drive in movie, or a road trip during college!  Or tell us about something you’ve seen someone do while driving that maybe they shouldn’t have been doing (putting on makeup, or ???)  Let us know if you’d prefer the Mustang prize package or the Corvette prize package.  We’ll let the boys from Road Mice pick the winner.  Good luck!


7 Responses

  1. One time when I was driving through Atlanta on I-85, I got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that was almost at a stand still. I glance over at the car next to me and the guy driving it had a giant bird sitting on his shoulder!

  2. Hmm. Last year, my boyfriend and I took a roadtrip. His parents had rented a beach house in Dolphin Island, and we were going to go down for the weekend. We were looking at nearly a 7 hour drive.

    We didn’t even make it out of Louisiana before something went terribly wrong in his truck. Next to one of the most southern towns possible, one of the wheel bearings went out. Oh boy. We were able to idle down to the exit, and stop at the only gas station in town (which was closed.) We spent the night in his Chevy pickup with a big stinky dog in the backseat who was getting very impatient sitting still in the cramped backseat (all of our bags were back there with her.)

    The town came to life at about 6:30, and the gas station/restaurant opened up. It took nearly 4 hours to get a tow truck from town (which was across the street from the gas station) to bring us to the nearest mechanic, and another 3 hours for that mechanic to fix our wheel bearing.

    But finally we were on our way again, and from there, it was nothing but smooth sailing.

  3. Years ago, I was driving to work on the 170 freeway and it was Halloween. It was bumper to bumper traffic so it was stop and go all the way. Something caught my attention so I turned around. Four guys dressed up as Crash Dummies kept doing the whole “crash” scenario every time they had to break. It was hilarious but sick at the same time. Then on cue, they all turned towards me and waved. Totally freaked me out!

    This mouse would make a great gift for my son! He likes Mustangs!

  4. When I was in High School, I just wanted to grad. and had no personal plans for going to college….well my parents had other plans. To make them happy, I told them that I would go to college so once I grad., I could get a job that would pay me enough so that I could get a corvette. Well I have long since grad and am still waiting to get myself a corvette!
    So if I win, I pick the Corvette!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  5. the first time i drove a car-officially drove it with my license-there was a cop car next to me and it’s lights were flashing, i wondered why then i noticed that i had been driving at 25 mph on a 35mph zone-something like that anyway, i sped up but the cop car still had it’s lights flashing at me. i was scared of moving off to the side of the road to stop so i was planning on turning on a street nearby, and as i turned the corner (oh it was soo horrible!) i kind of sort of accidentally crashed into a stop sign there it was soo horrible and right in front of the cop! i thought for sure he was going to give me a ticket but the guy was nice enough to blame himself (:)) and he didn’t give me a ticket thank goodness! i had gotten soo scared though and i wrecked my dad’s car which he made me pay for 😦 but at least i didn’t have to pay for a ticket too 😀

  6. My husband is a car fanatic. He has owned at least 13 cars in the 21 years he has been able to drive (and only ever had 2 cars at one time). He switches cars nearly every two years or less and it is always something different. Really, it drives me crazy but that’s just who he is. The computer mouse pack has his name written all over it. He’d love the Mustang for his office, I’m sure!



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