Hachette Book Group Giveaway: Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips

godsSummary: Being a Greek god is not all it once was. Yes, the twelve gods of Olympus are alive and well in the twenty-first century, but they are crammed together in a London townhouse-and none too happy about it. And they’ve had to get day jobs: Artemis as a dog-walker, Apollo as a TV psychic, Aphrodite as a phone sex operator, Dionysus as a DJ.

Even more disturbingly, their powers are waning, and even turning mortals into trees–a favorite pastime of Apollo’s–is sapping their vital reserves of strength.

Soon, what begins as a minor squabble between Aphrodite and Apollo escalates into an epic battle of wills. Two perplexed humans, Alice and Neil, who are caught in the crossfire, must fear not only for their own lives, but for the survival of humankind. Nothing less than a true act of heroism is needed-but can these two decidedly ordinary people replicate the feats of the mythical heroes and save the world? — Back Bay Books

What a unique premise for a book.  I can honestly say I’ve never read anything even remotely like THAT before.  It sounds a little bizarro to me- definitely different!  Thanks to Valerie Russo from Hachette Book Group USA, I have up to five copies of GODS BEHAVING BADLY by Marie Phillips to give away here at Books on the Brain.  Not sure if you’re interested?  I was sold on it by watching the author talking about her book on this youtube video.. check it out:

I’ve been authorized by Hachette to give one copy away for every 15 entries I receive (up to five copies.)  All you have to do is leave a comment telling me why you want to win a copy of this book.  Have you always been interested in Greek Gods, do you enjoy wacky, funny books, or do you just find that cover oddly stimulating??  Tell me!

Gods Behaving Badly will be released by Back Bay Books on December 9th.  At 320 pages, it sounds like a quick read and a fun romantic comedy of sorts.  Click HERE for discussion questions and more info on the book and author. 

For a chance to win, leave a comment by November 29th.  Winners announced November 30th.  So sorry, this contest is open to U.S. mailing addresses only — no P.O. boxes.  Good Luck!

61 Responses

  1. The “Gods Behaving Badly” looks like a great read; I love the premise and having lived in London for a couple of years, it’s even more appealing.

    Very interested in winning this one!

  2. Looks like a wild-ride through pre-Herodotus history and a great read

  3. The book sounds like a romp. And I love the cover. A quirky book would be perfect to read during the holiday season.

  4. chartroose sure does like some good satire! Enter me please.

  5. I would love to win, I have always liked mythology.

  6. I went through a phase of devouring anything to do with Greek mythology, but I think I’d just like a really fun book to read – and this sounds like it!

  7. I’m in the mood for something whacky. Plus I like the cover art. 🙂

  8. I like a man in boxers (or not)! Yes, I’ve been eyeing this book all over the blogosphere, please enter my name in the giveaway!

  9. Me! Me here. I’d like one, please.

  10. I read something about this book elsewhere and thought it sounded intriguing, and I have had a long-standing on-and-off interest in Greek mythology – so please sign me up! Thanks, Lisa!

  11. I’ve been trying to win this book all over the blog planet. Please sign me up. 🙂

  12. I think this book might be laugh out loud funny. And that’s the kind of book I’ve been looking for.

  13. I’m definitely interested in a “off-beat” book and this one sounds more than a little wacky yet fun. If I win, I might have to do a Greek mythology refrehser before reading it.

  14. I am interested in this book because I like stories about historical figures placed in a unique context.

  15. I borrowed this from the library and was so bummed that I had to return it before I had a chance to start reading it … would love to win my very own copy.

  16. I have read two or three books where the Greek (and once Norse) gods are incorporated into a contemporary story and I LOVED them (always have been fascinated with mythology)- which is the main reason I want to read this so bad lol. Please enter me!

  17. You had me at “phone sex operator”

    Enter me.

  18. I’d love to win a copy–I remember hearing about this book when it first came out in Britain, and was intrigued then. Plus I wouldn’t mind a quirky way to revisit the Greek myths!

  19. This sounds like a fun book to read, and share with a granddaughter who is very much into mythology. I’d love to win a copy.

