From My Email Inbox

On this lovely Sunday morning, I received a special email from Rev Fr -Mohan who has 11 million dollars to share and wants me to claim it on his behalf from a safe account location (see below).  Me, a stranger from the internet, because the spirit of Almighty God lead him to contact me.  Okaaaaaaaaaay.

Just wondering.. is there anyone in their right mind who would fall for this nonsense?

My Dear, 
How are you doing? May the Good Lord Bless you.
My Name is Rev Fr; Thomas. – Mohan
I got your email address from the Internet, as the spirit of Almighty God
lead me to contact you for this charity work.
I am 76 years old and I have been on sick bed for the past 
7 years now and I also believe that my time has come to join my creator in heaven. I have $11,000,000.00 deposited in a safe account location, which I want you to claim on my behalf for an important charitable project, which I know you can help me out.  Can you honestly do this for me? Please if you can, kindly send me an email indicating your interest on my Sympathetic situation. Reply me as soon as possible on my private
Email: revfrmohan@xxxxx
Remain bless in the Lord.
Rev Fr –Mohan

17 Responses

  1. I get a zillion of these a day, because I turned off my spam filter since some “legitimate” emails were not getting to me. There must be some who buy into it because they sure keep coming! But I have a related question – all these full color full page ads for donations for children with cleft palate – if they have the money to run all these ads, couldn’t they be using it for the children, or do they just use donations for more ads?

    • Ok, that must be why this is new to me.. I have a spam filter and don’t see these kinds of emails. Maybe it got through because the subject line said “My Dear” ? I don’t know!

      Good question too on the full page color ads.. weird!

  2. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of these too! Usually they end up spam but not this week! How annoying!

  3. LOL>> Pathetic really and so annoying too.

  4. Wait. I thought I was the one getting $11m… & there I was, making plans to retire & all.. Poo.

  5. The New Yorker had a good article a few years back about one guy who did fall for one of these scams:

    I’m always tempted to respond to those emails to give those guys a piece of my mind, but that only encourages other spammers.

  6. The one that I’ve been getting says that there is another Ti Reed out there that has passed away and left millions of dollars unclaimed so this particular lawyer wants to work a deal with me. I claim it, and he proves that it’s me, the real deal. LOL. Of course he gets like 50% of the cash.

    Unfortunately, we have an elderly friend who fell for one of these scams and lost his entire savings and now has nothing to live on. So people DO fall for it. It’s very sad.

  7. Yep, there’s one guy that would fall for that. He’s from Greenville, TX and he’s a coach, apparently. He used to come into the library when I worked there and he was always printing these pleading e-mails from third world countries and whatnot.

  8. I want $11Million. But, that’s going to happen… NEVER!

  9. The e-mails I keep getting are that I have won the lottery- in the UK! That is very cool that I won a lottery I didn’t enter in a country I don’t live in, don’t you think? Oh and I also am getting one that says I won some contest for some African aid organization and to leave all of my contact info in the e-mail. They don’t even bother to make up a fake organization name, just that it is an organization. Um, yeah, sure..I’ll get right on that…

  10. Why can’t I be getting an email from the 23-yr-old that just won the lottery asking me to adopt him? I’d love ot have a kid that could keep his mom in style!

  11. LOL! But I guess I shouldn’t be laughing. Back in my times as a branch asst mgr in a local bank I actually had to help out older people who did fall victims to such scams. I know, it’s crazy but they did, a few couples actually had to mortgage their houses they owned for decades again just to cover the debts they accrued because of these scams.

  12. My Lord, I get these all the time and always think it is so funny, even though it’s pretty annoying. Hopefully they won’t start flooding in.

  13. My father’s ex-wife didn’t fall for this with a reverend, but something similar with a guy she met over the internet. She’s out $9000.

  14. I have a million of these in my inbox. And some of the sneaky little boogers get through my spam blocker.

    Apparently someone accepts these otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people trying to scam others.

  15. Although we do find this ridiculous it’s sad that people will fall for that! You know what they say – There’s one born every minute!

  16. Yes, I do know someone and it is very sadly my 93 yr old aunt that lives in Kansas. Her scheme is linked thru the mafia in Canada. Sounds like some series on Showtime. Her son-in-law is a lawyer and when he tried to intervene he was threatened. Now they are monitering her checking account but not much else they can do which is really sad. These people can be really smart and devious when it comes to trying to get your money.

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