The Sunday Salon – February 27, 2011

What’s wrong with me?

I’m having a terrible time finishing a book.  There are at least six half-finished books floating around my house.

I need a bossy little book that will insist I sit down and read it, and will summon me back from my inevitable distractions and command me to finish.

A seductive novel that will tempt me to look at it, touch it, open it up.  That will entice me visually with it’s good looks and engage me mentally and emotionally, making me feel things; coaxing me to keep going, even if I’m not in the mood.  Even if I have a million other things to do.
A compelling and persistent story that will slam me up against the couch and declare with authority, “Don’t move.  Sit here and do this; I won’t take no for an answer.  You are mine now, and I will take you places you’ve never been.  You will not regret this; you’ll love it and I’ll have you begging for more..”
Wait, what were we talking about?
Ah, yes.  Books.  And my lack of follow-through.  In part, I blame the Nook for this.  Reading electronically just does not offer the same tactile experience as paper and glue, lovely covers and that book smell I’m addicted to.  Plus, the battery always seems to die at the best part.  Or the charge is so low that I leave it at home in favor of a real book.  This is how I came to have so many half-finished books all over the place (the car, my purse, every room in the house) and it is so unlike me to be such a book-floozy.  In general I am a one book at a time woman.  But lately I’m a slut.
This is the book I am committed to this week on the (dead and charging) Nook:
And these are the books I’ve been sneaking around with on the side.  It seems so wrong, but feels so right:
Wench (I think she’s going to be my bossy book today)
What book is holding your interest this weekend?  Are you committed to it, or are you cheating on it?

37 Responses

  1. I am committed to one book at a time! LOL I’m currently reading The Long Road Home. I had hoped to finish it today, but we’re off to an author event, so it may not happen.

  2. I’m cheating on both War and Peace and Ulysses. But I keep finishing the other books, so now I need to figure out what book I’m going to have my next affair with.

  3. I’m usually a one-book-at-a-time girl myself but lately been slutting myself around between three books.

    I bought myself a Sony Reader (B&N doesn’t exist in the UK and neither does the Nook unfortunately) and barely touched it since picking up Tom Jones and then running to my bookshelf to get the paperback out and read that version instead.

    Perhaps you should invest in multiple re-chargers for your Nook so you can always have it charging? I think I’d be ready to spit if my Reader conked out mid-book!

    I’ve been through the bookyblues since about Augsut and it stinks. Not much really captures me and even when I do really enjoy a book I feel distracted easily by stupid things. I’m getting my mojo back slowly now…

    • I think sometimes the ‘booky blues’ is more about the reader than the books they’re picking up. Maybe something else is going on with you? And me too!

      • It’s definitely something to do with me – I’ve read some fantastic books during that time which I did enjoy but some part of me couldn’t connect.

        I think… for me I can trace it back to re-reading Harry Potter in July. A whole month reading one series where I was laughing and crying every day takes so much outta you emotionally.

        I think I stressed myself out about it as well – not reading enough. Daft isn’t it – to stress out about not reading resulting in… not reading. Doh!

  4. Lisa, you are so funny….I have always been a one book woman, but recently, I’ve been crossing over to the other side as well. The reasons for my change are Kindle and audio books. I just finished The Kitchen House (and posted my review today) and I’m reading Ghellow Road by T.H. Waters and although I’ve just started it. It will be my ‘bossy’ book. Enjoy your book and your Sunday!

    • Is Ghellow pronounced Jello? I’ve never gotten into audio books, I think because I’ve never had much of a commute. If I had to be in the car for extended periods, I’d probably try them.

  5. I can totally relate! My problem is I start reading one book but others that I have look so good I pick one up to look at, just to check it out, and the next thing I know, I’m reading it! Suddenly, I have 3/4 books going at once time! ugh! It’s ridiculous! So, yep, I’m a cheater…so much so I have a reputation!

    You have some great books there, too so I completely understand why you sneak off to read other books! No worries, if you eventually get them all finished…and, even if you don’t it’s okay. Just enjoy whatever you’re reading!

    • I actually picked up an entirely different book yesterday that didn’t even make the list. A group of friends and I decided to read Like Water for Chocolate to discuss the next time we get together. I’d read it years ago and was just going to look at it to see how many pages there were, and before I knew it I’d read 5 chapters.

  6. I’m generally a book monogamist myself, but sometimes it’s tough to find the one to put you in the mood. Right now I’m mostly reading e-books, as I’m still one-handed and they’re far easier to manage physically…and I decided to put aside my reservations about excessive hype and start The Weird Sisters yesterday. Race you to the end? 🙂

  7. It’s sometimes so hard to find that bossy book that demands you finish it right now. And hard to predict what it will be. I think it all depends on the moment. I just finished The Book of the Dun Cow, after having started it last night, so it was my bossy book for the weekend. Short, easy to read and really oddly compelling. I liked the idea of high drama among chickens.

