The Removal of Christmas

Would someone out there like to come over and get rid of Christmas for me?  The tree and all the decorations need to be taken down and put away, and the cookies need to be tossed.  It seems my husband and I have grown increasingly lazy over the last two weeks and lack all motivation (the cookies may have something to do with that).

And while you’re at it, could I get you to take the lights off the house too?  I warned my husband that “what goes up, must come down” (and be stored somewhere) but he didn’t heed the warning.  He put SOOOOO many lights and inflatables in the yard and on the house.  Our street looked like the Vegas strip, as there was an unspoken competition between my husband and two of the other ‘manly men’ on the street over which house had the biggest and best decorations.  Men.

 The neighbors took down their decorations yesterday but our house is still quite festive looking-even though we are painfully aware that IT’S OVER.  

When do you get rid of Christmas and all the trimmings?

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  1. Sadly, we are doing the same thing at my house today. I just took down most of the ornaments on the tree except for the ones that I can’t reach. I think we’re taking down the decorations outside today, which will suck as well.

    I feel your pain.

  2. I’ve lived in the South most of my life and it’s a Southern tradition that the tree has to be down before New Year’s. I think it’s a hold over from when the tree became a fire hazard. I stick with it because it’s a good motivation to get it down.

  3. Christmas isn’t over until the kids go back to school, don’t ya know!

  4. This weekend is a good time to do it. My husband says you have to wait until Three Kings Day, which I guess is around the 6th of January.

  5. if you don’t decorate…you don’t have to undecorate. i figured that out when i bought my own house 8 years ago. i just stick up a small, tabletop tree with popcorn and cinnamon ornaments, and go to my mom’s when i need my fill of a christmasy house.

    ahhahah. 🙂 (i’m so bad, i know.)

  6. I got rid of those evil cookies last week. Tonight we need to get the lighted garland and wreath off the front porch. We rarley put up a tree, so it makes the take down so much easier.

  7. All indoor xmas decor and the big inflatable Santa outside are down, but it’s been too cold (-25 and worse) up here for the lights to come down. We don’t overdo it with outside lights. Just trim the eaves.

  8. I took half of the stuff down a few days ago and the rest came down today. I have to have it down before going back to work or it will never come down.

  9. we are suffering from the same “cookie malaise.” Also, we are justifying with Little Christmas, when the 3 kings arrive, which I think is Jan 6. So, if you have to leave the lights up ’til then, it’s with good reason.

  10. I only do the tree. A small live tree. He was undecorated and home to my mom’s house by the Sunday folowing Christmas. It would have been sooner, but we didn’t celebrate Christmas with my family until Saturday, so there were still presents under the tree.

  11. Today was supposed to be our “Christmas Removal Day” but alas, it’s turned into an extremely lazy Sunday. It’s 5:06pm as I type this and I am still in my PJ’s, just woke up from a nap, have been reading off and on all day and have played Wii Sports with Hubby. Our deadline is this Wednesday by bedtime to get everything put away because the house cleaners are doming on Thursday.
    Good luck Lisa!!

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