Sunday Salon- at night

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Ok, I do realize that one should never drink and blog, but here I am, post-book club meeting, a tiny tad buzzed with no one in the house.  It seems like a good time to type up a Sunday Salon post.

Tonight our club discussed Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishi-something-or-other (my review can be found here).  The reviews were mixed but the discussion was terrific.  One thing I so enjoy about being in a book club (aside from the tremendous food!) is hearing other points of view about a book you thought you knew and were smart enough to understand- HA!  One club member brought something up that I never thought of and I’m so glad she made the point because I totally missed it.  The book is essentially about cloning and about a ‘school’ that treated one group of clones humanely- something like students but still less than human.  The point that I missed was how throughout history, groups of people were dehumanized as an attempt to justify the poor treatment they received- she cited slavery, the Holocaust, etc.  Seems obvious but I didn’t see it.  I viewed the book as a much more straightforward commentary on modern medical practices and politics and missed the bigger picture.  I have such a better appreciation of the book now.

I haven’t done much reading this week.  I’ve been dealing with some weighty family issues and that’s taken up a lot of my energy.  Plus the holidays are looming, and in my family I am the Christmas Holiday Organizer (aka the Christmas HO), which includes everything from decorating, planning, shopping, cleaning, baking, tree trimming, sending cards, etc. etc.  Ah, the responsibilities of a HO in December are endless.  I’m sure all you other HOs understand.

I did read about half of Chez Moi by Agnes Desarthe and am enjoying it.  It’s a short book and I’d love to sit and just polish it off, but I haven’t been able to devote a good chunk of time to it.  Maybe this coming week.  I’m not sure what I’ll read after that, but don’t worry about me- I have a huge stack of books to choose from.

What are you reading this week?

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  1. Oh… my little buzzed girl….. drinking and blogging ARE a good mix!

    Hee Hee.

    My prayers are continued!


    Your Friend,

  2. I’m the Christmas HO around here, too, and it’s exhausting.

  3. Tipsy-blogging can be dangerous….. but very entertaining!

    I KNEW you would have a great discussion for NLG! We did, too. That IS an interesting point. So many nuances to theme, huh?

    I’m reading <em?there’s a (slight) chance I might be going to hell by Laurie Notaro. It includes a theme of how hard it is to make friends in a small town and one part is about joining a book club! I thought of you…

  4. oops – my attempts to italicize failed…

  5. I never thought of that larger picture in Never Let Me Go, either. I just took it as being about medical practices, ethics and cloning. Now I have to rethink it in a new light. Thanks for sharing that.

  6. I always knew you were a Christmas HO. I’m one too! Welcome to the club!

    I have pared back quite a bit this year. I have ordered food in and bought really good cookies at the bakery instead of baking them myself. This has saved me a load of time and no one really minds. I may break out the cookie sheet to bake Santa some REAL cookies but one never knows what mood I will be in when the time comes.

    I’ve found that as the years pass, my time is more valuable so if someone can do it better than me, then so be it.

  7. I have to tell you.. which I forgot to do in my other post but I once had a Christmas pin that I bought from a craft show. It was a beautiful pin, handpainted and it said Ho Ho Ho! However, the one HO was large and the others were little so all my friends saw from across the room was HO. No one told me this though and they continued to laugh at me until the event was over.

    That is one pin that got re-gifted this year. Ssssh. Don’t tell!

  8. I’d love to try drinking and blogging, but I don’t drink. Makes it kind of difficult.

    Never Let Me Go is the first Ishiguro I’ve been unable to finish. I’ll give it another try, someday. Could have been because the library due date was looming and I felt the pressure.

  9. I loved Never Let Me Go – I think it’d be a perfect book club choice!

  10. I’m really impressed that you were able to write something that good and coherent while tipsy. You go, Girl!

    I have “Never Let Me Go” on my shelf, but haven’t read it. My fantasy is that when my new Kindle gets here (in March!) I’ll catch up on my reading.

    I’m reading a romance/fantasy series (not a bodice ripper) by Juliet Marillier. She’s terrific.

  11. I’ll email in any frame of mind, but I’ve yet to post after a night out.

    I’m a Christmas HO, too! In fact, I’m the HO for every occassion around here … a HO for all seasons!

    I hope your family issues can take a break and that you enjoy yourself.

  12. Book discussion groups are definitely worth the effort. Merry Christmas

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  15. Christmas HO. I love that! I am not the HO in my family but I do know quite a few!!!! I will be sure to share their new name with them! LOL

    Hope all the weighty family issues are going okay! Hugs!

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