  20. Sounds like a real fun read, and very interesting. Pease enter me. Thanks.

  21. No need to enter me, Lisa. I’m just dropping in to let you know I posted this over at Win a Book; let’s get you all 60 entries so you can give away all five copies!

    (Who, me? Competitive? Nah.)

  22. Ok fine. I will enter ONE MORE TIME!

  23. I’ve always liked greek mythology – but really it was listening to the u tube clip that had me sold. It sounds a very funny book. I’ve read a few sad books recently – it would be good to have a laugh!

  24. I would love to win! Please enter me 🙂

  25. The title reminded me of a funny funky movie I once saw…. The God’s Must be Crazy… this promises to be a fun read from the sound of the title… enter me too!

  26. This sounds hysterical. After all the studying of Greek and Roman mythology in high school and the seriousness of it -it’s great to see someone do a lighter take on it.

  27. Oh, give me funny any day! Please enter me-thanks!

  28. It sounds hilarious! I’d love to win a copy.

  29. I’ve always enjoyed stories about Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. I especially like the modern twist this author gives. I’d love to get my hands on a copy. I could do a review for you.

  30. Sounds like a fun twist!

  31. the premise is very intriguing.

  32. I was completely sold at: Apollo is a TV psychic. I’m just dying to see where that goes. What a fun premise!

  33. I used to love reading about Greek gods as a kid. This book sounds like a trip!

  34. It definitely sounds interesting! I would love to read it!

  35. Gods acting badly count me in. I like the idea of Mortals as character..

  36. Being a Greek god is not all it once was-sounds fun!

  37. What an interesting concept – kind of reminds me of Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Thanks for the giveaway!

    nnjmom at yahoo dot com

  38. That sounds like a laugh out loud book! I used to have a parakeet named Apollo… I could see him being a TV Psychic! (Yes he did talk)

  39. I like “old gods stuck in modern world” as a theme, so definitely count me in. Thanks!

  40. My partner and I are both fans of Greek Mythology and your description sounds like an entertaining departure from the more “serious” tones stories of Greek Mythology typically take. I already can visualize their disdain over having to take such “pedestrian” work to get by…. all of them crammed inside of a small London flat with their powers – one can only imagine the hilarity that will ensue.

    My better-half has been to London several times, I have not. I would welcome the opportunity to “visit” there through the eyes of a bunch of pissed-off Greek Gods.


  41. Ooh! This has been on my TBR list for ages…please enter me!

  42. This book has been in my wishlist for a while, it seems like a great fun read. I would love to win it, I hope I do.

  43. I’m most interested! Thank you.

  44. Sounds very Cole Porter. Please count me in.

    I’m posting a link on my blog too.

  45. Please enter me. I have heard so much about this book I cant wait to read it.

  46. I would love to win a copy of this! It was one of our suggested to-read books at book club last month.

  47. I read a review of this in the SF Chronicle several weeks ago. The updated take on Greek Mythology sounds like a fun read.

  48. I’ve always loved Greek myths, and this sounds like a super fun take on them. I kinda wish I’d thought of the idea first, actually! =)

  49. I’d love to win a copy of this book! I just love Greek Mythology!!!

  50. It sounds quite quirky and I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  51. Please enter me in the contest!

  52. I can really see myself getting very involved in this!

  53. Looks interesting and new- love the mythology aspects too 🙂 It’d be cool to win a copy

  54. I had read about Gods Behaving Badly on another Blog. I thought it would be a great read. I have always loved reading about Greek Mythology and this new take on all these temperamental Gods under one roof must be hysterical and scary at the same time. Please sign me up and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  55. I’d love to read this book. I love funny out-of-the-ordinary books. Please enter me. Thanks.

  56. sounds like the new tv show VALENTINE. Should be very interesting

  57. I’m always interested in classic stories placed in an updated setting, whether it’s fairy tales, myths, or legends. I’ve heard great things about this book, so I’d love to be entered in your giveaway!

  58. I would love to win a copy of gods behaving badly!!!

  59. I would love to wina a copy of Gods Behaving Badly! Sounds right up my alley!

  60. I’d love to enter this please. Have wanted to read this for ages.

  61. funny ! i actually read your blog on a daily basis . always

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