Susan Boyle’s Dream


For those of you who have ever judged a book by it’s cover.. for those who’ve ever been surprised by a person who far exceeded your expectations based on nothing but what you saw on the outside.. I invite you to spend a couple of minutes watching this.  I wish I could embed it here, but embedding has been disabled.  Please go watch it.  It brought tears to my eyes and made me vow to be far less judgmental in the future.

Bravo, Susan.  

Now tell the truth.. were you expecting THAT?

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  1. I’ve seen this on a few other sites but didn’t feel compelled to click through until now. And wow oh wow oh wow! I’ve loved Les Miserables for a very long time, and that is my favorite song. I had tears streaming down my face when it was performed at the show I attended, and I’m sitting here with goosebumps and teary eyes now. And I don’t cry easily!

    Thanks for sharing this, Lisa, and yes, what a great lesson in not judging a book by its cover!

  2. That was amazing. I knew I had to expect something wonderful, but she completely blew my expectations out of the water. I still have goosebumps! I hope she wins. I want to vote for her. Thanks for that!

  3. We must be twins. I watched that video about an hour ago. Wasn’t expecting that kind of voice, but I hope she wins!

  4. BRAVO to her to remind everyone that beauty and youth aren’t a requirement for talent. Brought tears to my eyes and a good feeling to my soul. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, that was awesome. What a gorgeous performance- she is astounding!

  6. Wow, that really was amazing. I hope she’s getting to sing professionally now, if that’s what she wants. I’d love to see her achieve her dream!

  7. Isn’t it great??? I just loved the looks on the judges face and the audience getting to their feet. Gave me chills!

  8. Wasn’t she fabulous?! That isn’t an easy song to sing either. I think the look on Simon’s face was priceless. I’ve seen this several times and each time it still moves me.

  9. I just saw this over on FB! Good for her. I’m so glad she blew them all away!!

  10. Wow, thanks for sharing that inspirational video, Lisa. It brought tears to my eyes – too often we judge a person based on their outward appearance, when often the beauty dwells deep inside them. Thanks for the reminder to keep our minds open and expect the BEST from people, instead of the worst.

  11. I have listened to this numerous times – can’t seem to get enough! Fabulous voice!

  12. I have seen her face flashing on my news widget on my sidebar on my desktop. At first, I thought she was John Candy from the widget picture. Anyway, I was too engulfed in the commentary over at B&B that I hadn’t the time to watch the video yet. But, then I saw you posted it and jumped over. I couldn’t GET OUT OF MY CHAIR and was 3 minutes late picking up the twins.

    She was given an extraordinary gift and I praise GOD for giving her the very precious gift of what will surely be in a few days’ time, WORLD NEWSWORTHY!

    It sure reminded me of God’s love.

  13. I blogged about this, too, having heard about this on the radio this morning while driving to work. It’s simply incredible – all of it. What is most remarkable to me is the transformation in the audience.

    I am completely captivated by this story.

  14. It was so rude of those folks in the audience to roll their eyes at her. I know everyone was standing and cheering afterward but it was difficult to watch initially.

    As soon as my son comes off his grounding (ahem) I am going to have him and my daughter watch it.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this! It brought tears to my eyes – I passed it on to others on my e-mail list to enjoy.

  16. If I were wearing socks, she would have knocked them off. WOW! She is AMAZING! I hope she wins – she deserves to win.

  17. I don’t judge anything by it’s outside cover because you just can’t. People aren’t always what you seen on the outside. That being said I did not expect her to sound as amazing as she did. Bravo to her!

  18. Isn’t she fab? I’ve watched this over and over since Sunday.

  19. Incredible! It just goes to show that your mom was right when she told you: “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” But I don’t think any kind of a “cover” could have prepared me fo rthat voice–truly a rare thing.

  20. They had a similar thing happen in 2007 last year on the same show (I think) this kind of average Joe (a little pudgy and pale) named Paul Potts got up and there and sang a beautiful opera song! And he won, by the way! It made me cry…

    So, no I can honestly say I wasn’t surprised! They had the same reaction to this guy 2 years ago, and she is the female version. And they are both immensely talented!

  21. What an amazing performance and a wonderful lesson about appearance and true beauty! I absolutely love that song — it’s my favorite from Les Miserables.

  22. i saw that the other morning–and wow, can that woman sing. i’m happy for her and hope she achieves her dreams.

  23. If I were the teenaged girl in the audience that the camera caught rolling her eyes, I’d be totally friggin’ embarassed and appalled at myself, wouldn’t you?

    I’ve never been one to judge people by their looks, and this has created unexpected opportunities for me. My Dad taught me to look beyond the surface (he was a very fat man at one time), and I’m so grateful to him!

  24. I listened last night for the first time, but of course I had heard how wonderful she is. What I didn’t expect, because I expected her to be wonderful, were the goose bumps that sprung up! Even on repeated viewings, I had the same reaction. She is so totally, wonderfully talented. I love it!

  25. I’ve watched this a couple of times in the past week and love it every time. Even cried the first time I saw it. Now I can’t get that song out of my head. Wound up listening to my Les Miz cd all weekend while cleaning house! I hope she wins, but I sure hope she isn’t taken advantage of afterward.

  26. Susan Boyle Semi final 24 May 2009 Britains Got Talent

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