Re-Tweet to win The Blue Notebook!

51rkxj2gqbl_sl500_aa240_Do you Twitter?  I’m sorta new to the whole thing.  At first I thought..  why?  But now I find it’s a really cool way to keep up with others in the book blogging community and to see what publishers are up to.  

On Twitter, you say what you’re doing in 140 characters or less, and that is called a Tweet.  I’ve learned that there’s also such a thing as a Re-Tweet, which is tweeting what someone else has tweeted.  See, sounds silly doesn’t it?  But you just have to trust me that it’s cool.  (Is the word ‘cool’ still cool??  Eh- it sux getting old!)

Random House and Books on the Brain are teaming up to give away two copies of The Blue Notebook (reviewed HERE), which I absolutely loved!  All you need to do is Follow Me on Twitter (click on the little birdie in the left sidebar and hit “Follow”).  Then, re-tweet the following  “I want THE BLUE NOTEBOOK! Read the review #giv2”   between 7 and 8 pm EST for a chance to win!  

If you’re not a Twitter-er but would still like a chance to win an advance reader copy of The Blue Notebook, leave a comment here.  I’ll pick a winner on Friday, April 3rd, at midnight.

31 Responses

  1. I’d like a shot at winning the book. Sounds intriguing, almost like the story follows that of one of the other Slumdog Millionaire kids.

  2. I am not a Twitterer, though your first paragraph might make me reconsider at some point. Please throw my name in the hat for this giveaway. PICK ME! Ooo, Pick Me!!!!!!

  3. I’m not on Twitter, but I’d still love a chance to win the book!

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  5. I did my tweet and now leaving a comment here – hope I win!!

  6. I did my tweet and was a loser so now I am trying my hand at winning here. LOL.

  7. Thanks for the second chance. I so want to read this book and didn’t get it from SA! You’re my only hope! 🙂

  8. Missed the timeframe.

  9. lisa, your review really wow-ed me–and i’m so interested in reading this book. it’s great that the profits are going to charity and the author sounds like an interesting person. it’s horrible that children are forced into lives like this…it’s almost unthinkable…this book may help tell the stories of these children…

  10. I’d looked at this on Library Thing and wasn’t sure about it until I read your review. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  11. did my tweet but didn’t win and really want this book

  12. Another loser trying the “old-fashioned way” of entering. 😀

  13. Count me in, please!

  14. The tweet wasn’t with me, so please enter me here.

  15. Sounds interesting. I’d love to be in on the book give away. Thanks for offering it up! 🙂

  16. I didn’t win via Twitter, so please enter me here as well – I really want to read this one!

  17. […] you entered and didn’t win.. I’m giving away a 2nd copy of The Blue Notebook.  Leave a comment HERE by Friday, April 3rd for a chance to […]

  18. […] you entered and didn’t win.. I’m giving away a 2nd copy of The Blue Notebook. Leave a comment HERE by Friday, April 3rd for a chance to […]

  19. Okay, I did a retweet of the tweet on twitter about wanting this book. And, I’m following you on twitter because I enjoy your reviews. Throw my name into the hat for a free copy of this book. Thanks!

  20. Thanks for this great giveaway. Sounds intriguing and unique.

  21. I would love to be entered in this drawing. I had a horrible childhood myself and wished I had written about my experiences then. It might of given me some consolance as an adult.

    Thanks for the opportunity! Indigo

  22. Thanks for the giveaway! I really want to read this one.

  23. I’d love to win this. I missed the Twitter contest.


  24. I’d love a chance to win a copy of this book, it sounds amazing. Even though the time frame for all the tweeting is up, I am going to tweet a link to this second contest and follow you on twitter as well. Thanks!

  25. I’m not a twitterer so I’ll have to take my chances here. I’d love to win a copy of this book– it looks fascinating.

  26. I would really like a chance to win this book. Please enter me.

  27. Me wants it! Maybe I’ll win because tomorrow’s my birthday. I’m going to be 28 years old ( =

  28. Just discovered this web-site. It’s great. I have a used book store and am always looking for new “tools” so to speak! I love ARCs. Something about them!

  29. Thanks for a Round 2! I’ve had my eye on this book . . .
    geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

  30. I don’t Twitter, but I would love the chance to win this book..its on my WL!

  31. Yes, a second chance!

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