Review: One True Theory of Love by Laura Fitzgerald

51svuaqeq5l_sl500_aa240_One True Theory of Love by Laura Fitzgerald is such a good book.  It would probably be classified as chick lit- which is defined by as “literature perceived to appeal to, or be marketed at, young women, typically concerning romantic dilemmas.”  So now I guess we need to define young, because I’m a mom in my forties and I loved it.  Can we call it women’s fiction, rather than the more condescending-sounding “chick lit”?  

The story is about second chances in life and in love.  Meg Clark is a spunky kindergarten teacher and single mom whose heart was trounced by her cheating ex, Jonathon, but who, almost 10 years later, is doing pretty well.  She and 9 year old son Henry are in a good place.  They are happy, and they are a package deal who, after meeting the handsome Ahmed in a coffee shop, announce “we don’t date.”  

But of course, that will change.   Meg wears her heart on her sleeve and soon lets down her guard and allows Ahmed into her life, much to Henry’s delight.  Ahmed is a great guy; kind, sexy, successful, great with kids and honest to a fault.  He’s very easygoing but cannot tolerate a lie in any form.  Ahmed’s trust issues stem from his relationship with his father.  When he rigidly refuses to understand a “lie of omission” (which to him is a deal-breaker) they break up.  Meg, advised by her father to withhold certain information from Ahmed, is stunned. 

The eternally optimistic Meg tends to see the best in others, causing some blind spots where her loved ones are concerned.  Her parents, separating after 35 years, are each looking for something better, a second chance.  Having always been daddy’s girl, she is critical of her mother and worships her dad.  However, after discovering that her dad has been having an affair with his secretary for many years, she feels shocked and betrayed, even though everyone knows except Meg, because she just refused to see the truth.  

images-1I enjoyed the romantic chemistry and banter between Ahmed and Meg.  Ahmed, an Iranian American, fielded some questions/comments about his background, but it was mostly a non-issue.  Author Fitzgerald is married to an Iranian American so maybe that’s why it all seemed perfectly natural.  There were no culture clashes, no latent racism.  That was an aspect of the book I respected and enjoyed. 

I really liked this book.  The characters and situations felt very real and were wholly likeable.  I would recommend this to all the chicks who like lit and to the more mature lovers of women’s fiction.  Whichever one you are, I predict you will like One True Theory of Love.  If you haven’t read Fitzgerald’s earlier book, Veil of Roses, you definitely should check that one out, too!

You can find out more about Laura Fitzgerald and her books at her website.  Here she tells how One True Theory of Love was actually inspired by a group of women at a book club discussion of Veil of Roses!  How cool is that??

14 Responses

  1. It does sound more like women’s fiction than chick-lit to me (in my mind there is a bit of a difference).

  2. Great description. This one I’ll have to read.

  3. Great review! You definitely made me interested. I view these types of books as grown-up chick lit or chick lit evolved. 😉

  4. I love your review! I’m a more mature woman lover of fiction.

  5. I think there is a big difference between chick-lit and women’s fiction and I do think this one falls into the latter category. Nice review. I had not heard of the book prior to this but it sounds pretty good.

  6. I like to read this genre whatever it’s called. I’m going to check it out. I like the idea of an interracial relationship that just seems normal. We’ve come a long way. Great review.

  7. Hmm…sounds like women’s fiction to me. But I do love chick-lit so I’m not knocking it.

    Looks good! I saw it in the store and wondered about it. 🙂

  8. Great review. I will have to look for this book.

  9. Hi! I just came across your blog today and have really enjoyed it! I’m now subscribing so I can keep up in Reader. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

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  13. It seems like a really good book. I’m going to tell my friend about it, she’ll love it!!!

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