Ready, Set, READ!

deweys-readathonbuttonThe 24 hour Read-a-Thon is in full swing!  Hour 3 is just beginning.  I’m participating as a cheerleader, so please note my unusually sunny and cheery tone!  Go, readers, go.. YOU CAN DO IT!  Give me an R!  Give me an E!  Give me an A!  Give me a D!  YAY!  (Cartwheel, back handspring, flip, trip… whoops).

Our family is still in spring break mode.  We are on a ‘stay-cation’ of sorts and will be doing touristy things together today.  We’ll start with a trip to Griffith Observatory and the planetarium this morning, then a late lunch at the Farmer’s Market is planned.  Later, we’ll visit the Santa Monica Pier.  I’ll be reading in the car and tonight before bed, but I just can’t check out for 24 hours of reading (and then a few more to sleep!) without my family getting a leeeeeeetle upset.. especially since next weekend will be all about me and books and bloggers and reading (I’ll be spending all weekend at the LA Times Festival of Books with a large group of blogging friends). Two bookish weekends in a row for mom would not go over well with my family!

Good luck to all the Read-a-thon participants!  I’ll be back with more cheer this evening!  Don’t forget to take breaks, drink plenty of fluids, stretch your legs, rest your eyes, eat small meals, read short books (for the sense of completion and to fight boredom), and most of all HAVE FUN!


9 Responses

  1. Rah rah, sis boom bah!

  2. Great post!

  3. I love the Santa Monica pier. I can’t wait til we can take another trip to LA.

  4. Oh yes – the cartwheels are a very nice touch. You rock.

  5. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having tons of fun cheerleading!

    Happy Read-A-Thon Day! 🙂

  6. We’ve been doing the “stay-cation” thing this week also for spring break… and thus the same reason I’m not doing the readathon today. Oh, well. I’ve sure been thinking about everyone. One of these times I’m going to try it, I hope!

  7. let’s make a PYRAMID! goooo team! i didn’t partake in the R-A-T…i have been on vacation since 4/2 and have to go back to work monday…(we have a reaaaally long spring break.) i wouldn’t be able to function if i read allll night and day (plus i would feel guilty–think of the laundry i could be doing!)

  8. way to go – great job, cheerleader! (from a fellow cheerleader.)

  9. Came late to the party, but had to respond! Staycations can be great fun if you live in a metro area with lots going on. We did the same for our spring break — took in a show (actually 3!), went to a fun restaurant, etc. My daughter had a lot of fun with friends, as well.

    I couldn’t do the RAT either — too many other things going on. Plus, it almost sounds like a chore, and that’s not what I want reading to be. If I HAD, though, I would have finished the PD James I’m currently working on for book club, as well as my non-fiction of choice, “Dominance and Delusion,” by M.A. Curtis. He’s trying to answer how we came to be the way we are and why we believe, behave and think as we do. No surprise — he finds out we rationalize! It’s very interesting, however, as well as straightforward — the author makes complex ideas easy to understand. There’s even an excerpt available.

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