8 Responses

  1. What cute photos.

  2. You need to get her a crimped curling iron! LOL.

  3. What a cutie! Who did the braiding?

  4. How cute! When I was little I used to sleep with my hair in braids just to get the crimped look in the morning.

  5. Thanks, guys! This child’s hair is STICK straight, not a bend or a wave. We braid it wet and then she sleeps with it. We spray it a little in the morning and it stays all day.

    I do the braiding!

  6. How long does it take you to braid it? I’m not sure I’d have the patience! Mine and my girl’s hair is also stick straight. We’ve talked about doing this but haven’t ever taken the time.

  7. Michele, it doesn’t that take that long. We watch tv while we’re doing it; makes the time go by quickly!

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