If You Feed Them, They Will Come

Put three kids in a dinghy in Newport Harbor with a couple of stale hot dog buns, and every pelican, seagull, and duck within a 2 mile radius shows up!  Pretty soon the seals arrive too. 





18 Responses

  1. I don’t know about you but large birds scare the heck out of me! A seagull stole a steamed crab right off my lap in Frisco once and practically knocked me off the pier. It was quite a sight!

    I’m glad you didn’t capture any moments like that. LOL.

    • I don’t like birds either, and when they were everywhere and started divebombing the girls, that’s when they decided to come in!

  2. i only like to feed the small birds in my backyard. we’ve got tons of seagulls and terns here (i’m a stone’s toss from the beach) and if you innocently feed one, a scene from hitchcock’s ‘the birds’ ensues!

  3. What great action shots! I always say you can have so much fun with birds.

  4. Yikes! I do not like seagulls or crows. They scare me the way they swoop so close down. Great pics though!

  5. What fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  6. Ha! Looks like tons of fun. Wish I could be closer to water right about now. Texas heat sucks!

  7. Cool pics, Momma Bear!

  8. That looks like fun (until the dive bombing starts, of course). We live between the ocean and a lake, so seagulls, pelicans and assorted other birds scavenging your lunch are a fact of life on family picnics.

    Our favourite bird story was at a birthday at a local wildlife reserve. We were all happily sitting at a table eating our barbecue lunch when a kookaburra skimmed across the top of the table, nabbing a sausage from someone’s plate as it went. The kids thought it was hilarious.

  9. Of course, my first thought was WAIT! YOU CAN’T MEAN RHODE ISLAND!??!? but, I see Caliifornia has a Newport. I ‘spect all the ocean states have one?

  10. Looks like fun. I went on a walk with my four-year-old downtown the other day and she discovered she could attract pigeons with breadcrumbs, goldfish crumbs, every snack in her backpack. Whenever we stepped out of a shop she’d insist on feeding more birds- mommy, I’m full and the birds are still hungry!

    Did you get a picture of the seal?

    • I tried! Every time I’d snap a picture they’d go under! There is one in the 2nd picture on the far right, swimming towards the girls, but there were several of them around the boat at one point.

  11. “If you feed them they will come”. I thought you were talking about my adult kids LOL

    Nice pictures!!!!

  12. Looks like great fun! But watch out for those birds. One went right after my son while he was holding chips on a beach blanket last summer. He says he doesn’t want to go back to the beach where the bird bit him!

  13. Looks the kids were having fun! Do the seals get “pushy” to get a bite like the seagulls? We have ducks and seagulls but not seals and pelicans on Lake Michigan!

  14. Feeding the seals would be totally awesome!!

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