Friday Blabber

Hello out there..  I felt like doing a Sunday Salon style post, but since it’s only Friday I’ll have to call it something else.  Friday F F F F.. ok, no “F” word is leaping out at me..  we’ll just call it Friday Blabber.

Life has been so crazy around here.  My mother in law was hospitalized a week ago and my husband flew across the country to be by her side.  She’s still in the hospital but is doing much better, thankfully, and is expected to go home this weekend.  Hub will stay until Sunday (such a mama’s boy :-o)

My 12 year old has been a total pill this week, fighting with me about EVERYthing.  She got braces Wednesday and her mouth is sore.  Apparently this has heightened her emotions to new highs.  Every stray thought and feeling is magnified, everything is SO unfair.  It’s exhausting for me!

My youngest has been whiny and clingy, complaining relentlessly about Daddy being out of town.  WHEN is he coming home?  WHY does he have to be there?  He’s been gone since Sunday.  Last night she was so unhappy about it and mad at him that she refused to talk to him on the phone, and then sobbed about how other daddies are home every night.  It’s not fair!

Calgon, take me away!

I love the Olympics but they have seriously cut into my reading (and sleeping) time.  I got so caught up watching Shawn White and the other snowboarders last night that I never looked at the book in my lap.  And the skaters!  Wow!  I’ve been staying up so late, and falling asleep with the TV on.  Why is it on so late??

I’ve been reading Imperfect Birds by Anne Lamott.  Totally terrifying if you are the mother of soon-to-be teens.  They have this whole secret world full of lies and deception and risk taking..  drugs, boys, drugs, sneaking out, more drugs.. and yet it all looks so pretty on the outside.. good grades, part time jobs, polite to adults, keeping up appearances.  I vow, right now, to be the nosiest mom of teens ever, up in my kids’ “bizness” at all times.  I will read diaries, I will search pockets, I will have internet controls, I will read their text messages and Facebook pages, I will give drug tests, I will call teachers, I will know the parents of their friends, will constantly ask questions and keep tabs on them.  I will not be their BFF, I will not look the other way, I will not make excuses, I will give consequences, I will not believe their lies or buy their BS.  How else can you protect them?  See, I remember high school, and I remember what I was like.  My mother didn’t have a clue.  I will not be clueless.

Aren’t you glad you’re not my kid???

On my nightstand are A Reliable Wife for my March book club meeting, and Give Me, Get Me, Buy Me (non fiction about demanding children- who better to review that??).  Also I’ve got two books on their way to me- HarperCollins is sending the new Lionel Shriver called So Much For That (I still can’t get We Need to Talk About Kevin out of my mind years later!).  Then there’s a historical fiction novel about the Donner Party called Impatient with Desire by Gabrielle Burton (from the author).  I’m really looking forward to that one.

On Monday 2/22 we will be discussing Keeping the Feast with author Paula Butturini for our Winter Reading Series here at Books on the Brain.  Paula will join us ‘live’ for an hour (5pm PST) to answer questions and talk about her book.  Please drop by if you’ve read the book, or if you’re thinking about it!  Oh, and my giveaway of American Rust will run through Sunday at midnight.. leave a comment for a chance to win.

This weekend will have us delivering girl scout cookies to the neighbors on Saturday, and then my book club will meet to discuss The Weight of Silence on Sunday.  And then Daddy comes home (woo hoo! cue the angels!). Maybe I’ll leave town for a day or two so he and the kids can become reacquainted :-).

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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  1. Woah, what a week! You totally should go somewhere with a bunch of your books for a couple of days so Hubby can get reaquainted with your girls. LOL! I don’t know why the Olympics are on so late either. I’ve missed a lot of it but also for reasons like American Idol and The Bachelor. Loser! I know.
    I’ve had the blahs myself here on the East Coast. I did finish one of the BEST books I’ve read in years (and I’ve read a lot of great ones). THE POSTMISTRESS is a MUST READ and soon. It’s incredible!!!
    Well, I hope your weekend goes smoothly, that Hubby arrives home safely and that MIL gets better soon.

