I Like and I Don’t Like

I’ve been tagged by my sister, who is not really my sister but who shares the same first and last name as my sister (I’ll shutup now), the beautiful and talented Karen Harrington of Janeology and Scobberlotch fame.  I haven’t done a non-bookish meme in a long time but this one couldn’t be easier, and it made me think about the small things I enjoy and am grateful for on a daily basis.

The rules:  Fill in the blanks after each bold word and tag 3 friends.  Even I can do that.

I like book blogger get togethers.

I like Nature Valley Sweet and Salty peanut granola bars.

I like clean sheet day.

I like walking with my friend every morning.

I like when someone else makes dinner.

I like the peace in the hour before my family gets out of bed.

I like taking pictures of my kids.

I like watching American Idol.

I like Jim and Pam (and baby Cecelia Marie!).

I like the beach.

I like being outside.

I like eating dinner together when everyone is home.

I love hearing my girls laugh and get along with each other.

Today was a chance for a new beginning – a do-over.

I hate snobs.

I hate going to the dentist.

I hate feeling overwhelmed.

I hate termites.

I hate dishonesty and fuzzy values.

I hate when teachers give boatloads of homework.

I hate selfishness.

I hate seeing my daughters in pain.

I (secretly) like to eat lunch by myself (I borrowed this one from my “sister”- we are so much alike!).

I love when my family is happy and everyone gets along!

Okay… To the following three people, tag! You’re it!  Tell me what you like & don’t like (or tell me to take a hike!)

Wendy from Caribousmom

Care from Care’s Online Book Club

Susan from Suko’s Notebook


19 Responses

  1. Lisa, I like the fact that you chose me. My list may look like yours! I will do this meme in a couple of days–I just posted a new book giveaway!

  2. OMG Clean Sheet Day is a day I look forward to all week. Okay, maybe every other week. Depending. 😉

  3. OMG, I almost fell off the couch when during The Office Pam and Jim realized that they were holding the wrong baby. The look on Jim’s face was priceless (and hilarious)! 🙂

    • My absolute favorite scene!!! We laughed so hard. I thought for sure the baby would spit up all Pam’s breast milk and they’d have some explaining to do, LOLOL.

  4. LOVE your answers, Lisa! Here’s mine.

  5. We ARE so much alike. Spooky. 🙂

  6. I love non-bookish memes sometimes! This one is cute!

  7. What fun reading! I used to hate eating alone until I was taking care of my mother in my sister’s house. Then, I discovered it can be very, very restorative to go sit in a restaurant and eat slowly with a book in hand. Haven’t done that in a while but it’s just kitty and me at lunch time, which I also love (except for the fact that she hasn’t yet figured out the table is verboten when humans are eating).

  8. I love clean sheet day, too! Almost enough to start putting on clean sheets three times a week. But not enough to want to have to wash that much more laundry.

  9. Awesome answers! Clean sheet day is my favorite day of the week, the bed just feels so much more comfortable on that day!

  10. I hate going to the dentist too. Although I’m trying to put a good face on it now, so my five-year-old won’t be upset to go herself! And I love the way clean sheets smell/feel. Lovely. Makes me happy to go to bed, tired from all the laundry!

  11. What a great post! You managed to still work in my book-related “likes”.

    I enjoy eating by myself too! Sushi is my favorite to enjoy alone (well, typically with a book). The restaurant I frequent tends to bring me green tea as I enjoy the solitude.

    You have such good tastes, we share quite a bit 🙂

  12. […] by one of my bestest book blog buds who was a great encourager when I first started here.     Lisa of Books on the Brain fame has picked me to do this version of “I Like and I Don’t Like.     Let’s […]

  13. Thanks for tagging me! I don’t mind eating alone, I don’t mind the dentist all that much and I am so excited about the upcoming book blogger convention but sad that you won’t be there.

  14. Lisa, I just posted my list for this meme. I’d really like it if you stopped by and left a comment! 🙂

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