I’m Not Dead

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Don’t you hate it when bloggers give a bunch of reasons/excuses why they haven’t been updating their blog lately?  Yeah, me too.  So I won’t do that.

But I did want to pop in to let you know that I’m not dead.

Lots ‘o reading has been going on (books & blogs).  Just not a lot ‘o review writing.  My apologies.

I’m re-reading The Hunger Games right now for my book club.  In general I’m not a re-reader and was only planning to skim it to refresh my memory before our meeting, but I couldn’t resist. It’s like brain candy- so fun and fast.  When I read it last summer, I was completely Team Gale, but I think I’ve switched camps.  Peeta is sweeta the second time around.

The girls get out of school in about a week.  Our summer will be filled with swimming and tennis lessons, sleep-away camp for them (on alternating weeks- not at the same time.  Poor planning on my part!), a family camping trip to the Mammoth area with friends, trips to the local water park and the beach, plus lots of ‘nothing days’ to fill in with bike rides, lemonade stands, neighbor kids, reading, sleeping in, and laziness.  It’s good to be a kid, but I’m in a bit of a panic, trying to figure out how I will work from home with kids all around.  Any suggestions from other work-at-home parents?

For my reading.. this summer I plan to get to The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli, So Much for That by Lionel Shriver, How to Be An American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway, 31 Bond Street by Ellen Horan, Let the Great World Spin (for book club), the Eric Clapton biography (also for book club), and City of Refuge by Tom Piazza (book club).

What are you reading this summer?

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  1. The only advice I have on working from home with kids is to plan to have plenty of patience! It sounds like you have a fun summer planned and lots of good reading too. Enjoy!

  2. Glad to see all is well in your part of the world. Enjoy the summer!

  3. So so so glad to see a switch to Team Peeta!

  4. Well, it’s winter here. I am sitting all rugged up on the couch, frezzing my poor little Australian bum off. I want to put the heater on, but I know I shouldn’t spend the money and should just rug up. It’s 15.5C here (59F) and just so cold! It doesnt often get colder I have to admit. Not during the day anyway.

    I have no set reading plans though for my winter version of your summer. Whatever lands in my hands I hope I will enjoy 🙂

    Enjoy your summer

    • 59… brrrrr. LOL That’s about as cold as it gets here in California in the winter. But that’s nothing compared to the Michigan winters I grew up in..

  5. I’m here to say the opposite of what Amy did – hate to lose a Team Gale member! Come back! 🙂

    We leave for vacation on Monday – the kids get out of school on Friday. I’ve got 10 unread novels on my Kindle, and I’m bringing them all with me, plus a few recreational “real” books – I’m taking two weeks off from obligatory reviews. After that, I’ve got 4 tours and several summer-pub ARCs to keep me busy for the next few months!

    Glad you checked in, Lisa – I’ve missed you!

    • I’m truly on the fence about Gale/Peeta! I’m sure if I re-read Catching Fire I’ll be back in the Gale camp. But having just re-read the scene in HG in the cave when Peeta talks about how he noticed Katniss on the first day of kindergarten, her little plaid dress, and how she sang in front of the class, and how incredulous she was that he would remember so many details.. well, it was just very sweet.

      I hope you have the best time in DC and NY!! How nice that you’ll have all those books on your Kindle and won’t need to lug them around.

      We had to call off our east coast vacation. My husband has an unavoidable business trip at the same time, and other business trips this summer along with camp schedules, etc made it impossible to reschedule. We are sad but making the best of it. Maybe next year.

  6. Team Peeta all the way! 😉

    It sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned. Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. It’s a great time of year to relax a little!

    • Thanks, Michelle! I’m not the best at relaxing but am going to give it a try!

      I have a very strong visual for Peeta. I’m sure it will be ruined if/when they make the movie.

  7. Peeta is sweeta. Love it.

    I am still working on my summer list. I want a summer filled with wonderful books…that’s all I know!

  8. Sounds like you will be very busy…when will you have time to read! LOL

    The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli, and City of Refuge are excellent. I hope you enjoy them.

    • I’ll read at night, when we’re camping, at the pool, at the beach, at the waterpark..

      I’m esp. looking forward to our book club’s discussion of City of Refuge. I remember all the reviews when it was on tour last year and think it’s going to spark a lot of conversation.

      Have a great summer, Serena!

  9. Glad to see you back!! I am wondering how I will work with kids in the house as well, so if you come up with anything that works, let me know!! I also think that your reading plan for the summer sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the books!! Take it easy, my friend, and enjoy yourself!

    • Thanks, Heather! My tentative plan is to get up very early and let them sleep in. I figure I can get about 4 hours of work in before they even open their eyes each day..

      Have a wonderful summer!

  10. I’m re-reading The Hunger Games, too. The kiddos of ours are already out of school, and we’re reading this one as a family. Good times so far!

    • My daughter (in the picture, behind the book) read it after me last year and loved it!! We also read CF and have been in a painful waiting game for Mockingjay ever since.

  11. Well once I get through my TBR pile, The Passage and the Steig Larssens are on my radar….

  12. My coworker said that with Mockingjay coming out, I won’t have an excuse to avoid Collins’ books anymore. LOL We’ll see.

    It sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you. Hopefully you’ll be able to squeeze in reading time.

    • Wendy, you must read them. NO excuses!! Trust me, for me to re-read something less than a year after the first time I read it is no small thing. These books are addicting!

      Hope you have a great summer!! Maybe a mini-blogger meet-up soon?

  13. Whoa – that photo is CREEPY! Quite a few doubletakes on that this morning. Have a great summer.

    • You’re the first to mention it!

      We had fun with it! Then the kids went through their bookshelves looking for other books that would have a similar effect.. nothing quite as perfect but we did take a few more pictures..

  14. My daughter is counting the days until school ends. Today, though, she’s happy, because her class went to Disneyland!

    I’m currently reading Out, riveting Japanese crime fiction. Not my usual genre–but what an incredible book!

  15. Sounds like the girls will have a great summer! My hubby works from home and having the kids underfoot in the summer never ceases to be a challenge but I think it’s easier for him than it would be for me. They’re pretty good about not expecting things like rides from him. But it seems to be inconceivable for them to understand that moms are busy!

  16. So glad to see you back! I was wondering if everything was okay. I’m not sure if I’m for Peeta or Gale…. oh, the tragedy of having two wonderful guys pining for you….

    I think I might be team Peeta, though. Maybe.

  17. I’m moving just outside NYC next week! I need to write a summer plans post – books I want to read etc…

    Sounds like a busy summer for you, take time to enjoy it 🙂

    I’m ‘afraid’ to read The Hunger Games….

  18. You aren’t the only one Babe!! I feel guilty about not posting regularly but I’ve been reading books and blogs too. I’m relieved to see you posted again though. Things are crazy busy here on the East Coast with a new job, hubby deployed and everything else that fills the days. I hope you are having a good summer though and wanted you to know I’ve been thinking ’bout ya!

  19. Excuses I don’t mind. What I do mind is WHINY anonymous commenters who attack you in your last post as if they pay top dollar for your updates and you owe them frequent updates as if you have nothing better to do…

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