Sunday Salon – 4/5/09

img_2438Good Morning!  I hope everyone is feeling refreshed and relaxed today!

We woke up to a whole lot of soggy toilet paper on our lawn this morning.  Even my car in the driveway was wrapped in TP.  This is the second night in a row.. paybacks, I suppose, for my kids’ antics of a couple of nights ago when they did the same thing to their friends.  They’re excited and are calling and texting their friends to see who did this.  No one is ‘fessing up.

img_2436We had a mid life-wake up call this week.  On Thursday, my husband, a big strong man who thinks he’s still in his 20s but is really twice that, had sudden chest pain.  He said it felt like a lightning bolt through his chest and into his back that lasted for 10-15 seconds, then after that what felt like a sore muscle in his back.  I was out doing my daily 4 mile walk with a friend when it happened, but when I came home he was standing there, pale and scared.  My first thought was ‘heart attack’.  I said- we better go to the hospital, and he said- I don’t have time!  I have too much to do! But I insisted, so off we went.  

At the hospital they took him immediately (now THAT was a first!), put him on oxygen, took all his vitals, drew blood, did an EKG.  They take chest pain very seriously.  Over the course of 6 hours in the ER he had 2 EKGs, a chest x-ray, 3 blood draws, and a stress test, and it was determined that he did not have a heart attack (whew!  dodged a bullet!).  They said the problem appears to be muscular-skeletal in nature- his heart and lungs are fine. I asked if it could be a muscle pull, because the day before he had been lifting and moving furniture into his new office.  I said to my husband (in front of the doctor), “Maybe you’re a little too old to be lifting heavy oak desks, what do you think?” and he just gave me a look, like- mind your bizness, woman.  

Seriously, though- he doesn’t get enough sleep, eats crappy food, doesn’t exercise, works long hours, and is constantly stressed.  That’s a recipe for disaster at his age. I do the best I can but I can’t force him to act like an adult and take care of himself. I hope this episode will be the catalyst for him to at least think about a healthier lifestyle.  I’m not sure, though, since he’s been working in San Diego all weekend.  I can’t monitor if he’s eating, sleeping, etc. when he’s not even here!  I do know that he and a couple of the guys went out for a big steak dinner at 8 pm last night, and I’m sure cocktails were included, so..  no major changes yet. Fingers crossed for next week.

So.. reading.  Let’s see.  I finished The Mechanics of Falling by Catherine Brady this week for an upcoming TLC tour stop.  It’s a top-notch short story collection.  Then I started Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.  I love her writing.  LOVE it.  I love being wrapped up in the little worlds her books create.  I can’t wait to see her at the LA Times Festival of Books.  She’s on a fiction panel on Saturday called Window on the World, along with authors Vanina Marsot, Muriel Barbery, and Jonathan Rabb.  

I’m also reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone aloud to my youngest.  This child drives me crazy..  her AR reading level is the 2nd highest in her fourth grade class, yet she insists on reading the Magic Treehouse series and Katie Kazoo books.. way beneath her level.  She doesn’t like to read- to her it is a big chore, so she goes for whatever is easy.  Her teacher requires 20 minutes of reading a day as part of their homework and she wants the students to get 50 AR points by the end of the year, but the books my daughter reads are one and two points each, so she’s not even close to her 50 points.  The Harry Potter books are 12 points each but she didn’t think she’d like them- she thought they’d be too hard (almost anything is going to be harder than what she’s been reading).  I’m reading the first one to her in the hopes that she’ll get hooked, and so far it seems to be working.  I overheard her very animatedly telling my mother about the mail delivery system with the owls in HP so I guess she’s becoming interested.  

OH!  I have winners to announce!  I almost forgot!  The second winner of The Blue Notebook is Zibilee from Raging Bibliomania– congratulations!  And the (long overdue) winner of Hope’s Boy is Ti of Book Chatter and Other Stuff- congratulations!   (Ti’s in Palm Springs this weekend so she’s probably a little too busy to care about winning a book.)

Well that’s it for me.  What are you reading this week?


27 Responses

  1. Oh, my…what a terrible scare! I’m so glad your husband wasn’t having cardiac problems. I can so relate to the mid-life maladies ~

    Reading? Unfortunately, I’m doing very little reading lately. Hoping that’ll change soon but, right now, exercise is my top priority whenever I have a free moment.

  2. I hope you enjoy your reading aloud to your daughter. Perhaps this will snag her into seeing she can try more difficult books.

  3. How scary about your husband! And you’re right – it is totally amazing that they took him immediately in the ER! I had a similar scare once with my husband, and I drove him there, and I had to fight to get him seen. They told me to use 911 (as if my husband would have gone along with that!) and then the paramedics will make sure you get priority. I’m glad it worked out okay for you!

  4. My children read well, but are too lazy to read – they think it takes too much effort. Your garden looks interesting – the kids obviously enjoyed it. I hope your husband slows down soon, I worry the same about mine. Enjoy your reading week.

  5. Looks like you have your work cut out for you in more ways than one. What a mess with the TP. However, the grid pattern is a more artistic style than what I see around here.

    As far as the hubby. I wish you luck. My husband goes in cycles where he tries to eat better, etc,, but he never seems to stick with it for long enough to make much of a difference. Luckily, we haven’t had an ER scare like you did, yet.

  6. That’s quite creative–the way the kids toilet papered the lawn. 🙂 Did you make the kids clean it all up?

    I am so glad that your husband didn’t have a heart attack. What a scare that must have been!

