Sudden Popularity of an Old Post

I need help solving a mystery.  Why have I had 1300 hits in the last month, more than 3oo of which came this week alone (and it’s only Tuesday!), on a review I wrote back in August?  Wait- it’s not even a review- it’s a book club “wrap up” post for Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.  It was a good book and all, but why the sudden interest?  I don’t get it!  If you came here specifically for this post, can you tell me how you found it, and why you went looking for it?  Thank you!!

14 Responses

  1. If I google Loving Frank by Nancy Horan it goes NY Times, NY Times, Amazon and then you! Number 3 on the list!

    Do you use Google Analytics or some type of tracking software? You would be able to figure it out easily with Analytics – what website they were coming in from, if from search engine, what keywords, etc.

    I remember when Oprah reran the episode with Elizabeth Gilbert on Eat Pray Love my stats went through the roof. It’s always fun.

  2. You have at least Statcounter right? Check on the came from tab.

  3. I’m not sure but Literate Housewife is hosting an online Facebook Book Club for Loving Frank this month. One of which that I plan to participate in myself. Maybe she mentioned it on Facebook? Although, I haven’t seen it myself.

  4. who cares why… just enjoy it!

  5. Natasha, no I don’t use Google Analytics.. I don’t even know what that is, but trust me, I plan to find out!

    Amy, I don’t know what Statcounter is either. I have Sitemeter but it doesn’t tell me where people are coming from.

    Ti.. I somehow missed that! I just went on FB and sent Jen a friend request and joined the FB Book Club group. Fun!

    Sheri- I agree, but wouldn’t it be nice to know where traffic comes from, so that you can concentrate your efforts there? I just checked and that 5 month old post had 182 hits so far today.. why? WHY?

  6. You will LOVE Google Analytics!! I’ve had similar things happen when, for example, Edgar Sawtelle was chosen as Oprah’s pick and I had already written a review…

  7. wow! 182 just today? I’m so curious!

  8. Google Analytics gets down to the very nitty gritty. It tells you EVERYTHING! Unfortunately, uses a really, really watered down version of Google Analytics so you can’t use it. Sorry. But it is awesome.

  9. Natasha- Boo Hiss I’m so bummed! It’s like that with sitemeter too. They have a feature that shows where people are coming from but it doesn’t work on wordpress, grrrr.

    Kristen, yes that happened to me with Eat, Pray, Love. Fun!

    Care- tell me about it!! I’m so curious! I’m guessing there’s a link somewhere, but I looked at the publisher site and don’t see one. I don’t know where else would drive that much traffic over to the one post. Weird, I tell you!

  10. OK, this is encouraging me to gripe just a bit about WP… Before the latest dashbd change, it used to tell you of incoming links that were truly intentional links and now it’s all blogs/whatevers that you are blogrolled or even commented once and not just the “hey, everyone, go visit Lisa” links. The new way is nice but you can get the same thing from the right setup in GoogleReader. Good luck and maybe you will attract some new bleaders and they will tell you why they’re here. (I’m here because I’m a long time fan, in case you were wondering.)

  11. Care- I KNOW!! Don’t you HATE that?? I can’t imagine why they did that. I almost never find it when someone has mentioned me unless there’s a pingback on a specific post that comes through in the comments. I hate the new dashboard- for me it’s much more difficult to maneuver.

  12. WordPress switched over from Technorati incoming links to Google. Have you looked at Technorati?

  13. Not certain if this is the reason (and I see you are currently at #1 on Google), but both Target & Borders picked this as a book club selection…. maybe people are searching around before they buy???

  14. Tasses, now that makes sense. I bet that’s it. The craziness continues.. it’s now my highest ranking post with more than 5000 hits. The next highest post has a mere 3200 hits but is 6 months older.

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