Deeeeeeeeez are a Few of my Favorite Things

Trish had a fun post the other day about 10 things she loved that started with the letter O. It’s a meme and to play along, I had to leave a comment and wait for Trish to bestow me with my very own letter. She bestowed me with the letter D. At first I thought, could she have picked a harder letter?? Then I thought, yeah, I guess she could have given me X or Q or U and I’d be stuck talking about x-rays or Quantum Leap or underwear. So Trish, thanks for D. It’s not so bad.

Now I get to bestow others. I’m liking the word bestow.. it makes me feel royal and powerful. Bestow, bestow, bestow. Would you like me to bestow a letter on you, my dear? If so, leave a comment and I’ll bestow you with one (Oh, crap! My tiara just fell off!)

guy-fieri_med1. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

I love this Food Network show and it’s host, Guy Fieri! He’s a blast! He’s a dude who loves good, real food and isn’t worried about calories and presentation so much as taste. Guy was the 2007 winner of The Next Food Network Star (kind of a foodie American Idol).

images-32. David Cook

Speaking of American Idol, I love last year’s winner, David Cook! I find his voice so raw and sexy- there, I said it! And I’m old enough to be his, er, um, older sister! Or aunt! (Yeah, that’s it!) Click HERE to watch his latest video for Light On, a song I’ve been enjoying a lot lately on my iPod (the embed feature is disabled or I’d show it here).

3. Diet Coke

I’ve been on and off the wagon many times over the years, but this magical elixir is what gets me moving in the morning and keeps me going all day. How many do I drink each day? Roughly a 6 pack. I know- it’s bad. I have read all the emails about how you can clean toilets with it and remove rust and etc. and yet, I still partake. My insides are probably all rotted- or perhaps iron-clad.


This word has inserted itself into my everyday conversation. I blame her. And her. I realized it was bad when I caught myself oooing and ahhhing over a baby at my daughters’ school and found myself saying to his mother, “Aw, dude, he is so cute!” Last night I said to my daughter, “Dude, I can’t take anymore whining. Just finish your homework” and my daughter said, “Dude?” Ok, perhaps it’s time to remove this too-hip word from the vocabulary of my non-hip self. But dude, have you seen this T Mobile commercial? I love it.

images-15. Dunder Mifflin

I’m a HUGE fan of The Office!! HUGE! My husband is from Scranton, PA and we spend 3 weeks there every summer, so we chuckle over local references. But I watch because the writing is brilliant, and I find it hysterical. I have friends who don’t get it, but to them I say- Dude, don’t call me on Thursday nights! I completely clear my schedule to get my JimandPam fix!

6. Dawn

I like dawn- as in morning’s first light. It’s dark when I get up and I love to watch the sunrise. I do it almost every day from an east-facing upstairs window. It’s peaceful to spend that time alone before the rest of the family starts moving around. It calms me and makes me happy. I also like Dawn– as in awesome, well known book blogger.

Jasmine meets PorkChop the guineau pig

Jasmine meets PorkChop the guineau pig

7. Dogs

Ok, truth be told, I don’t love ALL dogs, but I do love MY dog. Jasmine is a sweet, loving golden retriever who sheds like crazy but wants nothing more out of life than to be near me. What’s not to love? Oh, and Sheri? I respect the leash laws!

8. Denim

I’m a girl who loves her jeans and can be found in them just about every day. They are so versatile. I wear them everywhere, and why not? You can dress them up or down. I’ve got my skinny jeans, my fat jeans, my baggy jeans, my dressy jeans. I’ve got jeans with a dark wash and jeans that are super faded. I’ve worn them all my life and will always and forever be on the search for the perfect pair.

9. Dark Chocolate

I have a bowl of Dove dark chocolate hearts sitting nearby, but not too close. I actually have to cross the room to get to them, otherwise they would be way too dangerous. I’d eat them all! I love all those studies that say dark chocolate is good for you. I’m sure they mean in very small doses, right? Not 10 or 12 pieces at a time?

images-210. Daisies

Of the Gerbera variety. They are my favorite.

17 Responses

  1. I’ll play. Hey… glad you’re with me on leash laws! No letter X!

  2. Your Jasmine sounds a lot like our Jack Russell Terrier. Trish gave me P – I’ll have mine up tomorrow.

  3. Two things I have to say..

    One is that David Cook rocks!

    The other is that I am almost convinced that my Diet Coke habit triggered my lupus and MS symptoms. I have one every 3 months or so now and after a year of meds, numerous tests and the like.. I feel as if I have gone into remission. My doc wanted to know what I changed. Diet Coke consumption. That’s it! I’m telling ya.

  4. That’s an awesome list. I wish I’d gotten D. 😦

    I think Dude is just the perfect word on so many occasions, though a few times Dave has said, “Did you just call me dude?” lol

    Gerbera daisies are my favorite, too!

    I love my jeans. One of the things I love is that they never appear to be dirty. Is there any clothing better than that?

    I love David Cook, too, though I’m also a big fan of David Archuletta. I think David A’s song, Crush, is lame, though. Light On by David C is awesome.

  5. I love dark chocolate as well..and daisies are my favorite flowers as well.. the simple white and yellow types.. i love them.:) I got an “A” for this meme and posted my list just today.. it is a fun meme!:)

  6. mmm dark chocolate…I totally agree! Dude is a word I just adore and probably overuse.

  7. I use Dude too much too. I love that commercial where the dad calls his daughter dude. I laugh every time.


  8. I love many of the same D things you love. David Cook, denim, dark chocolate, dude, and daisies, just to name a few of them.

    Okay, bestow away.

  9. Dude…I’ll let you call me dude. I tend to say it too much, too. And you’re more hip than I am…I don’t even recognize #1, 2 and 5!

  10. Yikes! I say “Dude” all the time… it just FITS so many occasions… like (to my Canadian husband) “who’s the head Dude of Canada”. Duh! Couldn’t I think of Prime Minister? DUH… there’s another “D” word…. hmmmm. I’m also a big fan of Guy Fieri – he’s the best Food Network star SO FAR. 🙂 I’d love to play along! Give me a letter!

  11. Delightful! I love the 3D show on FoodNetwork – we watch it all the time and consult it when we travel. I keep my dark choc Dove hearts in the freezer…

  12. My husband got me a Dunder Mifflin shirt for Christmas! If you like dark chocolate, try out Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bar with almonds–its heavenly!

  13. OK, Vanna, I’d like to buy a vowel! Or a consonant. Whatever. I’ll bite.

  14. Dude I love that word! And denim, and dogs and dark chocolate..well chocolate in general. I got the letter B from Sizzle Says…hopefully I’ll post it later today.

  15. Dude, this was totally awesome!

  16. I just published my “E” list at…This was LOTS of fun!

    Rachel Langston

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