    I look forward to reading your review of The Mechanics of Falling, Lisa. I enjoyed the collection quite a bit. I am expecting Shanghai Girls in the mail soon. I can’t wait to read it. I saw Lisa See and her mother on a panel a couple of years ago at the festival and was really impressed. I keep meaning to pick up a book by her mother, Carolyn See but haven’t managed to do so yet.

    Congratulations to the winners of your giveaways!

    I hope you have a great week, Lisa.

  7. I’m sorry about the scare with your husband…but glad things are okay so far?

    I need to try finish Shanghai Girls before the Festival of Books!

    I’m so interested about your youngest’s reading. Maybe we can talk sometime! 🙂

    Enjoy your day, Lisa!

  8. Lisa,

    I’m so glad that it wasn’t serious. I’m sorry to hear about your scare. That’s awful!

    The TP’rs are very organized! I like their pattern! It’s actually quite funny… although it didn’t happen to me. I hope you had the girls clean it up!

    I just finished and reviewed Shanghai Girls. The review posts on Tuesday. I really enjoyed it!

    I’m taking the twins to Chinatown this week during spring break because I’m so into it after Lisa’s book.

    Thanks for the great Sunday Salon!


  9. Is the toilet paper easier to pick up after it’s had a chance to dry? Looks like a big mess to me.

    I’m glad to hear it was just a muscle pull. I had a similar trip to the ER that turned out to be acid reflux. I was a little embarrassed. I still think I’m much too young to suffer from acid reflux.

    I never give people child rearing advice, but I will say that as a teacher of reading, I absolutely hate AR. It just drives me nuts. But, maybe young Harry will work his magic.

    And, I’m reading Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte for the Classics Challenge this week.

  10. What a scare! My dh does foolish things like that as well; for some reason most men think they can do what they did in their 20’s and 30’s when they are 2x that age 🙂

    I have Shanghai Girls too; hope we both enjoy it.

  11. Oh man, what a week you’ve had. I’m glad it ended on a fun note (at least for your kids.)

  12. So very glad your husband is ok. I suspect many men need this wake up call.

    I’m really looking forward to Shanghai Girls. Lucky you, getting to go see Lisa See!

  13. Glad to hear your husband is ok. I’ve had to go to the ER twice with chest pains, but turned out that I was just having severe heart burn (which I now treat with Nexium).

  14. i love your new landscaping!!!! very modern. as for hubby…glad he’s okay and that it was a false alarm. hopefully this will jumpstart his desire to go with you on your walks. 🙂

  15. Boy! They TP’d your house good! Glad you remembered to take pics before cleaning it up.

    Your hubby is very lucky. I do hope that he at least tries to make some positive changes soon.

    I just got back from Palm Springs. Wonderful trip but I’m wiped out. So glad I won Hope’s Boy. That really made my day. I will send you my addy.

  16. I’m glad to hear that your hubby’s trouble wasn’t heart related – that would be incredibly scary!

    I have three boys who read very well, but still only read when they have to – they don’t pick up a book for pleasure or fun. Unlike my daughter, who is reading four or five at a time – like mother, like daughter I guess.

    I’m reading The Laws of Harmony by Judith R. Hendricks and Watchmen, the graphic novel.

  17. Good luck with the hubs. Mine is putting on some weight, but isn’t interested in my ideas on how to lose it.
    I’m so far behind on my reading. Tonight I need to read Moon Women by Pamela Duncan. I’m going to a luncheon tomorrow to hear her speak.

  18. It sounds like your daughter is enjoying having Harry read to her — that is great!

  19. Wow! That’s a lot of toilet paper! I am glad to hear that your husband is doing well and that the scare wasn’t a serious incident.

  20. As a way to notch up your daughter’s interest in reading, I highly recommend “A Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket. There are 13 books total and they are wonderful. My son and I read some of them together, some I read to him, some he read to himself. He was so sad when he finished the last one!

  21. Sorry to hear about your husband-I had a scare with my dad recently like that. It’s terrifying. I’m glad to hear he’s ok and hopefully he’ll make the changes he needs.

    Love the lawn decoration. NOT. lol.

  22. TP o boy…I’m sure you were thrilled…and the kids cleaned it up, right? I’m happy to hear that the hubby is not that ill, but he really needs to make some changes. I have the same problem with mine though, he stil thinks he’s in his teens and he’s in his 30s and needs to start taking care of his eating habits, etc. He had chest pain, but everything seemed fine when we went to the dr. office…and she said it may be acid reflux…so he’s supposed to keep an eye out for triggers, etc. Fun! Get him to pay attention to me for five seconds is a chore…never mind what’s triggering his pains.

  23. Good morning! Come by drey’s library and pick up an award… =)

  24. What a relief to get good news about your husband’s heart.

    My 9 year old hates to read. It’s so hard on me because it’s such a passion for me and to see it be a chore for him is rough. I’m happy when he reads for pleasure no matter what he’s reading. : )

  25. Men! He’ll prolly have to have a major scare before he changes his attitude about his health.

    Hey, I bought Snow Flower… the other day based on YOUR recommendation! It’s #6 on my TBR list.

  26. Scary. I hope he realises how important it is to look after himself soon 😦

  27. Wow lots of stuff going on at your house! (I’d have to make the kids clean up the toilet paper lol) Glad your hubby is okay. I have a suggestion that I really enjoy: Have you ever gotten an audio book and the book too and let it “read” to you? Mayebe your youngest would enjoy it (it also helps you learn how to pronounce certain things).

    Right now I’m doing that with Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (it’s a re-read for me).

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