    • I have to admit that I was flipping btwn the Olympics and American Idol on Tues and Wed. We are both Losers (doing the L sign on my forehead!!)

      I’ll have to check out THe Postmistress.. I don’t know anything about it.

      Have a great weekend, Karen!

  2. I’m struggling with watching the Olympics, too! I LOVE THEM but, this midnight stuff is for the birds!

    LOL at leaving town – actually sounds like the perfect plan. 🙂

  3. The best advice someone ever gave me was this: Every time you see your kids’ friends, give them a hug. They’ll think you’re the sweetest mom ever and you’ll know if they’ve been drinking or smoking.

  4. Deep breaths and a cup of tea (or something stronger if you drink). I love bermudaonion’s advice about the hugs!

  5. I’m in the middle of surviving a kid’s adolescence for the second time, with one more to come. I don’t know whether remembering what we were like in high school helps or makes it worse!

    And I am officially envious that you’re getting the new Lionel Shriver book. I haven’t gotten to WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN yet, but I was very impressed with THE POST-BIRTHDAY WORLD.

    And I would definitely take off for some “me time” when your husband gets back :-).

    • I think in my case it makes it worse..

      Why don’t I share the new Lionel Shriver book with you when I’m done? If I receive it in time to finish by April I can give it to you at FoB!

  6. American Rust has been on my wish list for a while now. Glad to have the chance to win it. 🙂 My book club selection this month is Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Wonderful book!

  7. I’m so excited to here about the new Lionel Shriver book. I absolutely loved “The Post Birthday World” and “We Need To Talk About Kevin” although it was so disturbing. I read A Reliable Wife and really enjoyed it. I hope you do too. Take care!

    • I didn’t read ‘Birthday’ and I’m not sure why. I know I read some mixed reviews but that doesn’t tend to put me off esp. when it’s an author I really like..

      I am so glad to hear A Reliable Wife is good! The premise sounds great to me!

  8. Considering how much you have going on, you’ve gotten a lot of reading in. You are an expert juggler. 🙂

    Bermudaonion’s advice in the comments sounds good to me.

    • I only juggle because I have to! I much prefer to finish what I start instead of having 6 balls in the air..

      Bermudaonion is an experienced mommy with a grown up son so I def. value her advice.

  9. Cool! I’m all about a fiction selection about the Donner party. I looked at the Amazon blurb and it looks pretty promising.

    • I think so too.. the Donner party story was one I vividly remember learning about as a teen and have always wondered what the heck happened. I asked the author if it might be appropriate for my 12 year old reading machine, and she said she thought it would be. I’ll read it first and hopefully share it with my daughter.

  10. Oh, and that’s a natural reaction to braces, by the way. I got mine when I was 13 and I acted the same way until the pain let up a bit.

    • She had phase one braces (just 4 brackets in front) in the fourth grade and it didn’t hurt much at all, so she was really surprised by the pain. Last night she was begging me to take her to the ortho this week and have them removed. (Sorry, honey, but that’s not going to happen for another 2 years.) More tears. My poor baby!

  11. I’m loving the blabber. My daughter is turning 12 in a couple of weeks, and all I can say is that I feel your pain. Fights, tears, emotions, good Lord help me. I am also ass-deep in a bathroom renovation (which will ultimately bring me closer to sanity when it is done). Book fair in a few weeks, Adult Literacy League annual fundraising event a couple weeks after that…yikes. It’s all good though. I like to know I’m not the only one!

    • Yes the preteen drama is relentless. Lord help us both!!

      Good luck with the bathroom. It’ll be great when it’s done.. it’ll suck until then!! We did all three of ours a few years back, at the same time. Were we on crazy pills????

      I’m doing our junior high Scholastic book fair in April. Haven’t done a darn thing yet (denial?) Yikes is right.

  12. Impatient With Desire looks real good. I put it on my wish list. I also read Weight of Silence. I thought it was a good book. There is alot there for a book club to discuss. Have a good time.

