Homework Hell, part 2

A new day, a new approach.

3:30 pm Tuesday

Me: Ok, better get started on your homework. I don’t want a repeat of last night.

L.: I’m starving. Can I have a snack first? And maybe watch some tv while I eat it?

Me: Snack, yes. TV, no. And if your homework’s not done by 8 pm, you’re not going to the Halloween Dance on Thursday.

L.: WHY? Why do you always have to take stuff away? That’s not fair!

Me: Would you prefer I give you something as a reward rather than take something away as a consequence?

L.: YES! Yes, I would!

Me: Fine. If you finish your homework by 8 pm, your reward is that you will be allowed to go to the Halloween Dance.

L.: But that’s the same thing! Have you been reading those parenting books again???

Me: Maybe! Now go do your homework!

L.: FINE! (storms off)

27 Responses

  1. LOL I’m so glad we’re past that point! Someone once told me that it’s your job to get your kids through high school and it’s your kid’s job to get themselves through college. It’s nice when they’re away and you don’t know what they’re doing.

    • I look forward to her being responsible for her own stuff. Of course, I’ll miss her terribly, but it will be nice not to have to micro-manage everything.

  2. LOL! Will there be a part 3?

  3. hugs!! (what else can I say?)

  4. Thanks for the giggle 😀 I remember those days. . . Hang in there, it gets better (eventually)

  5. Nicely done! (Hope the homework got nicely done, too!)

  6. If you thought you had heard “that’s not fair” a lot up until now, you haven’t seen anything like what you’re going to get for the next three years! Well done, Mom!

  7. LOL!!! These crack me up. My husband and I are looking to start having a kid in the next year or so. I am DREADING this age but it looks like you are handling this so well! I love the punishment/reward thing. Too funny.

  8. LOL. I’ve *got* to remember to give and take away the exact same thing. That was brilliant.

    • I thought it was clever!! LOL I am trying to state things in a more positive way (do this and you’ll get that, rather than don’t do this and you won’t get that) but it’s tough.

  9. Very clever! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Hey – were you at my house the last 2 nights? Grrrrrrrr

  11. Hubby and I were cracking up over this! Way to go mom!

  12. so funny! some of my students have this problem and i often suggest to their parents that they set an egg timer for 15 or 20 minutes–the student should work for that time and then take a short snack break or do something else for a few minutes…then back to work.

    parents can add a minute or two each day so the student is working longer without even realizing it as the weeks go on.

    good luck…one day you’ll be MISSING these days. i know my parents do. hahaha

  13. LOL this is fantastic….great tactics.

  14. And you only have one! Imagine this times two! And, yes… they both do this to me… sometimes on the same day. It’s parental-torture and should be prosecuted as a crime!

  15. My son would put off his homework so long I used to tell him he could have done it ten times over by the time he started!

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