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cover150x229Matrimony by Josh Henkin is a much read, reviewed, and revered book around the blogosphere. Josh is a great guy and an author that really understands and appreciates the time and effort we book bloggers put into our blogs and our reviews. He is so supportive of bloggers and has done a great job of marketing his book online. He is generous with his time, offering author chats (by phone and in person) to book clubs all over the country. He loooooves getting feedback on his book and sitting in on discussions!

Josh wrote a wonderful guest post for me last year about book clubs that really struck a nerve, judging from the dozens of comments and incoming links to that post. Josh encourages reading groups to think outside the box and choose titles that are a little different. He noticed that book clubs were making selections from the same 10 or 12 titles and missing out on some really interesting stuff by sticking to the tried and true. Josh, I want to thank you for that guest post, and for always providing a link to this blog whenever you refer to it.. whether that is with Shelf Awareness, Book Club Girl, Reading Group Guides, or various other interviews you’ve done. I really appreciate that! For more on Josh’s thoughts on book clubs, check out this article titled Author, Your Group is Calling, from The Philadelphia Enquirer.

So.. Matrimony. Have you read it? It’s about 2 couples: Julian and Mia, and Carter and Pilar. It’s about love and life and birth and death and everything in between. It was a 2007 New York Times Notable Book. A Book Sense Highlight Pick of the Year. A Borders Original Voices Selection. It’s quite the celebrated book!

Josh is offering an inscribed, paperback copy of his book to one lucky commenter! Just leave a comment by Thursday, February 19th. And since we’re just a couple days away from Valentine’s Day, I’d like you to finish this sentence: “Love is … “

47 Responses

  1. Love is…
    My marriage. I have a wonderful husband who I adore & he worships me. He is my very best friend! I wish everyone could be this happy.

  2. Love is saying you’re sorry. A lot. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Giving this giveaway yet another try! I’ve entered TONS for this book!

    Love is…. wonderful AND painful at times.

  4. my family and my job. (I teach kindergarten!)

  5. Hi! I’ve posted this on Win A Book.

  6. love is…learning how to compromise and put someone else first. And it’s wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Love is… a new handbag and money in it to buy a book.

    Nice site.

  8. Love is… the most amazing emotion.

  9. Love is… staying with someone even when they annoy you to death.

  10. love is…my amazing friends and my sisters! and all my blogger friends.

  11. Love is a good thing! Please enter me! Thank you!

  12. Love is… complete acceptance.

  13. Love is… compromise and sharing in each other’s happiness and pain, constantly taking the good with the bad, and always knowing you have each other’s back.

  14. sounds wonderful thanks for the giveaway

  15. Love is reading to the grandchildren, furbabies sitting the window waiting for you to get home, husband bringing breakfast and coffee to you in bed, feeling loved without a single word being spoken.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  16. Love is ..tenderly caring for something or someone ❤ Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. “Love is blind.” — Merchant of Venice
    Thanks for the giveaway. This book looks great.

  18. Love is kind, caring and gentle.

  19. Would love to read this!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Love is the constant and joyful presence in my life of my children and grandchildren. Thanks for the chance to win this books. It sounds wonderful.

  21. I would love to read this.


  22. I love great reads…. Thank you for to contest….

  23. I like this statement by Elizabeth Browning-Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile

  24. In “Love Story” The saying was “Love means never having to say I’m sorry”. I don’t agree with that.

    Love is caring deeply for someone. That warm feeling you get when you look or think of that person.

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

  25. If it’s open internationally then I am in 😀

    Love is..when he kisses me while I am sneezing and is really sick, and he doesn’t mind

  26. Love is…a gift.

  27. Love is…
    indescribable in its truest form.

  28. […] help you out: here’s the link to her Matrimony giveaway. Go, give it another […]

  29. […] help you out: here’s the link to her Matrimony giveaway. Go, give it another […]

  30. Patient….and kind.
    I’ve been married almost 20 years…and I’m still learning that everyday!

  31. Love is… what makes the world go round.


  32. Love is accepting and supporting without judgement.

    Thank you for including me in the giveaway.

  33. Hello, I am also giving away a copy of this book. However, my contest closed with ZERO entries. Anyway, I am willing to extend and people can double their chances:

  34. Love is when you see the beautiful things in life and instantly think about that special someone.

  35. Hi, everyone. Joshua Henkin here, the author, saying hi and happy Valentine’s Day to you all, and a big thank you to Lisa for holding the giveaway. As always, if your book group would like to discuss MATRIMONY and would like me to participate in the discussion, please contact me through my website, and I’d be delighted to set something up with you. Good luck to all of you in the drawing, and if you’re not the lucky winner, I hope you’ll buy a copy of MATRIMONY anyway. You’ll help keep me off the streets!

  36. Love is. . .sharing everything with that special someone. I’ve also posted this on Win A Book.

  37. Love is understanding. Thanks – would love to read this! ~ 🙂

  38. Love is putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own.

    This book looks really good! Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Love is… making another person’s happiness the highest priority in your life.

    Sounds like a good read!

  40. Love is unconditional.

    Sounds like an excellent read !!

  41. wow there are so many great reviews about this book all over the web! would love to win it!!

    love is the best! =)

  42. I would like to be included in the contest.
    K manfredini AT Gmail DOT COM

    “Love is a many splendord thing.”

  43. Love is… always holding somebody in high regard, even when you’re not getting along with them.

  44. Love is found in laughter.
    I’ve been wanting to read Matrimony for a while now!

  45. I would love to read Matrimony!

    Love is…give and take.
    Love is…never saying “You owe me.”
    Love is…for better or for worse.
    Love is…accepting the person as they are.
    Love is…sharing the laughter and the tears.
    Love is…give and take.

  46. Lisa has asked me to pick the winner, so since this is Valentine’s Day week, after all, I let my wife pick it–I told her to choose a random number–so all flowers and notes of gratitude go to her. And the winner is: Rebecca of Lost in Books! Congratulations, Rebecca (let me know your snail mail address), and thanks to all of you for entering. And I hope a lot of you will get in touch about my talking to your book group. Have a great weekend.

  47. Love is… my four Chihuahuas.
    Please include me in your drawing.

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