  8. I tend to read one book and listen to an audio book during my commute to and from work. I do find myself getting restless while reading my current book because I’m constantly thinking about all the other books I still want to read and wonder what I am missing. Kind of like the grass is always greener…

  9. I kind of know what you mean about an e-reader not being able to hold your attention like a paper book. That happens to me every time I pick up the Kindle, and rarely happens with physical books. Maybe I am just picking the wrong books to read on it and when I find something good it will be better? I am not sure, but I wish you much reading success this week.

    • I’m not sure either but I just don’t care for the e-reader experience as much as I like real books. Glad to hear I’m not alone in that!

  10. I’m reading Devotion and it is holding my interest but in general I am in a bit of a reading slump. Good luck with your reading and I hope you find that book that will capture you!

    • Devotion by Dani Shapiro? I’ve heard good things about it. I can usually snap myself out of a slump by reading something completely different. Usually a thriller, something I don’t read often. That’s what I should do.. cuddle up to a John Sandford title!!!

  11. I have the opposite reaction to my Kindle! I seem to read faster with it for some reason. I am your neighborhood book whore Lisa. I always have an audio, sometimes two (one on iPod, one in car), and a print book going at once. I’m loving “The Imperfect Life of Bezellia Grove”, not just because the author is a precious person but I love southern coming-of-age.

  12. I see that you have Left Neglected (earlier post), which I have waiting on my Kindle…and this week, I’ll be reading The Weird Sisters.

    Thanks for sharing.

    My salon:

  13. This is my normal state. Actually, it is quite odd that right now I have but one book going.

    Good luck!

    Here’s my post:

  14. I knew I loved ya for a reason. I guess I am a book floozy too. I can totally relate, but man…you’ve got some great books on your list.

    I usually average about three books at a time and usually I have no problem doing this but if one of them is particularly slow then that one book seems to affect all the other reading too.

    Sometimes, if they are too much alike I have trouble remembering which details go with which book so I’ve been taking notes lately to keep them all straight.

    The last book that totally held my attention was The Devil’s Star, which is not my normal type of read. Maybe that’s the ticket!

  15. And it’s not like you’re even reading bad books! I’m reading a mystery right now that a friend loaned me and I’d love to give up on it and have an affair with another book but I a) promised her I would finish it and b) have dedicated March to mysteries so I’ve got to get one done before March arrives!

  16. It must be the position of the planets or stars, or all the water because I have been suffering from the same malady. I have been hopping back and forth from one book to another. I tried to follow Nancy Pearl’s rule of the page, but found that most of them were just getting interesting by page 70 so I continued on only to get in a slump again. I think I will continue on this course until I find another one of those grab me books. I have more than enough to choose from. I do listen to audio books which seem to be a bit of a reprieve. Most of the ones I listen to are from Hope things get better in March for all of us. Maybe we should just blame it on the short month.

  17. I am having a luke warm on again off again hand holding relationship with The Unit right now and will admit if my schedule allowed for another book I would probably be cheating but since it’s the only book in my work bag right now I am being forced to be faithful…

  18. I ha ve been having that same problem lately. Nothing is holding my interest. I just gave up on two books. One was Maisee Dobbs that I was trying to read for two months. I then gave up because I was distracted. Now, I tried Unbroken, that was holding my interest till pg. 60. I heard that was a great book. It must be me. I am in school. It is hard to pick up a book every day. It could be 4-5 days till I can pick up a book. I think that is what the problem is. I will just have to wait till next week when school is out to try again. Then see if it the book or me.

    Maybe I need a beach read, for now. Nothing heavy.
    It must be a pain, re-charging your nook when you are in the middle of the book and have to re-charge. It happens to me, then I have to wait awhile. But I want to read now!! not a couple hours later.

  19. You are too funny! I know the feeling, though. I used to be a one-book-at-a-time kind of gal, but these days, I usually have several going at one time. I’m not sure if this is a reflection of my hectic life or what.

    I’m ok with it, but I also understand the feeling of wanting that fantastic book to knock your socks off. I hope you find it.

  20. Oooh, Imperfectionists is GREAT, just read recently, and Perks of Being a Wallflower is a favorite from high school, have probs read 10 times since then and it always holds up.

  21. I loved ‘The Imperfectionists’ as well!!!
    This weekend I was obsessed with Wallace Stegner’s ‘Crossing to Safety’. What a fantastic novel. I unfortunately have the worst cover of the three. I REALLY wanted the new Modern Library edition, but the only one I could find used was the older Penguin one.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s concerned with the covers!

  22. I hope the Perks of Being a Wallflower turns out good. I’ve heard so many awesome things about it! Make sure you review it, I’d love to read your thoughts on it C:

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