Homework Hell

The Scene:  Monday night, 9:30 pm, after nearly 4 hours of reminding, suggesting, encouraging, pleading, yelling, and demanding that my 7th grader finish her homework.

Me (yelling up the stairs):  L., are you finished with your homework yet?

L.:  WHAT????

Me:  Your homework.. is it done?

L.:  (garbled)  (something something something) done.

Me:  What?

L.:  I SAID (something something something) done.

Me:  WHAT?  I can’t hear you.  I’m coming up.


I go up.  L. is on her bed, painting her nails.

Me:  Honey, it’s time for bed.

L.:  But I still have to do my math.

Me:  What??  I thought you said your homework was done.

L.:  No, I said I only have one more thing and then it’s done.

Me:  Well it sounded like you said it was done.  So if it’s not done, why are you painting your nails?

L.: Because I want them to match my neon green jeans I’m wearing tomorrow.

Me (steam coming out of my ears but trying to be patient):  Ok, but you should have done your homework first.

L.:  Mom, chill.  I’m just taking a break.  I only have math left.  Everything else is done.

Me:  Everything?  How many math problems do you have?  And did you study for your science test?

L.:  1 thru 33, but they’re easy.  And I don’t have to study.  I know everything.

Me.:  Everything, huh?

L.:  You know what I mean!

Me: Ok, your math.  Even if each problem takes only two minutes, we’re talking over an hour.  Get started!  You have to go to bed!

L.:  But I can’t get started!

Me:  Why not?

L.:  My nails are wet!


21 Responses

  1. Oh, the joys of adolescents!

  2. Such fun being a mother, isn’t it?

  3. i am SO not looking forward to that,,,,,,,,

  4. oh yes, I remember when *I* was that girl! There was always something better to do than math. 🙂 I’m experiencing the joy that is homework with Kiddo as I write this …

    I’ll have to go back and reread the section on homework from the parenting book I reviewed today – if I recall, there was some pretty good advice in there – maybe I can apply it to Kiddo!

  5. I’ve had the elementary school version of this and I’m sure I’ll be going through this same sort of thing in the very near future. You just have to shake your head at kid logic sometimes!

  6. I just posted a tiny rant that includes homework as well. I don’t get it. I paid my dues! Why do I have to take math all over again? That’s what it feels like sometimes.

  7. I hate to tell you this, but you may still be going through this in the 10th grade – heaven knows WE are! Misery loves company :-).

    (But you know, her argument for not starting her homework actually made sense – not that it helps any!)

  8. LOL!

    It’s amazing more parents don’t strangle their kids. 🙂

  9. That sounds like me when I was younger. I’d do anything to get out of doing math. I still do, actually…

  10. My seventh-grader is the same. Why does it have to be math? I hate math!

  11. Wait…is this a playback of something that happened in my house three years ago?!

  12. LOL Sorry for the laughter, but you have to admit it really has a punch line!

  13. Lisa, Sorry your having homework headaches. I know exactly what you are dealing with. It is so frustrating when they won’t do what they need to do without a fight. This is the first year I am not fighting about homework with mine. In middle school they have started a remediation period every Tu and Th when the kids can do homework, make up missed tests or class work or get extra help if needed from a particular teacher. So C does his homework in school most days. I stopped worrying about the homework being done and just explained that if the grades reflect poor work at the end of the grading period then that is what he will earn. They are at an age where they need to take responsibility for their own actions and our getting angry and frustrated over their work is only stressing everyone out. I do insist that homework be done as soon as they get home ( with a snack) and no TV until they are done. Once they get distracted it’ over………….L knows what needs to be done and a few bad grades at this age will probably be a good lesson to learn if she doesn’t do the required work. I think they start using their overall grades in 8th grade towards their HS GPA. You still have a year…. Good Luck

  14. Well I was just informed that the study time at Middle School is actually called enrichment and not remediation. So they use that time to do their homework if they don’t need extra help with their class work. Anyway enrichment time has helped with the homework fights at home on those days….

  15. O boy. That must have been a fun time! LOL I just love your recap though…

  16. Thanks for the laugh, but aaaaaaargh! We are in homework hell too. I can’t imagine what 7th grade will be like because 3rd grade is killing us. Hang in there!

  17. okay, I laughed, but I do feel bad for you! I always did my homework, but I am always worried I will have a kid that doesn’t…

  18. Lol. When I was your daughter’s age there was a girl in my class who always made sure that her nail polish colour matched her clothes. (For some reasons, she never seemed to make sure that she had done her homework.) When I told my mother about that, she was so, so sure that girls as young as 12 or 13 don’t care about coordinating clothes to nail polish. How wrong she was.

    I was a bit jealous, because I didn’t need anybody to nag me to do my homework, and still my mum wouldn’t let me use transparent nail polish, much less buy different colours so that they could match my clothes!

  19. […] girls have NO HOMEWORK over the break (thank you, teachers!  I was expecting the worst!)  So we will be out carousing […]

  20. […] girls have NO HOMEWORK over the break (thank you, teachers!  I was expecting the worst!)  So we will be out carousing […]

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