    • Hi Kathy, I did not love Weight of Silence so I’m very curious to see what the other book clubbers thought. One positive thing, though, was that it was a great change of pace. We needed to shake things up a bit. We’ve read a lot of somber books in recent months and this one, at least, had a much different feel to it, was easy and more fast paced, etc. So that was good.

      I agree re: Impatient with Desire. I’m impatient waiting for it!

  13. Braces ~ UGH I still remember the pain (pressure) all these many years later. As for your younger daughter missing her dad for a few days (weeks), you can remind her that other daddies aren’t home every night. Military children go a year without Dad (or sometimes Mom). The best thing to do is stay active and plan something fun for the reunion with Dad. Helps pass the time. For us, it’s 4 months down and 8 to go. Thankfully my daughter (12) is doing MUCH better with this deployment than when she was 7 years old.

    • Hi Patti, I never wore braces myself so perhaps I need to be a bit more sympathetic to her. She just wears me out with all her complaining, though!

      I have said that very thing to my youngest daughter, and actually had thought about FG while I was saying it. I also reminded her that not every girl has a daddy who lives with her (she has friends whose parents are divorced or had never married) or whose daddy has died (she has one friend in that situation) and asked her to think about how lucky she is. She got mad at me then (and I think she was embarrassed about making such a fuss) so I sent her to bed- she was just being really bratty at that point and needed to be alone!

  14. I’m sorry to hear that things have been so hectic for you! I hope that the time passes quickly and that everyone stays safe and healthy! (And that the kids are less moody.)

    I totally agree with you on the Olympics – it would be nice if it were on earlier.

    • Thanks, Alyce! From your mouth to God’s ears!

      I really don’t get why they didn’t start the Olympic coverage an hour earlier and wrap it up before the 11 o’clock news. Who should I complain to about that for next time???

  15. Aw, the kids really miss their dad. Shows he’s loved and and an intregal part of the family. I know how your daughter feels with the braces. I remember my mouth hurt for a few days when I got mine. Be prepared for the same thing when she gets her wires changed – my mouth would hurt for a couple days and soft food only. She’s probably more whiny because dad isn’t there. Make sure when he comes home, the kids do something special for him – he’s going to be stressed out from the situation with his mom.

    I finished reading Keeping the Feast and working on my review now. Jotted down all your questions and will work them into the review.

  16. Thats a great summary of your week, I hope that your daughter gets back to herself soon

  17. UGHHHH BRACES! Tell your little girl I am so sorry. I didn’t get to experience the until in my mid-twenties. My oldest had them in HS and he took aleve and that really helped but aleve was not around when I had them. I would freeze a wet wash cloth and then sleep with in my mouth to help the pain. Gross I know but it felt so good. 🙂

  18. Maybe there’s something in California’s air because my daughter, she’s 6, woke up screaming at me this morning. I mean, blood curdling screaming! What for? All I did was the same thing I do every morning. Made her waffles and apparently that was the wrong thing to make.

    My son had braces at 7 to correct a cross bite. I paid for the full deal since he still had a lot of baby teeth and the doc said that he’ll need them again. Well, he is now almost 12 and things are still looking good. He may not need the 2nd set afterall.

  19. Sorry to hear about your mom-in-law. Did y’all make it to the movies?

  20. I remember when my son got his braces on. He was very whiny and unhappy for quite awhile, so I feel your pain! I am also sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Hopefully she recovers quickly and your husband is able to come home!

    I know just what you mean about staying in your children’s business. It scares me to think what could happen if I just looked the other way. I do keep pretty tight tabs on them, because there is just too much danger out there.

    I am so excited to hear you will be reading A Reliable Wife! I just bought a copy and am so looking forward to it. It sounds like a great read!

  21. I’m sorry that you don’t like A Reliable Wife; I know what you mean about feeling too surrounded by all the dark, sexual obsessions stuff. A friend of mine said he felt dirty after reading it. But, I loved the mood and I was crazy about the plot. It just kept surprising me which hardly ever happens, jaded reader that I am. 😉 I hope it gets better for you, but it takes all of us to make a book loving world. We all add our own gifts and reflections, which is much appreciated by me.

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